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petrochemist: 'Unsurprisingly, Obscura is a manual focus system.'
Actually it's not manual focus, it's pan focus.
Everything is at the same level of semi focused blur. Changing the distance from pinhole to sensor does nothing to the focus, it just modifies the focal length.
Points I've recently verified using the older pinhole/zone plate for the optic swap system (which doesn't have the pinhole sieve).

As others have said a large sensor is needed for anything approaching reasonable results - 'full frame' isn't really anywhere near big enough.

well MyReality did you actually ever worked with pinholes, petrochemist is totally right.

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pinhole and a small sensor is not a great combination with pinhole you should go sensor-/film wise as big as possible because diffraction is the limiting factor! I only use pinhole with large format.

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forest dream: The appearance seem like product of small China smartphone maker (especially lagging UI and max shutter limit). Are it OEM product from China?

It's a leaf shutter 1/1000 is actually great and it's perfect for using flash in daylight!

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Roland Karlsson: Here is an old post in dpreview. Someone that had bought a lens like that one.

Wow 70 pounds now 47000 Dollar well congrats to the buyer who bought it for 70 pound

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madeinlisboa: Probably, someone should tell him that quantity is not quality. 4000 photos per event tell me that.

That is normal for a professional shot with people IMHO

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On article DJI Air 2S vs Mavic 2 Pro: which should you choose? (83 comments in total)

the Air2s has an even more noisier and disturbing sound than the Mavic did put me off! Only marginal improvents which doesn't matter an innovation that drones are really missing get them less noisy that would be a real innovation that DJI really should work on instead of technical gimmicks.

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On article Pentax K-3 Mark III initial review (875 comments in total)
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wy2lam: Too bad the GPS and the Astrotracer is gone...? Would it work with an external GPS?

I agree that is so great with the K-1 it's a design mistake in an otherwise great camera also they should have used the great and unique tilting display of the K-1 on the other hand I miss the AF-joystick on the K-1 which the K-3iii has, I guess you can't have it all lol :)

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JKP: Would be interesting to hear to some expert explaining, what is the purpose of each of the 13-14 lenses.

why a retrofocus design for a mirrorless camera?

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Where can I get my R6 with Hello Kitty emblazoned? I think it's very cool for a professional camera could be great for street photography nobody takes you serious and with the silent mode of the R6 it's a really perfect fit. Any ideas where do get this design or similar?

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double post sorry

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I said it already in the comments section on Youtube: 'Linhof Präzisions-Systemtechnik München' is desperately missing especially as these guys are from Munich or at least Bavaria afaik!

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Glass half full: In 1960 I foolishly bought a new Pentacon F with the f3.5 Primotar lens. This lens was so bad that when I could finally afford to buy a Takumar lens and took comparitive photos of an iron railing, you could see the difference just looking at the negatives by eye. It had a real leather and plastic case that drew attention for all the wrong reasons. Apart from the lens, it worked, but the shutter started jammimg within about 10 years - something on the rubberised fabric was exuding and glueing it up. I didn't bother trying to get it fixed.

The Primotar is a highly sought after lens because of its unique bokeh it reaches very high prices on Ebay nowadays you should have keep it!

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This strengthens my confidence that Pentax will survive you can get a lot of additional money through collectors items and they are really high-quality made, it is a good concept for creating new sales for an otherwise 'expired' but still great camera. I just wonder if GPS still works with the metal attached?

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On article Leica introduces APO-Summicron-SL 28mm F2 L-mount lens (256 comments in total)

a bit long but still exceptional beautiful especially on the camera

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man after the Xtra battery the next thing.......
We hat this years ago it's .a bad concept in general´.

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if you are a boring photographer this will work if you are a cutting-edge photographer the app will remove your best photos!

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You can still support this project on indiegogo! At Kickstarter they got 221.290 $ for their battery project but it's closed now, On Indiegogo they got $233.113 but on indiegogo you still can support this project. So over 450.000 $ is not bad. Maybe I should also invent a new product.

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Rolf Brenner: Computational from my experience means skin like plastic without wrinkles even if you are a 80year old lady, fake colors, fake sunsets a faked world. No thanks!

I agree to some extent you can photograph woman under 30 without any processing if you're carefully lit your portraits, if the woman is over 30 forgot it I try to avoid those jobs where I can it's crazy

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Computational from my experience means skin like plastic without wrinkles even if you are a 80year old lady, fake colors, fake sunsets a faked world. No thanks!

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lnsmr: Designing a UBSC/Lightning port probably brings a host a problems with production, but WIFI only seems a bad idea. Based on my past experience connecting camera module (DXO One, Sony Q100), the WIFI connection has always been a frustrating experience. Good luck, and hopefully this gives camera makers some ideas.

agreed I'm extremely frustrated by all wifi-camera connections and I tried many they always seem not to work than you need them!

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