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To continue my rant....I would challenge Nikon to come clean and explain themselves on this site but I doubt they will rise to it. While I'm on the subject I have my suspicions that there is more to the delays in delivery than we are being told. Its clear they have lied about the pricing issue so why would one believe the supply and demand claim. If that is true then Nikon has serious management issues (Hey didn't the Japanese used to commit ritual suicide when they were embarrassed? hmmm) So will I buy a D4? yes, if the price comes down a bit and reaches the stores far enough in advance of the Black Magic which I think will actually prove to be better than a lot of people realise. For under £2200 (CVP Price) my guess is it will set a benchmark. In the mean time perhaps Nikon will suddenly realise they're in trouble and offer the market some sort of compensation i.e. a price reduction especially on the D4. My personal price point argument would be around £4300 - £4500.

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A little late to the table with this but I challenged Nikon on these price increases and they simply sent me their now standard response about this issue namely that it was an error etc and existing orders would be honoured. I didn't put in an early order as I haven't yet seen enough if any real independent reviews of the D4 or D800 ( I need HD video plus occasional stills) There's a Blunty 3000 D4 test which look impressive. Philip Bloom seems to be unimpressed with the D800 in a side by side shot (v 5D III) of a house (If I mis read that I apologise) but digressing here. I do not believe what Nikon says: Coincidence v probability - that all three cameras D4, 800 & 800 E all suffered the same pricing error. That the prices now fall almost exactly the same as the canon equivalents - in the case of the D4 it is now 'coincidentally' within £10 of the canon rival. Seriously. does anyone believe its possible to just land land at that price unless there is some sort fixing going on?

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On article Sony announces NEX-FS700 '4k-ready' E-mount camcorder (231 comments in total)

The introduction of a 4K capable sony for around 7 grand is of course good news when combined with its other improvements over the FS100. Those who heavily pre-critisize are wasting their energy because we all know that sony, like nikon and all the others have the technology now to deliver an arri alexa in a package the size of an fs100 and probably smaller if they really wanted to but will only ever drip feed us technology to keep us on a leash. So right now what bothers me is the use of the phrase "future upgrade" being applied to firmware that will allow this 4K to work. It all seems a bit too vague. I haven't seen anything to suggest when this "future" might become the present. For all I know it could be christmas before that happens. In the mean time a lot can NAB. My problem is I want an 'Arri Alexa' inside a Nikon D4, with no small print terms and conditions!!

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