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Lensmate: Capturing Motion: My Life in High-Speed Nature Photography
by Stephen Dalton- is a fabulous book if anyone is interested in a photographer who pioneered high speed photography with various subjects like this...
"In 2015 the Society of German Wildlife Photographers (GDT) awarded Dalton the Fritz Steiniger Prize. The citation notes that "The results of his experiments in high-speed flash photography and his subsequent publications were landmark events in the world of photography and caused a great stir worldwide" and that "his work of fascinating intensity and striking beauty has set visual and artistic standards that are still valid today"

S. Dalton inspired me to take up this type of photography.

Woul you share some?

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Has anyone tested recording to external recorder and how this influences the timings?

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SridharC: posting comments about cameras or lenses is like politics these days - we cannot say anything without being either on the left or right. We say anything good about Sony we get attacked by Canon or Nikon fans almost immediately. Why can't we just comment about a camera for what it is? None of us really own any of the camera companies who are all laughing at us on their way to the bank with our money.

I wish I could be neutral but all my savings are in canon L glass ;)

So... hopefully this focuses well with an adapter!

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MrDigital: If you’re a no canon user or an ex-canon user. I know you heard the expression “the grass looks greener on the other side”. This time it does. These new cameras have something extra that other companies cameras don’t have, “Canon Colors” It’s like having a cake and eating it too. The sleeping Giant just woke up, start running little people!!

I use “the (L) glass in my collection looks greener” :)

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worldaccordingtojim: Well this is the end of Sony, Sony only existed because of unhappy owners of Nikon and Canon, but Sony is far behind now. Nikon has the same benefit as Canon, a lot of users heavily invested in the platform for a longtime. But this puts Nikon on notice too. At this point, this is the landmark lunch the a7III was. This sets the standard, if it doesn't have IBIS, Dual Card Slots, real 4k, and articulating screen, it better be $1200 or less or it is not even worth a mention. Nikon needs to announce the z6s/z7s in the next six months, and it needs 4k60, dual card slots, and an articulating screen or they are in huge trouble. Sony, I believe will exit the market in the next year, and just make sensors. Canon already had the market share, in a tough environment, this removed the market for cameras like Panasonic and Sony purely existing for advanced features.

Exactly right.

I’ll be selling my a7iii, 35mm 1.4 and sigma adapter which I bought while waiting for a canon update. While it had lots of features, the ergonomics were truly horrible and I never got used to the colors.

Looking forward to holding a canon again.

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Clint Dunn: I shot Canon for years...Elan 7, EOS3, 20D, 5D,7D, 1DS2, 5D2.... not to mention countless P&S's. I made the switch to Leica years ago when it became apparent Canon was dragging their heels in the mirrorless realm. Now, I sit here and look at this awesome spec'd R5 and yet I'm completely underwhelmed.

Yes, the specs are there but the camera itself just looks...boring. I know most people will disagree with me, but for me personally a camera is not 'just a tool'. I love quality craftsmanship, fit and finish, high quality materials. This R5 looks like my Canon DSLR's from 15 years ago, I just can't get excited about it. I love picking up my Leica, Zeiss and Voigtlander just makes me want to shoot.

Canon is the Toyota Corolla of the Camera world. Works great, does everything you need....yet I would never want to own one.

Good metaphor.

I want a camera that will allow me to "get there" - take the shots with reliable autofocus and quality, work flawlessly, do the thing it's designed to do with zero embellishment.

I want fast, predictable, reliable, and as boring as possible.

I shoot action so if this has a less-than-disastrous rolling shutter, I'll happily buy it.

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yokochanie: Or you can just buy a shuttle pro 2, only about £89 and does most of what that does. I use it for all my editing in Lightroom and it's excellent.

What drivers do you use for Lightroom?

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studio_josh: Apple knows how to make great videos.

Or maybe, one of Apple’s ad agencies.

