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On article Sony warns against use of unauthorized third-party apps (183 comments in total)

I want a app for 4:3 aspect ratio, really missed that when moving from m43 to sony fe

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On article Small but mighty: hands on with the Panasonic GX85/GX80 (307 comments in total)
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fedway: So that does mean Panny will be introducing a GX8 Mark 2 shortly with the improved shutter mechanism? It's like saying we acknowledge there is a major design problem with our old shutter. So why continue selling the old one?

It has less vibrations, but it also seems limited to 1/4000s

the gx7 and 8 can go up to 1/8000s it may put some enthousiasts off.

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I see a lot of CA unfortunately.

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a garden photographer called Bloom?

Great pun.

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On article Pocketable APS-C: Fujifilm X70 real-world samples (218 comments in total)

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On article Heavy hitter: Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM first shots (349 comments in total)

Its all about a7 and Fe mount these days.

I wish sony would finally come up with a new aps-c lens. I dont want expensive FE stuff

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Peiasdf: Some of you people are not thinking critically. SONY has the best interchangeable-lens camera system bar none.

A7R II + 70-200 is a few hundred grams heavier than X-T1 + 16-55 and E-M1 + 40-150 but it delivers 3 times the MP and twice the low light performance. A7R II + 70-200 is a few hundred grams lighter and far smaller than D750 or 5D3 + 70-200 while still delivering more MP and equal ISO performance.

If the f/2.8 lenses are too large and fast, you can switch to smaller, slower zooms or 3rd party lens and still have IBIS and native focal length. No DSRL can support legacy lenses and no other EVIL/mirrorless can support native focal length.

The a6300 announced today solved the EVF blackout problem that no other maker can solve. Coupled with Epson mass producing the 4 mega-dot EVF it means the next SONY flagship only have to deal with EVIL/mirrorless' battery disadvantage while offer so much more flexibility.

"no other EVIL/mirrorless can support native focal length."

Leica SL? announced last year, a pro grade full frame MILC (12FPS+4k video)

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On article Lensbaby Edge 50 Optic launches for pre-order (19 comments in total)
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mrc4nl: Legacy preformance,high end price. Its a tough sell for lensbaby. and 50 3.4 seems on the low side for bokeh shots, not near as fast as a f1.4 (or f1.8)

"Lens blur does look different than software generated blur in most cases" eeeeuh....

I was talking about the blur from a old 50 1.2 legacy lens not software!.That lens is more than 2 stops faster, i dont think you get more blur with any f3.4 lens,

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On article Lensbaby Edge 50 Optic launches for pre-order (19 comments in total)

Legacy preformance,high end price. Its a tough sell for lensbaby. and 50 3.4 seems on the low side for bokeh shots, not near as fast as a f1.4 (or f1.8)

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On SampleImage:5172167712 (1 comment in total)

Bokeh looks busy to me

Posted on Jan 6, 2016 at 10:43 UTC as 1st comment

$500 ?!!? No thanks, ill rather buy the Samyang 50mm f1.2 for that price.

For $500 I want sharpness, if i wanted a soft image i might as well buy a old legacy lens or a CCTV one for about 60$

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On article Have your say: Best Lens of 2015 (56 comments in total)

I wanted to nominate the batis, but its on backorder. I am not nominating a lens that is sparsely available.

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rsf3127: Not that $ better than my 6 USD Minolta 50mm f/2.

the minolta 50 f2 is awesome indeed, 0% CA and no distortion!

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On article Primer: Why would I buy a mirrorless camera? (563 comments in total)

ah nevermind

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Tomx72: As earlier stated: 200Mbps, 422/10bit h.265 - "only" 4k, INTERNAL and I am happy.

"the introduction of 8K video in cameras will eliminate the boundary between videos and stills." Really? Stills are 444/14bit raw nowadays...

4+4+4=12 bit

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Irata: Sounds like those "magic resize" Photoshop filter: lossless resizing no matter what size...

Seriously, though: I've tested cheap and expensive filters (polarizer and ND), and couldn't really tell much difference in terms of sharpness. And as long as there's no complementary contrast, anything that's not neutral can be neutralised anyway.

Cheap CPL'S have cheap coatings, they flare more than the multicoated ones. that DOES reduce contrast!

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On article SLR Magic announces CINE 50mm F1.1 (66 comments in total)

Slrmagic CINE 50mm F1.1 $349
Slrmagic CINE 50mm T2.1 = $$$$$$$ (and still not out yet)

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Finally a Nikon G speed booster (besides metabones ofc)

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On article A lot to Leica? Hands-on with the Leica SL (Typ 601) (1494 comments in total)

Lets make a mirrorlenss full frame camera!
What do we want? - Make it Huge!

really? leica i known for there high quality primes, and now thay make one bigg as zoom lens? i dont get it..

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tinternaut: Micro Four Thirds doesn't really need another 25mm lens.

2 from Panasonic 1 from Olympus and one from Voightlander.
makes 4 its pathetic indeed

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