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marike6: The ultra wide angle zoom is extremely interesting. Now we just need Nikon to make a few more fast primes. The 18.5 1.8 was a step in the right direction. A fast wide angle and portrait would make the 1 system a whole lot more interesting.

@Timmbits: have you looked at the raw pixels that come off that little sensor? They are hard to distinguish from an APS-C 10mp sensor. I was amazed. Nikon doesn't have to do anything to make up for the sensor size. If you put a f/1.2 85mm equiv lens on this thing it is a fantastic available light portrait or concert camera or videocam. The silent and dark operation really pays off there.

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nyphotos: I have an old D70. It works great, but I really need to upgrade. Personally, looking at the D4, the only downfall was putting in the two different card slots. I liked the D3 and 3s where you could duplicate one CF to the other in case one went down.
I love it, and will probably buy one once I have enough saved up (in about 6 months). I'm happy they kept it out of the 20's as far as MP goes. The more MP doesn't mean the better.
Another GREAT review is here:
I understand cbaphoto about the video stuff, but I'm ok with that. EVERYONE is doing video and still now, it's just something we have to live with.
I'm interested to see what the upcoming D800 has to offer, but I believe it won't be as good as the D700 in low light (which I do a lot of) and I think the D4 will kick it's ass and for another 2K, there's going to be quite the difference. Although the D800 will reportedly have MP in the 30's, if I wanted that many MP, I'd go to a medium format.

I went from D70 to D3 after a lot of agonizing and it was soooo worth it. The D70 wasn't disappointing me in terms of image quality in adequate light. The MP bump didn't make a huge difference to me. Overall speed of operation especially autofocus and shutter lag, viewfinder size/brightness, LCD size/sharpness, and low sensor noise at high ISO were the things I loved most about the D3. The camera just never makes me wait. I moved to the D3S but since I don't have a lot of need for video it only made a big difference in those ultra low light situations. It wouldn't have killed me to skip a generation.
From what I've read the D4 is targeted right at me with the improvements in low light autofocus and noise plus ergonomic tweaks.

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