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Pritzl: I suspect that this camera has touchline pro photographers salivating. Particularly over the connectivity features, extended battery life & faster shooting/bigger buffer. I may be wrong though as I am not a pro myself.

Canon usually works with selected photographers on their new features so you’re likely correct.

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graybalanced: Most people needing this should just get an affordable 4-bay SSD box like the OWC Thunderbay Mini, plus an affordable eGPU box. That way they won't block all the very useful ports on the back of the Mac mini.

The only remarkable thing about this is that it takes two graphics cards, but if you want to do that, do your homework, because only a few Mac applications know what to do with more than one graphics card.

OWC egpu enclosure and their external drive bay sell for $775 for both. Yes, a good option.

Add a well configured Mac mini, a gpu and a couple of ssds and it comes close to $3k.

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jl_smith: This is why PCs still exist and thrive, despite Microsoft's best attempts at ruining them - having to pull crap like this just to get a usable, 'upgradeable' machine.

I love working in macOS and I love my iPhone 11's iOS nice operation, but I really hate Apple's philosophy.

I'd buy an upgrade-able, normal (non-$6000) Mac 'tower' in a heartbeat if they'd let me.

I’ve built a couple of Hackintoshes and in this day the process is pretty reliable if you pick the right parts. You can have a killer pc running macOS for under $2k.

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pahnson: Its so insane. People would buy an underpowered (and arguably overpriced) device and than basicaly buy a SECOND computer, just to be able to keep their shiny apple logo on the desk...

I’m one of these people and my thought process is a bit different.

I don’t care about the logo and don’t care about their hardware (at least since 2015 when they fully committed to selling defective laptops while denying it.

I do care about MacOS and the lack of spyware in it. Apart from photographer, I am a software engineer and having both Adobe suite and a solid, spyware-free native Unix-based platform on one machine is not available anywhere else. Yes I could dual boot between Linux and windows but it’s not for me.

The new Mac mini is the first thing they’ve put out that I might consider. Their hardware is so overpriced, and so poorly (and possibly maliciously — see Louis Rossman’s Mac repair channel on YouTube) that I just can’t support their way of doing business.

The new MacBook Pro 16 with non-defective keyboard also looks nice but is insanely expensive.

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SonyOB: Am I getting old or is the copy (or whoever created the content above) on a heavy regime of psychoactive drugs?

Possibly both, with a mix of contrived corporate speak and writing for search engines.

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HRPuffnstuff: The stand for the Apple monitor is machined ,which explains some of the cost, and you don't have to buy it, they sell a VESA mount for $200.00
If they sold the monitor at.$5,999 stand included then offered an $899.00 discount if you get the VESA mount instead, noone would be complaining and would call.Apple genius.
I look forward to getting a MacPro

Still, Apple’s product decisions have been unintentionally triggering catchy phrases like “stand included”, “audio port included”, “with functioning keyboard”, “with replaceable battery and ssd”, “no dongles required”. Love their OS-s and commitment to privacy but hardware is becoming more and more difficult to choose.

And yes, no one is forcing me to buy Apple apart from a decade long investment in their ecosystem — from the time when their hardware was excellent, before the time they betrayed their own brand of commitment to excellence.

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Does anybody know if it's possible to use 5 bays for RAID 6 setup + 1x SSD for cache?

Also, what are some sources for well-priced 2.5 HDDs?

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I came here to read the comments and must say was not disappointed.

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Ken60: A while back an agent phoned me for a quote to photograph a restaurant for a magazine feature they had been offered. I worked out a quote and delivered it. The agent called back saying they had declined the cost and said they would do their own.
Several days later I received a call from said agent asking , with a loud laugh, if I had a day free within the next 48 hours. I said , yes I could move things buy it would require a 100% surcharge for rush and changes. They had done some horrid photos and been told the feature would be cancelled, now they realised the value of the exposure and how much their business would appreciate from it.

Some fools have to stand at the edge to understand how far down it is.

It's the principle that matters.

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