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davids8560: There are all kinds of comments! People keep writing things! And more than a few people sound unhappy! Maybe they have some kind of a crabby curmudgeon certificate or something? Is there such a thing? Well, my old man used to say, "Sometimes, you just gotta laugh!" But that's actually not true. Actually, you never have to laugh. But yes, it is an option. You can also sigh with resignation. Quite a few people hear things and sigh with resignation. Or you can go nuts. It happens! I've seen it! Every now and then, somebody just bursts out laughing, like a real maniac! Once I saw this guy strip down to his skivvies and go running down the hall, waving and shouting Tears for Fears lyrics! What a crazy scene that was! And you know, of course Mr. Harvey had to send that crazy schnook home early! But don't get distracted! Let's get back to this exciting new tablet thing! What're you going to do? The salesman is starting to look slightly annoyed! Will that be cash or credit?

Dude, try the de-cafe and stay away from the keyboard...

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They say Lightroom Classic will still be supported but I think the writing's on the wall. Adobe wants to maximize profits and lock you into cloud services. Time to move on to other products that are producing innovative desktop solutions instead of Adobe's amateur mobile products.

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greg 123: What a lame excuse for a camera. Just use a cell phone if you like a cell phone interface. Expensive jewelry, not much more.

I can afford more camera than most of the jokers on this site in case you think otherwise.
Leica is a camera for snobs, nothing more.

Wow greg 123, second attack on Leica users! You must be really insecure. If you can't afford the new TL2 you can always look for a used T or TL.

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greg 123: This is just jewelry in the form of a polished block of aluminum with the Leica emblem, barely usable as a tool for photography.

Looks like someone wants one but can't afford it. Relax, there are plenty of cheap point and shoots out there for you.

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AriFLM: Hello,
My name is Ari, I'm the distributor for FLM in the USA and Canada.
I first want to applaud the excellent work work Mark Banas has done here, it's incredibly thorough and articulate.
The weight of the CP10-A1 is indeed 277g (0.6 lbs.) and the B&H website should soon reflect that.
Also, the other option for a ball head with the CP10-A1 is the CB-32F; it will not only fit onto the table tripod, but uses a much more sophisticated friction system, same as the one found on all of our pro heads. It also has a separate pan knob.
Thank you

Nice tripod but where can I get one? B&H says backordered, Amazon says unavailable and all the dealers listed on the web site don't carry it. Can you order direct?

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