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Its a trial court decision, wait for the appeal. Doubt this will hold up.

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On photo Who's calling? in the Article illustration: Anonymity challenge (1 comment in total)

Worthy of Cindy Sherman.

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On photo DSC_0128 in the FEMALE PORTRAIT "COLOR" challenge (1 comment in total)

This photo deserved to finish higher. It's treatment of the subject is fresh and evocative. The colors are rendered with wonderful subtlety.

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This is a district court ruling of the most preliminary sort -- it's just one judge's determination that the case shouldn't be tossed at the earliest procedural stage. It's a long, long way from a judgment. Given the incentives of both sides have to use copyright law to squelch expression, one might wonder how vigorous a defense the record company's counsel is making. In any event, while the judge in this case is enormously intelligent, she also has a high reversal rate at the court of appeals. In short, people, it ain't over yet, it's barely started.

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It's not that everything is in focus, it's that the selective focus can be edited. Of course, isn't that what you can do with Photoshop's lens blur filter and a reasonably sharp photo (say a 28 to 35 mm shot @ f4 or f5.6)? Point is, with a reasonably wide angle lens stopped down a bit, everything is in reasonable focus and it's not too hard to blur is.... This seems more like a gimmick than an innovation. Now, is this could be adapted to generate something where everything in a snap shot really is in sharp focus, that would be remarkable.

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On photo DSC_4919 in the Latin America (READ THE RULES) challenge (1 comment in total)

This is a fantastic photo and should have finished higher than it did. It has a lovely, painterly quality to it and provides a nice contrast of the colder, bluer tones in the sky and the warmer, yellower tones on the ground. As to subject, it manages to be Latin American without being at all stereotypical in its subject matter. Really, this photo deserved more votes.

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On photo Begging For Food in the ENVY challenge (1 comment in total)

The emotional -- and economic -- contrast among the three face is overwhelming. The wrapped to-go bag clenches the narrative content. I'd love to hear the circumstances of your taking it.

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