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samfan: Well, people who think this case is really simple, riddle me this:

If I rented a camera from a store, then handed the camera to a person, and they handed it to another person, and they handed it to a monkey who would take a photo, who would own the copyright to the photo?

The store, because it's the owner of the equipment, me, because I legally rented it, or the last person who had the camera in their hands?

the last human person who had it in their hands

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tesilab: I think his lawyers must have missed the point. He had a better claim to copyright that had nothing to do with his ownership of the camera. Those pictures were planned and taken with the photographer's intent, not the monkey's. He engineered that whole situation so that a specific type of photograph would result. The physical act of pressing a button is a fraction of what makes a photograph. You could replace that macaque with another one and get a similar result. But the same is not true of the photographer.

exactly what I was going to say, if an image is taken with a camera that does not really mean the one who pushed the button on the camera which is merely a recording device made that image, some images or alot actually take hours if not sometimes days or weeks to set up & are or should be clearly owned by the person who had an image in their head then set it up to take the image they had in their head, just because that person got their assistant to take the shot by pressing the button on the camera should not mean the assistant holds the copyright to the image & for Peta to take this kind of action against the photographer is a stupid move by them because as I have been a supporter of Peta in the past I am withdrawing my support due to this stupidity.....get over yourself Peta and stay focused on what you should be focused on.....cruelty to animals & neglected animals.

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hi. I am sure this is a wasp not a bee

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Hi Paul, I have looked at the few shot you have posted & have to say well done, magnificent work, hopefully I will be able to get great shots like these in future as well, again great work.

Cheers Dave

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Higuel: I like the picture! But I'm disappointed when it has been manipulated in such a strong way that deeply changes itand that is not said! (and the moon changes it a lot, for the better, but a lot!)


Hi there Higuel, thanks for your comments, yes I have played a round with it quite a bit but I took this shot when I was just trying out my new Eos 7d, & a friend liked the pic as well & this was all manipulated under his instruction of how he wanted his copy to look.

Cheers Dave

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Truly a magnificent shot, great composition, beautiful colors, it really does deserve to take out 1ST position, well done & congratulations.
Cheers Dave

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very nice shot, do you know what kind of butterfly it is?

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