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  • Thaks R2. I think I'm going with the bluetooth remote, a lot easier in the long run for 20 extra bucks.
  • Thanks for the answer. But would prefer something that leaves the hotshoe free for flash triggers
  • Created discussion thread Remote control for M6ii
    Are there any other possibilities to remotely press the shutter than the BR-E1(and smartphone) ? I know at least one called Aodelan, but the price is almost the same. Is it compatible with the ...
  • Replied in M6 II+
    Just playing with the idea, would this also introduce a hacker/cracker/modder community or some other third-party services that are capable to unlock the full potential of the hardware?
  • Replied in M6 II+
    Would probably pay for it. But am also concerned if this kind of approach catches on camera companies would start to cripple even more their new bodies just to cash in with firmware updates and ...
  • Yes, 16 or even 15 would be great on the wider end. The IQ will surely be great on this lens, it all comes down to the price.
  • A conspiracy theory right there
  • Created discussion thread 17-70mm F/2.8-4.5 Di III for M mount?
    There's a rumor that Tamron will announce a new fast zoom lens for the Sony aps-c. So i assume it's fair to think that it would be also released for the M mount. Right?
  • I haven't done any actual testing but the af seems to be pretty much the same as on the Sigma 56 1.4. Which means it's really great. No problem with moving subjects or recomposing, the af point ...
  • Hey I have the  70-200 APO DG HSM OS version and it works fine. Basically all ef/ef-s lenses should work like they were intended to with Canons adapter.
  • A big thank you to all of you who took the time and effort to help me and share their experiences with these different lenses. I think I'm going to follow Andy's advice and wait for the black ...
  • Hey, thanks for the answer. Sorry i should've been more clear, yes I'm looking for a "walk around zoom" lens. I also have the 22 f 2, great little lens and also very unnoticeable, it looks so ...
  • Thanks. Did you ever used the 18-135 with the M6 ii? And you are right about the cost part. If the IQ is similar i would be OK with the slightly bigger size.
  • Hey, sorry i missed your post earlier. The "bulkiness" would be acceptable if it gets rid of changing lenses
  • I live in Finland. There's a local site where people buy/sell all kinds of different products. You can find really good deals in there and sometimes negotiate them even better. Thanks for ...
  • Hey, thanks for the answer. I already own the adapter so this wouldn't be a problem for me. Buying used would be also an option, but since it's a relatively new lens there are very seldom any ...
  • Created discussion thread "Walk around lens" for the M6 ii
    I know the obvious choices would be the Canon 18-150 ef-m or the Tamron's 18-200 but since they are quite expensive, i was wondering how would the older ef-s lenses hold up withe new sensor. So my ...
  • All your crop lenses would get obsolete. Yes you could use them in the cameras crop mode but would you really want to? Also even the best adapters would mean a trade off in autofocus. Sooner or ...
  • Thank you for the suggestion. I contacted the manufacturer of the specific ciss unit. No answer yet but i will let you all know what they responded, in case someone else finds themselves in a ...
  • I've now researched quite a bit of this problem and everything suggests that you're right. I guess I'm just gonna have to buy a new printer for my friend. Hope the new one has still the old ...
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