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Mr Fartleberry: Finally - pressure on Nikon to put GPS in their bodies and ditch their overpriced GP1 cabled gizmo. Too bad it won't happen until the next product cycle though.

Yes...amazing that Nikon left this feature for Canon to be competitive on.

Of course, we all know that the D800 marketers would never allow the flagship to be trumped so thoroughly...wifi is 1 thing, but GPS too?

Hopefully Nikon will do a quick D800 refresh so that the next D600 isn't crippled as well.


Of course, Canon doesn't want their 'video' cameras to be no uncompressed video out.

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On photo Bus Stop in Winter in the The bus stop challenge (14 comments in total)

Hieno kuva!

I saw this picture while glancing at the webpage and my immediate thought was 'that looks like Finland'. Looking at the photographer's name was immediate confirmation.

When you take a picture that can make such a strong connection, one with instant recognition, then I think you've captured the essence of that moment.

Seeing the photo, I remember just how cold, still and peaceful it can be while standing on a roadside waiting for a bus.

Snow comes early here
Yet the bus is never late
With the camera in hand

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Guidenet: Ok, I know it doesn't have VR/IS and I know IBIS really doesn't accomodate that long of a focal length. I also know f/5.6 is a bit slow for $7000. But, even given that, I welcome Pentax entering into the longer focal length range for birders and wildlife shooters. Hopefully this is not going to be the only one. I also hope it's a stunning performer. That might be what compensates for the slow speed and lack of IS.

There is just enough wrong with this lens to stimulate my curiosity. It only has 6 elements in 5 groups. Its lack of usable IS, the slow speed for the price and the kind of strange mid focal length of 560mm. That's a lot of kinda weird stuff to me. What's Pentax doing? Is there something new and cool that it works with coming out. Maybe a full frame or a 645 adaptor or something? There has to be something. There's just too many strange metrics otherwise. What do you think?

"That's a lot of kinda weird stuff to me."

I think you're being generous. Sometimes products don't make sense.

This is beer taste at champagne prices. IMO Pentax, having made the roadmap promise, realized they were going to cut their losses on this one. They stopped development and put out 'something' that likely only serves as a weak 'me too' product. At f/4 they made have had an argument, but at this lens length (and with that massive body) you need very fast lenses, fast shutter speeds and low iso's to get anything approaching 'pro' quality...and $7k is definitely 'pro' budget.

The 'HD' moniker is about as 'me too' as it gets. Are we to conclude that this coating is made for lens having as much resolving power as a 1920 x 1080 video camera?

Spectacular fail...especially as Nikon will be announcing the D600 just days after the K5II. For $200 more, Nikon has the better body. And for $2000 more, Nikon has an great useable telephoto lens that Pentax can't compete with. Pity.

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Can someone explain why you would spend $7000 on a 560mm f/5.6 when you can get a Nikkor 400mm f/2.8 for $9000? And that Nikkor lens would actually let you buy a full frame to go along with it.

I'm a Pentax K30 owner with about $2500 in lenses to go along with that. That's been a good investment and offers a great value. However, if I really needed a long telephoto, I'd find the extra couple thousand to buy the Nikkon, or just rent a setup.

Am I missing something here? I actually suspect that Pentax might never actually deliver a single lens of this type...this is just their way of 'living down' a promised product from their roadmap which they know is not competitive at all. In other words, this is their 'we'll put a price so high that nobody will ever try buy this vaporware'.

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