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Astro Landscapes: I can't find any info anywhere about if these cameras can operate directly off USB power. I know they have USB-PD (canon proprietary, or generic?) to allow faster charging, but what about just powering the camera directly from USB, aka, "it still works while the camera is on."???

Mathew - There are some R5/R6 spec-sheet PDFs floating around. On both it says:

USB Power Adapter PD-E1 Charging: Yes Powering: Yes.

I'm interpreting that to mean you can run off a power-delivery (PD) source. I have a PD charger and small PD power bank for my RP but I was a bit disappointed to see that they only charge it when the camera is off.

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Jim Salvas: I mistakenly let that auto uploader take over and it uploaded thousand of template and system images. It's a pain to have to delete them and now my private photostream is clogged with lots of pics of patterns, blue skies, textures and such. I'd pay a little to get Flickr to autodelete them.

The uploadr puts them into a specific album (Auto Upload) - at least it did for me. Might that make it a bit easier to batch delete them? Just a thought.

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