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  • Hallelujah.  There's a jackass in the White House, but never fear.  A VP of Marketing rides to the rescue. When the Sloganeers get in the saddle you can be absolutely certain of one thing. ...
  • That's a shame.  At least I did my part to prevent it.  Alas, it wasn't enough.
  • What camp is that?  I voted for She Who Must Be Obeyed. Again, working too hard.  You don't know what's OK with me.  In any case, you must not be familiar with the sport of politics.  This sounds ...
  • I should have been more clear.  What I found near creepy isn't the ownership of a Hyundai. It's finding something in another forum and bringing it back here to launch an attack on someone he views ...
  • Yes, that's one way to go.  On the other hand, most people like a middle ground.  Not too much this, not too much that.  Perhaps a balance between cost and benefit. Excess is always a problem to ...
  • I'm not sure this qualifies as creepy, but it sure reminds me of creepy.
  • I won't bother to get into the "excellence" of Medicare.  Let's just call it excellent although many, many doctors aren't thrilled. However, it's not free.  You pay premiums from the first nickel ...
  • That's perfectly fine.  What makes him a slick, lying salesman?  Harvard?  Republican?  Finance?  When I say, "canned response", I mean a knee-jerk pronouncement.  But if it's your opinion there ...
  • Is that a canned response or do you have the inside track?
  • And it begins.  Boy, that really takes me back.  There was this one third grader who could make an abusive insult of anyone's name.
  • I'll make public the results once I've finished my investigation. How would you react to a police investigator who began by saying the "punk" deserved it?  Should he remain on the case? If you were ...
  • At the time of the trial only 20% of African Americans thought OJ guilty.  Today it's 50%.
  • I really wanted to make some reply involving tin foil or 9/11 or something, but then I remembered Dana Carvey's eloquent observation.
  • That sounds nice, but things just don't work that way.  It's all well and good to announce a "proceed at your own risk" policy, but inevitably there will be a conflict with a faction that claims ...
  • What the hell did you think I was talking about?  Suitcases stuffed with cash?  Phony account transfers?  Any effort he makes to ensure Raytheon is well treated in acquisition contracts will be ...
  • So, his job working as a vacuum to suck money from the Treasury for Raytheon's benefit will leave an unmistakable trail.  Right?  Forensic accounting is a well developed science so his duplicity ...
  • 1.  The "legendary hammer" was $600. 2.  The $600 was an accounting artifact, not a price. 3.  Is Mr. Esper going to work nights for Raytheon?
  • There was new evidence recently for coffee's health benefits.  THAT was great news.  Can't see how this qualifies.
  • Am I mistaken or does he have one or two other things in his resume?
  • I can see how someone might come to that conclusion.  But a "conclusion" usually comes at the end, not the beginning.  That's why it's called a conclusion.
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