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Starting with the Miranda Sensorex II in 1972, through my current Fujifilm X100V in 2022, and many many cameras in between, the OM-1 remains my favorite, most magical camera ever. The simplicity of design, the sound of the shutter, the smoothness of operation. What a beautiful camera. There was a certain magic to it.

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Agreed. Too much processing.

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Richard2Go: I don’t know why the new owners felt they needed to abandon the Olympus name, but whatever.

What I’ve been waiting for, and at this point will probably never see, is a small camera based on the old Olympus XA: clamshell design, fixed fast aperture lens at 30-40mm equivalent, and a M4/3 or one-inch sensor. I’d be willing to give up control points and bells and whistles in exchange for a smaller size. That would be an awesome little camera!

The XA’s were beauties.

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The original OM-System from the film days was nothing short of spectacular. Nice to see that branding come about again.

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The original OM System was magical. After 50 years and about 30 cameras, both film and digital, the Olympus OM-1 in black remains my favorite camera of all time. Smooth as silk. A compact wonder.

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Agreed. Optical quality is paramount over a drop test.

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Enough! There are those of us who love the 35mm focal length and find 50s a bore!

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Francis 85 makes a good point. Too bad. The Spectra took excellent quality pics with terrific colors, detail and sharpness. I still have pics from 1988 which look the same as the day I took them.

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Bring back a real Polaroid, like the Spectra.

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Good April fools story!

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On B&H website, but no pic or price yet.

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infiltrator: And the question every interviewer miserably fail to ask (because over and over no one ever ask even after is a widely known issue) Fuji Management, why is the Fujifilm app so bad? When are you going to fix that shameful app? Have you tried it? Here take my phone and my camera; try it yourself! Ask the darn question miserable interviewers!

I have had more frustration trying to get that app going than I care to imagine.

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Beautiful 31mm lens on a hideous body.

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It’s the classing full frame vs. APS-C debate that has always been. Trade offs. Both work well, but it comes down to personal preference.

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I had the N8008s, and loved it. Coming off years of OM ownership, this was my first crack at an autofocus camera. I couldn’t have been happier. This camera, with a 35mm F2 autofocus Nikkor and the SB-23 speedlight, were a combo that delivered stellar sharp, bright, colorful images. I sold it to get an N90s, and always regretted that move. After owning about 30 cameras, the N8008s is second in line to my all time favorite Olympus OM-1.

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The Olympus OM-1 was smooth as silk. Beautiful.

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Looks great. Nice photos, Chris. Beautiful Country.

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A beauty in all ways. Had the Miranda Sensorex II, which is of this style. That is a beautiful cam as well. Also, the Minolta’s of that time.

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My choice would be the amazing Olympus OM-1. The simplest of cameras to use, with the classic OM styling and build quality. The OM-2 has the OM-1 built into it, but for simple manual metering only, its tops.

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Why not just purchase a video camera, rather than, yet, another hybrid.

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