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@David Alexander Willis

Do you realise as a site how frustrating it is to read an article via slides. Can you please update the style of the site.

If I switch to the mobile site, I get all the questions and answers, including photos in one scrollable page.

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dparsons: I'm surprised there is no HDR, Image stacking and Focus Stacking .. I guess that would imply the use of Layers and Lightroom is very much single image .. So kinda makes sense .. I love Lightroom and I like these updates anyway ..

I use It lives in the Plug-in Extras menu, when it's complete it plops the combined image into the selected stack.

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toomanycanons: Any reason to get this LR4.2 update if I don't have any of the cameras or lenses on the update?

The release also fixes bugs, like a problem with the Luminance slider being unresponsive.

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TheChefs: Go to the link:

Search for ペンタックス and tick it. You will see that Q comes ranking at 1, 2, 3 and 6. From sells ranking and from what I've seen in Japanese camera stores, it's number 1 selling pentax camera. It doesn't matter what the people here think. Japanese women love it and they are the ones who buy things in Japan. Go to any store in Japan and 90% of the stores target women, since they are the ones with the money. Simply because of it's tiny size, after all Japan is about style over function. As long as it's 可愛い (cute) it will sell.

I don't doubt that it is the best selling Pentax Camera. However on that site it's the 51st best selling camera and that can't be a good thing. Especially with the GF5, J1, GX1 and Pen being in the top 10.

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Samuel Dilworth: I found this review useful and highly readable. Thanks, Amadou and DPReview.

One thing wasn't perfectly clear to me. The section on the RGB Point Curves feature shows an example with two points added to each curve (plus the endpoints). Can more than two points be added? And can the endpoints be moved?

Yes to both questions.

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Superka: NOT Supporting Windows XP, Windows XP 64. VERY NICE! I do have very powerful computer, but I HATE WINDOWS 7 for using 1GB of RAM, instead of 250MB as Windows XP 64. Neither of my 12 GB of RAM are unnecessary.
I feel that Adobe and Microsoft both force us to use this awful and stupid Windows 7. There are much more complicated software, supporting Windows XP 64.


Are you sure? I used to run Windows 7 with 8 gig of RAM, then with motherboard issues had to drop to 4 gig. I'm not saying it was bad, but you could tell the difference. I know that my Lightroom often uses 2 gig on its own. Before long with 4 gig you're swapping to the HDD. When that PC broke, I just picked 16gb as I still relate prices to 1993 and think 'oh that's cheap, I remember when 1mb of RAM was £300'

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VidJa: Adobe is losing young customers rapidly.There is no version of PS or LR that is affordable for students or young starting professionals. More and more young people are using Linux as their primary OS. I don't even own a copy of Windows other that the crippled vista home that came with my hardware (deleted it from the HD first thing, never missed it)

If they would create a Linux version of PS and LR for 100 €/$ I would be the first one to buy it. (provided proof of studentship or starter, even MS is doing that)

I thought that £79 for Lightroom, £169 for CS5 or £250 for Design Premium were entirely reasonable prices for their software. Also the £38 for Windows 7 64bit is also entirely reasonable.

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