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Gary Coombs

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About me:

Ardent Amateur Photographer
Ardent Amateur Pianist

Sony sensor and lens technology is now so good that I cannot tell the difference in the IQ of my RX cameras and my old DSLR. (You don't see my DSLR and lenses in my gear list any more because I sold them.)

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  • Dell All-in-One - Windows 10 Home - wife's PC Dell XPS 15 9560 - Windows 10 Pro Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - Windows 10 Pro Microsoft Surface Pro 5 - Windows 10 Pro Microsoft Surface Go - Windows 10 Pro ...
  • Replied in Defender
    Windows Defender is all they use at the Microsoft Store and it's all they use at Microsoft Corporate. That's good enough for me.
  • For me it's when it no longer does what I want it to do.  And that could happen at anytime!  :)
  • After downloading the Acronis software and paying $49.99 for it I set it up to back up my local OneDrive folder. I have a terabyte local drive and 100% of my OneDrive cloud files are synced to my ...
  • If you read the list carefully, there has never been an actual security breach in LastPass where a hacker has gained access to passwords. This is a list of app vulnerabilities that were quickly ...
  • Not a problem at all. I thought you were addressing me. For anyone not wanting to include  a local OneDrive folder in their backup, I'm sure it would be a marvelous solution.
  • Yes, I saw the offer for the free Acronis for WD. Since I had purchased and returned Acronis paid version because it would NOT back up my local OneDrive folder, I opted to not waste my time with it.
  • Thanks for the comment. I wasn't expecting much and I wasn't expecting it to be intuitive, well written software. So I was quite surprised to find that it did exactly what I wanted and did it ...
  • After using the included WD backup app for a while I can report that it works very well and I'm quite pleased. It backs up my local OneDrive folder with no problems unlike Acronis. I've tried ...
  • Thanks! I tried Acronis True Image last week and unfortunately had to return it for a refund. All I want to back up is my OneDrive folder. I keep all my data and photos in my local 1 TB OneDrive ...
  • I've used LastPass for several years. On my PC, I use my phone fingerprint reader to log me in. On my Android phone my fingerprint reader logs me in. Fast, secure, quick and easy! Of course at any ...
  • I've just been to Best Buy and I'm unboxing my new 4 TB WD My Passport Ultra USB-C HD. Anyone have experience with this drive and the included WD Backup, WD Security, and WD Drive Utilities? Do ...
  • That's good to know. It wasn't that way when I first went to the paid version. So it looks like the only reason to have the paid version is the Family Plan. There must be something else I'm ...
  • Yes, you are correct. I might add that it is also very important to us to have cross platform capability so that we have access to all our passwords on our two Pixel 3 XL Android smart phones. ...
  • I started out years ago with the free version of LastPass. Today Kate and I pay $48 a year for the family version. It's just too important for us both to have joint access to important things like ...
  • Replied in Bingo!
    Exactly! Well said!
  • Replied in Password Agent
    I have 3 computers, 2 tablets, and a Smartphone. I need access to the same sites and services on all of them. How does Password Agent handle that?
  • As in your last paragraph, I have a main Google site in my LastPass vault. And yes, I simply point other Google sites and services to that main Google site password. It works quite well.
  • When a site forces you to change a password, the process with LastPass is the same as manually changing any password. After the password is changed, LastPass offers to automatically save the ...
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