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I find it amazing that there a people here that complain about dropping "net neutrality" but have no qualms at all about Facebook, Twitter and the like censoring people at every step. As one who has had his social media accounts blocked by the site owners under "net neutrality" I can tell you that there is no such thing, and never has been.

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brycesteiner: This is seriously considered a sport?

Seriously? With so many things going on at once, plus the chance of being injured? I'm not a fan, but I'll not down someone's choice of entertainment/sport. I bet a lens that a lot of us would get our butts handed to us in a sling if we got out there!

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Martinka: Nice video, terrible photos...

The snarky attitudes here are beginning to make DPR worthless.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)

The industry is worse off now. What in incentive does Adobe have to improve LR now, or even worse, Adobe could move it to subscription base only, and say SCREW YOU to the rest of us, as we have little choice now. I like LR but I'll not use a sub base program on my computers.

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