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On article This is the world's first variable graduated ND filter (134 comments in total)
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GreatOceanSoftware: What would be cool is if someone invented a clear glass circular filter and a special semi transparent ink dry erase style pen, where you could “color in” the area where you need reduced exposure for each scene. Then just wipe clean for the next shot.

Or you could buy an inexpensive UV filter and some dry erase markers and give it a try.

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On article iPhone X sample gallery updated (114 comments in total)
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rfsIII: Excellent work on spotting and then photographing the Datsun B210, that company was never the same after they changed their name. I’m not ashamed to say I’d rather own that than the 1800 ES.

You raise a good point. The badging on the side says B210, BUT thanks to the excellent resolution of the iPhone X camera I think I see sheet metal screws holding the badge on. Could be a Craigslist switcheroo: someone took a 120Y, turned it into the much more collectible B210 by changing badges and made some fast cash. Or it could be that the 120Y and the B210 were the same car named differently for different markets?

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On article iPhone X sample gallery updated (114 comments in total)

Excellent work on spotting and then photographing the Datsun B210, that company was never the same after they changed their name. I’m not ashamed to say I’d rather own that than the 1800 ES.

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On article Film vs Digital: Fashion photography shootout (294 comments in total)
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Tape5: Looking at analog pictures is like listening to analog music, ie live, representing an infinite sampling rate.
Even when it blurs out at its deep resolving power, it is of a distinctly different type of loss in detail that is more natural to perception.
In that sense, analog is more subjective and when directed well by the photographer, superior in its aesthetic qualities with a larger human element, for the simple reason that humans are analog.

Alastair let people have their dreams. They are the only comforts we have left. Besides, the original poster is not calling you out your illogical beliefs, whatever they may be. We all need to follow the advice of the great American writer Kurt Vonnegut “don’t truth me and I won’t truth you.”

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OrdinarilyInordinate: Typical video of the modern age: everything flashing by at a fast rate, scenes changing quickly. The depth of the content and ability of the viewer to actually focus on a subject and reflect on it for a few seconds is lost, as we're left scrambling to just keep up. If you're watching this video for "ooh pretty", it's fine, but if you're actually curious to have a good look at the world in 1000x magnification, you'll wish you could play the video at about 0.1x speed. (note: I'm 34, i.e. "not old")

I blame the 60s, back then everyone—including your parents, your minister, and most of our current elected officials— spent all their free time high on magic mushrooms, tripping out to psychedelic light shows at Who concerts.
That aesthetic of restlessly shifting visuals was ingrained into our culture to the point that no one can pay attention for more than 2 seconds at a time.
Oh yeah, far out video.

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rfsIII: Could I get the same general effect with a tilt-shift lens by taking four pictures while shifting the lens by tiny increments between each shot?

So, SigmaChrome, the answer is to buy a Sigma camera? You're probably right, but I'm still waiting for the price of the Merrills to come down a wee bit further.

Link | Posted on Jan 18, 2018 at 15:17 UTC

Further proof that the used camera and lens market is very efficient at establishing the worth of a particular piece of equipment.
The lens is not what I would call truly sharp in any of the photos, they're all slightly muzzy, but that deficiency is accurately reflected in the price—for $300 the purchaser got $300 worth of imaging quality.
Thanks to the worldwide flow of pricing information there are no secret bargains anymore. The transaction was fair on both sides.

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Pretty soft. No snap or character. Way too much veiling flare. Colors are blah. If I had an extra $50 lying around I would add it to my crew food budget and I would get a much bigger return on my investment than if I bought this lens.

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Tape5: News: Billionaire washes down a Big Mac with a glass of vintage Dom Perignon.

That's because it's the only beverage in the world capable of making you forget that you actually went to McDonalds.

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tkbslc: Some people are just really good looking in a way that the rest of us can't even dream about. Will it be worse for self esteem when you see an impossibly good looking person and you can't even comfort yourself by saying, "Eh, it's probably photoshopped..."

It's true. Every time I see a picture of Barney I want to throw myself under a train.

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On article Sony E 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 OSS sample gallery (161 comments in total)

Nice color, contrast, and composition, but the pix look like they've been through the dreaded DPR desharpenifier. Except for the people pictures they're all on the soft side. Even kit lenses should be sharper than this.

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Could I get the same general effect with a tilt-shift lens by taking four pictures while shifting the lens by tiny increments between each shot?

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On article On Assignment with Kylie Mazon and the Canon EOS M6 (135 comments in total)
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escapewheel: After using nearly every mirrorless system (okay, except for Sigma), I've found the EOS-M system to be best all-around *for my purposes*. Compact, great user interface, logically placed controls, Canon colors, very good video output. Master of none, highly capable at most everything. Slap on the EF adapter and your options are unlimited; use the 15-45 or 22 f2 if you want to go super compact. I used to be one who scoffed at the on-paper specs of the M line, but in every day use it's a winner.

