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Achiron: Why is this on DPR? Does this really interest any serious photographer? even the least sophisticated photographer will know that smasung's s7 will be better on any situation, yet DPR is flooded with articles about mediocre sensors being utilized in a bad way in cheaply made devices. I come here to read about photography equipment, not about new Chinese cash grabs (ever tried claiming warranty or asking RMA from Chinese vendors?).

Did you know there is a Chinese brand of MF lenses that is copying Leica? Zonlai (can check in my equipment). Some story about those guys would be interesting.

If you're going to boycott Huawei, you should also boycott Goggle at the same time. Huawei manufacture the Nexus 6P for Google.

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Jestertheclown: Those "easy to use; undo in a flash", fasteners would make you a prime target on the London Underground.
Your camera would be "undone and gone in a flash."
You'd never see where it went nor ever see it again.

I've had my Peak Design SLL-2, which uses the same attach mechanism, for a few months & dozens of Tube journeys. The camera still appears to be attached.

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PhotoKhan: Could the reviewer be less enthused with this camera?
The stance he approached the review is almost palpable browsing through the "let's get on with it and head back home" images in the gallery.
The feeling I am getting from this review is a complete "meh-of-mehs!", in contrast with other online resources.
It is so much so, that I am now decided to get a loaner just to evaluate things for myself.
It is sad that after all these years, I am starting to get the feeling that I simply can't trust DPR anymore when it comes to evaluate Canon cameras.

As you say, "The stance he approached the review is almost palpable browsing through the "let's get on with it and head back home" images in the gallery".

To be fair, I feel like this after going out with my 70D now (usually opting for mirrorless). I just can't wait to get the darn thing off of my neck.

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locke_fc: From a technical standpoint, I've always liked this camera since it was first introduced. I've even considered buying it a few times. Not the best IQ, but very impressive for a small sensor.

However, as much as it looks like a great all rounder for travel photography, it fails in one crucial department. It just looks massive, and way too conspicuous with that lens extended, even at the shorter focal lengths.

Pulling out this thing would make you stand out instantly, even in a crowded area. And that's not such a good idea in many parts of the world.

At $1500, I'd feel mugged before I even went out with it.

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Philippe R: Most people already have a camera brand, most likely Canon or Nikon, so why suggest so many Sony ? do they contribute more than the others to your site ?

I'm sure if Canon or Nikon made better, more innoavtive cameras, then they might win more of these round-ups.

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tsk1979: Color me surprised!
I was expecting worse from this lens. Tamron has pushed to 16-300 while delivering performance comparable to 18-200/250 kind of lenses.
I guess, the excellend sharpness at 16mm makes it a worth alternative to the native 18-200 e mount lenses. In the 18-200 range its as good at a lower price point, and gives you proper wide angle too!

I was under the impression this was an A mount lens, not an E mount?

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twadger: The price is far too high and the thing looks big enough to choke a donkey.

The size doesn't worry me, but the price does seem very high though.

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Miki Nemeth: If you have ever tested the Sony A5100 AF-C mode with its brilliant touch-to-focus operability, then these improvements are straightforward steps further. I wonder when Sony is including touch-to-focus operation to all of its cameras? Since I've been using A5100, I'd be really hesitant to step back to a non-touch operation.

I'd like the option though, as I find myself using Live View as often as the EVF now. It's one of those things that once you get used to it, you find it tough to go back.

If you don't like it, you can always switch it off.

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Any chance of some test shots using this lens on the A6000?

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Intermittentoverexposure: They're both still clunky mirror box machines. Consumers are catching on to systems like the Sony A6000. The newbie at work that asked what to upgrade his Nikon to just switched after I suggested it. He dumped a Nikon D5100, which really isn't much different than the "new" 5500. Once more consumers figure out there's ZERO reason to buy these old clunkers, Canikon will be playing catch-up.

My own personal experience with Sony customer service was exemplary, whereas my experience with Canon was execrable.

Just a single data point, but I can only comment on personal experience.

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iAPX: I am awaiting for better performances for LR6 on OS X (actually using LR5 on OS X 10.10 Yosemite).
- using more than 4GB of RAM (checked on a 16GB and 24GB configurations that I use everyday)
- using hyper-threading, still it seems limited to number of PHYSICAL cores, thus not taking account the work Intel did to make hyperthreading really efficient (4-core w/hyperthreading vs 4/-core w/o)
- using multi-threading and overlapped IO to speed-up Exports (actually you have to launch many parallel Exports to try to feed the fast CPU you pay for!)
- using the GPUs for RAW decoding and processing, even if it's an opt-in option (openCL developer here!)
- working correctly on retina display, not hiding the "loading" label while it's displaying a non-retina image, and awaiting seconds to have the true retina display to be done. (iMac Retina)

LightRoom seems to be based mainly on old Photoshop CS4 or CS5 base-code that is mono-threaded, except for some filters.

