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  • It's called Antec Mercury 120.    I do have Corsair H60 will use it for coffeelake build soon
  • I've never installed an all-in-one water cooler, but as long as the cooler is securely fastened and the CPU temperatures are good, you should be fine. You should try it.  I think for starters, it ...
  • Created discussion thread built my first water cooling system
    Ok, I am not sure if I installed this correctly, but the screws won't fit on my back of rear of case, so I have to move a bit to fit screw and it was very hard and difficult to fit in. but anyhow, ...
  • thanks for all your recommendation. I decided go for coffee lake 8th gen CPU and bought a Asus TUF z370 pro gaming mobo. the question is I don't know when I 'll get the CPU though..because it's ...
  • Created discussion thread I want to build a 2nd PC with Intel.
    I already bought Corsair case and power and the rest of item. The only thing I need is CPU and M/B. I want to get icelake that will release in 2019, in this case,I have to wait until next year. If ...
  • Here are my temperatures, just for reference. Although some other suggested, there are little noise...I am not sure if this is coming from CPU or Power fan though...but system fans seems to be ...
  • Probably getting a rgb led strip might look more nicer ?
  • appreciate for that. I am not that kind of guy getting over 100 case or 200 dollars on liquid system, but my temperature shows around 30 on idle and under 55 on gaming. And the noise level is ...
  • Probably getting more power on PSU would help ? say like over 800W ?
  • Created discussion thread pc tuning with $20 case
    I bought this RGB fan kit comes with remote and installed on the top and rear of the case, temperature s hows around 30 degrees on idle, while on gaming, it shows below 50 , is this temperature are ...
  • thx for the tip.
  • Created discussion thread cooling equipment for ryzen 1600x ?
    I have a stock cooler with ryzen 1600x and set maximum processor state to 80% and the noise has been incredible quiet. I was wondering if I should get an additional water cooling system. I am ...
  • actually, since after first charged, I used camera from departure airport to go back to my home origin, record a video, took less than 100 shots, turned on, turned off many times, and still it ...
  • Created discussion thread one thing I like e-m5 mkii
    battery life.  I was very surprised about this .  I purchased about 1 month ago, and still shows a full bar length since first time charge of this camera. Although, I did took record few videos and ...
  • Replied in Olympus
    My first digital camera was Olympus Camedia, and now also using Olympus Pen.
  • Created discussion thread rx100v 4k low light video test
    https://youtu.be/UnJ3NR_YGmk hope you enjoy it. I didn't know this camera doesn't have image stablization on 4k mode, until I bought it. l, but video quality seems probably one of the best among in ...
  • Created discussion thread Is this M/B any good ?
  • I heard galaxy s8 sold in Korea uses different camera sensors than the s8 sold in Americas or Europe. Americas and Europe models uses Sony sensors, while Korean s8 users will have most likely have ...
  • cameras has wifi connection to smartphones only works as remote control, we want live stream capabilities like youtube/ustream or other rtmp features. I hope in the near future, this kind of ...
  • I know it stands for video rate 30mb/s. but is this for normal 1080p or 4k ? so this v30 32GB extreme pro whatever can record 4K in 24~30fps ?
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