He's right. I own a C100 Mark II and it produces beautiful results straight out of the camera. And if you want a certain look, it's easily achievable in camera.
Canon engineers really nailed the balance between bit rate and quality. That said, it's not a camera you can be careless with. You have to have discipline and really have to nail exposure and white balance, and use an appropriate lens so that you're not shooting at either end of a zoom. But with prime lenses and a steady hand, it's a remarkable camera. If you need higher bitrates or 4:2:2 there's always the external recorder route.
If it were an plane, it would be a Beechcraft King Air—it's not a Gulf or a Lear, but it will get you where you're going more elegantly and efficiently than anything else in its price range.

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On article On Assignment with Kylie Mazon and the Canon EOS M6 (135 comments in total)
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Aaron801: I kind of surprised that none of that photography used any kind of lighting at all... or for that matter food stylists to pretty up the food. Nonetheless the photos look really good.

I'm not surprised that a camera like this that's not really anything that most would consider "pro" equipment could be used for this kind of professional assignment. I feel like more and more the quality and the features of cheaper, consumer-marketed cameras are more than good enough for various kinds of pro work...

I actually do that kind of work and if you shoot during the day on a table next to a big window like she's doing, you don't need lights—especially if there are other windows in the restaurant that bounce light around for fill.
But you'll also notice that she's wearing light-colored pants which probably bounce a little bit of light up under the rim of the plates. (My favorite tool is a small makeup mirror to shoot light into any deep shadows.)
As for food stylists, that's tricky because you want the food in the pictures to match what customers will see when they order the dish. Nothing makes people madder than food that doesn't match the photos. And also, most chefs think that they're the only ones who can make their food correctly. It's all very circular.
And finally, most restaurant owners are too cost-conscious to hire a $1500-a-day food stylist, they'd rather let the chef do it (preferably on his day off, for free).

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On article On Assignment with Kylie Mazon and the Canon EOS M6 (135 comments in total)
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chopf: Dear Canon

I see you have not yet figured out how to produce a 50mm equivalent small lens. I understand that this must be challenging for a company with your technological background. Maybe you should consider buying the patent from that microwave and cell phone company? From my humble point of view, this would be a better use of your funds than developing body #7


Anyone who has ever contemplated the M system

Sharp makes cell phones?

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On article Gallery Update: Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 (93 comments in total)

Maybe Panasonic did the right thing taking the sensor stabilization out of the GH5s because to me all these photos look a little bit blurry—as though the sensor were moving.
And perhaps the lack of an ISO lower than 200 is also holding the camera back.
On the other hand I'm glad Dan risked having seizures from the flickering viewfinder to capture the basketball shots. They're an interesting test.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Review (919 comments in total)
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NoTx: "This also makes it very difficult to follow the action (unless shooting with both eyes open)." So... I always shoot with both eyes open. Is this because I spent so much time with rangefinders or is thus the norm for everyone else? Just wondering here as this is an odd comment. Personally I see what needs to be photographed with my open eyes so... I dunno. Maybe to much Leica and Contax time?

We were taught to keep both eyes open to maintain situational awareness. Whether you shooting from the sidelines of the football game or on assignment in the middle of a riot, keeping both eyes open Is a Survival skill.

Link | Posted on Jan 9, 2018 at 16:48 UTC

I hate to say it but I like the skin tones on the Sony better. I wonder where they fall on the vector scope vs. the Panasonic skin tones.

Link | Posted on Jan 9, 2018 at 02:51 UTC as 26th comment | 1 reply
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spatz: Horses for courses.

If you need extra shallow depth of field for maximum subject isolation, m43 can't compete.

If you need more depth of field, if you shoot a scene with movement or several people, you can achieve nearly identical results in good light. In dim light, at equivalent DOF and identical shutter angle, current m43 is ahead for noise and dynamic range. However, Sony will likely catch up in a generation or two.

Thanks for pointing out that the shallow depth of field mania is just a way for camera makers to sell us more expensive lenses than we might ordinarily buy.
I'm really happy with my f/2.8 lenses but I always worried that if I were cooler I'd have more f/1.4s. Now I realize that I'm a victim of a very subtle marketing campaign—so I can go back to loving my f/2.8s without the guilt.
Thanks for saving me thousands of dollars.

Link | Posted on Jan 9, 2018 at 02:49 UTC
On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S First Impressions Review (327 comments in total)

The article talks about how pixel size doesn't matter, but does anyone have first-hand experience about whether that still applies when you're projecting your movies on a screen that's 30- to 50 feet wide as you do when showing video at big conventions, and during meetings for big corporations.

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