Erm, if it's the 32bit LR it cannot use more than 4Gb. Surely that's the point of going 64bit, so it can use all that tasty RAM.

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JanMatthys: This should be a very popular camera with parents videotaping their kids at baseball, soccer, football games etc. Being able to record 4k video at 30fps, with continuous AF and picking out individual 8mp Stills for print up to 8x10! for $900? Wow, great set of features for sure

@Der Steppenwolf

It's already possible to do basic edits of 4K video on last year's Samsung Note 3 phone - just look on YouTube if you don't believe it.

You once wrote "Rudeness can be cured, ignorance is unfortunately permanent state."

Obviously you should look for a cure for your rudeness. Seems your ignorance is going to be permanent though.

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JanMatthys: This should be a very popular camera with parents videotaping their kids at baseball, soccer, football games etc. Being able to record 4k video at 30fps, with continuous AF and picking out individual 8mp Stills for print up to 8x10! for $900? Wow, great set of features for sure

Maybe it's cumbersome to edit now, but in 2-3 years time you'll be able to do it on a smartphone.

I think of these features as future-proofing your digital acquisition. You may not need that quality now, but in a few years time you'll regret it if you didn't have it.

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On article Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer (628 comments in total)

I can envision a scenario where I sign up for a year at the current rate, and then Adobe jack up the subscription price. I choose to cancel my subscription (which incidentally you cannot do online, though you can sign up online). I'll then have a LR catalog that will be reliant on the latest version of LR.

Assuming Adobe still keep on releasing boxed versions of LR, I'd then have to go & buy the product full price just to carry on using my catalog.

If Adobe were to count the subscription as a lease, so that after say 15 months you get the current LR version DRM for ever, that actually might be an appealing prospect. You also have incentive to stick around subbing knowing that in another 15 months you get the next upgrade to keep.

Paying a subs with nothing to show for it strikes me as a bad deal for the consumer.

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On article Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer (628 comments in total)

It's nice to know that Adobe put more effort into DRM to protect their own product than they do their own customer's account information.

Do anything online with Adobe? Never again.

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Phil of Cilcain: The only 'real' premium superzoom camera was the Panasonic DMC-FZ200? Did someone forget the Fuji X-S1? With its manual zoom its a classic.

Same experience here with the X-S1 as orion1983. Great build, ergonomics and EVF but very poor IQ for the price - very, very soft images and lots of blown highlights even in "flat" lighting conditions (not to mention the droopy lens at full extension). A great shame Fuji didn't fix these issues and come up with an X-S2. As it was, I sent it back and settled with the FZ200.

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Wye Photography: One thing I dislike about Americans is their overtly nationalistic and patriotic attitudes. You know, hand on heart and that "One nation under God" lark. And what do they do, buy phones from a Korean company instead of an American company. Makes me laugh.

Perhaps Americans aren't as nationalistic and patriotic as the media makes us Brits believe.

At least Jonny Ive is a Brit.

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Reg Natarajan: I love the images, but I need Android. Hopefully Samsung and Sony will step up.

A separate volume control for music and ringtones would be a start! Support for memory cards, Bluetooth file exchange, background download of podcasts blah blah blah.... these are all showstoppers for me.

Windows Phone as it stands is seriously compromised compared to Android, iOS and even Symbian - a lot of style overs substance.

However, looking forward to Windows Phone 8, hopefully it should plug some of the major gaps, especially if it can support PureView technology.

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Zoltan Varga: "Samsung takes over from Nokia at top of mobile tree".
Maybe they are trying to get on top again.
But i don't know why are they forcing their Belle OS, thats the greatest disadvantage of this phone.
Probably the picture quality better than all other phones, but we all know that phones will never replace a camera. And lots of application will not be available on Belle OS.

I put Belle on my Nokia N8 (wonderful camera), it is HUGE improvement over Anna and S3. The problem with Belle is that the ecosystem just isn't there to maximise it's value. Ice Cream Sandwich on my Galaxy S2 blows it out of the water (including GPS) - so much so I sold the N8. I can live with the inferior camera of the SGS2 for the other benefits ICS brings.

The big question of course is when Nokia will be putting PureView on a Windows Phone, or whether they will lease the technology to other manufacturers.

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