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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1507 comments in total)

I voted a99... While I personally am a Nikon user It is by far the most Innovative "SLR" type camera I've used and a slice of the future...

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Seems like it will be going after the people Nikon overlooked with the D800

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Seems like a "test model" for a camera that will be a Canon s100 competitor...

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win39: After switching to Nikon because there was no Oly digital product two years after its announcement, I had occasion to go back and use my beloved OM4T again and could not believe how flimsy and crude it felt after using the D100 for a while. As for a new camera lines from Olympus, well, been there, done that. It is just a parade of discontinued equipment with no respect for customers shown by providing a transition. OM gone with no development for years except raising the price and the company saying the lenses will not work with digital. E series gone. PEN development lagging way behind Panasonic. Corrupt corporate officers looting millions from the company and treating the whistle blower badly. Want to bet it will have a new mount and none of your lenses will work?

Nah Nikon & Pentax still make a few MF lenses

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Knight Palm: Just at the look of Godzillas Canon EOS-1D X and now Nikon D4, no sane photographer can expect Olympus to follow the same FF135 fullframe sensor track.

Rather be happy there are alternative routes for smaller and lighter weather resistant cameras and lenses, which the upcoming Olympus OM-D promises to fulfil.

It's high time for a relief of the obsession of sensor size inferiority, this time Viagra wont help either.

After seeing the a77 I have a feeling Sony may have something up their sleeve though...

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