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Affan: And all i hear is gear does not matter, LOOK at those shots from dany! d800+85 1.4. That is one of the sharpest combo according to Dxomark.

And you are judging sharpness from a video clip???

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mick232: Strange video. Nerdy photographers, weird talking, a girl photographer that looks better than the model but struggles with the camera, some mediocre results particularly in sets 3 and 4.

And show us your beautiful portraits, please? Preferably with level horizons, like in this example:

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barrym1966: never trust a photographer that uses a manufacturers neck strap

I am sure you have spent countless hours choosing the best neckstrap that fits your work aesthetics and lifestyle. I am sure your pictures benefited enormously. (hint: sarcasm).

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On article Domke F-803 and F-5XB review (73 comments in total)

I am surprised nobody mentioned Billingham bags yet. Hadley Pro: Similar idea, a little more organization, and fully bombproof. Also stylish if you are into that kind of style.

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On article Video: Removing a stuck lens filter... with a band saw (139 comments in total)

That's a B+W filter, those are not supposed to get stuck.... brass threads and all...

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Marcelobtp: those colors are not there, dark images, don't know...
I think i pass.

Adjust your monitor...

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On article Sony a9: Why being better might not be enough (767 comments in total)

Great article, and big thanks to the DPR editors for doing the legwork and talking to the real pros to lay down the issues. This is good journalism (as opposed to pontificating on the internet forums).

Short term, these issues are a significant barrier to switching. Long term superior technology always wins. This was the story with the EOS mount and Canon, which came to dominate the PJ community, then Nikon leaped ahead with better high ISO performance, now Sony is providing a drastic reduction in weight, higher frame rates, and better AF. There is no way we won't see a significant share of Sony get on pro sports events in some not so distant future, but as this article states, the key is the availability of a proper lens kit and a robust support/service/loan program. Both are clearly coming.

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NCB: Is it just me, or are these pics not very good?

Got better pictures? Please post.

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Yes, Barney!!! Could not agree more. There is a whole slew of mirrorless photographers that were ingrained in Canon's universe, and then sold off their prized kit to move to whoever the king of the hill was at that time. I still remember shooting film with EOS-3, the interface was decidedly modern (i.e. not traditional) and devastatingly effective. Mirrorless was (and remains) a market that Canon completely missed, and it is a shame. No matter how good the M5 is, it will take a big leap in technology (and a collection of really good lenses) to make all those Canon refugees to sell their new systems and move back. I am not sure it is even possible at this point.

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Dpreview should be weary of publishing posts based on press releases. As correctly mentioned here there is no energy density data in the article. It's a nice with but not as revolutionary as it sounds.

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On article TIME releases 100 most influential images of all time (165 comments in total)

Dmitry Baltermanz's picture resonates for me this most. He was master that has not yet gotten his due.

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On article TIME releases 100 most influential images of all time (165 comments in total)
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ThomasH_always: I perused a bit these most influential images "of all times"... Oh boy. Who was Mr Kirby on the bed, dying? How this was influential? To whom, please? Or the "surfing hippos". Good surf, I feel influenced in, eh... what exactly? Whom and what influenced an image of an undressed actress pregnant? Or a Korean lady showing something on a painting? Did she influenced Art as we know it, down with Rubens, is that it? "The most non influential" of these images is the actors selfie. Astonishing that someone would add such image to such collection. Every selection is just that: a selection, made by subjective individuals. Nothing wrong with that, except that I would recommend to drop this "of all times" predicate. Its so typical American, so unnerving the billions non-Americans. Compares to "world champion" in baseball or wrestling. Lets call the book "Time's 2016 Staff selection of Iconic Images". Maybe a year later someone would select many other images.

What have you done to earn the right to be so scathing? Please show us your brilliant work.

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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dwill23: Apple said they will NEVER put a stupid touchscreen on their computers. That's bull...they will copy windows soon enough. Go cry cause your $2000 MBP doesn't have it whereas my $399 Win10 does. And 8GB ram, and 512GB SSD. Sure I had to spend about $125 on upgrades, it's not as tiny, but still...exact same CPU, similar ram and storage. pfff. I think I'll go buy a Sigma ART 85 with my left over cash. .... something that will actually make my work better unlike a laptop. :D

Walmart and NorthFace do not do the same thing. The trouble is Apple no longer has the monopoly on things that look good and work well. Not always, but in a lot of instances. Galaxy S7 Edge looks and works better than iPhone, Note 7- not so much.

But the trouble is that Apple consistently goes for solutions that maximize profit. The standardize parts across the line- the keyboard is one example. They nickel and dime you on upgrades from the crippled standard configurations, etc. Even their famed software has become quite a mess. It still works, but it is no longer just open and use it kind of thing. I lost hope to understand how Music and iTunes work, and god forbid you start messing with iCloud Drive. Cook is a bean counter, so he does not have the guts and vision to tell people to go scrap their messy product and start from scratch to make something that does not suck.

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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Golfhacker27: No USB and no SD card slot. So how do I get my photos from camera to the Mac??
Answer : in addition to the Mac, they also want me to buy their overpriced adapters, dongles, etc.

Love my current MBP (even though I had to pay extra for a DVD drive, a file manager app, etc). But I'm done with Apple telling me I don't need functions and features, and then expecting me to pay more for them because actually (as they know full well), I do.

AirDrop is fine, but transferring large RAW files over WiFi drains the battery, so it is not the best solution in the field.

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)

A very disappointing update, rather iterative on the existing hardware. I was expecting at least the bezel-less screen like the new Dell laptop. Older processors, the mess with RAM. The port situation is another downer. The crippled standard configurations (who buys a premium laptop with 8Gb of RAM today???) is an added insult. Just like the iPhone 7, best to skip.

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On article Google publishes gallery from upcoming Pixel smartphone (158 comments in total)

This is truly impressive for a smartphone.

LarsV- surely you cannot be serious.

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Last film camera I sold, it was a great travel camera. Stellar optical performer, fast, compact, and yes, clamshell design was brilliant. This is what a better version of Ricoh GR should look like.

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On article A classic reinvented? Domke Chronicle Review (124 comments in total)

RIP Domke. This "redesign" by Tiffen takes away everything that has made Domke special and turns it into another LowePro bag that is designed to be used by retirees shooting flowers on a weekend outing. And I have not come to the price yet. For that kind of money you can buy a Billingham, and have tons of style, durability and usability. If you want a hardside bag, get a Billingham or Ona. if you want a pliable, unobtrusive bag that has just enough protection and gets out of the way as much as possible, buy a used old Dome. Skip this "redesigned" garbage. It does to even look good with these awful red stripes.

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1179 comments in total)

Hassi is back. Say hello to the future of fashion, product and art photography. This who need this type of image quality will be happy to pay the price, those who won't will be happy with their Canons, Nikons, Leicas and Fujis. Great to see a real product that is true to the heritage of this brand. And it does not have a wooden grip.

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On photo Oia after the sunset on Santorini in the Your City - Lighting in the City challenge (4 comments in total)
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108: gorgeous photo, 5 stars no hesitation


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