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Rensol: I saw @ JFK how one of those small trucks that carry baggage dropped couple bags from the trunk and next track run them over! It did not fully overrun it but jammed under chassis and pushed a bit like that.
It just reaffirmed me to carry my camera gear.
They picked those bags and just tossed them back into the trunk of the first track.
At least they did not disposed them :)

As Rensol says, I saw exactly the same happen at Heathrow (London) while I was waiting... except the case was left on the tarmac for about 15 minutes before anyone came to pick it up. Even at the modern Palma Majorca check in desks, as soon as your case reaches the end of the little weighing conveyor it falls down a 45 degree ramp and crashes into other cases already down there. It's obscene how they treat your possessions.

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I guess if you have the money to buy one of these, you're in the wealth bracket where totalling your Ferrari is a mere trifling inconvenience, not anything to worry about.

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Despite the article, it is interesting to note how modern manufacturing can produce equivalent optics at a fraction of the price. Compare the Canon 50mm f1.4 USM (1993) with the 50mm f1.8 STM on DXOMark. Then consider the price, weight and.... number of elements! How could anyone put up with that disgusting 7th element on the f1.4 ;-)

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sts2: "Accidentally" ;-)

In other news: photographic evidence of Tooth Fairy has been found :-)

Exactly. Where I work, it would be impossible for one of our development branches to get into the public release system (especially as a correctly packaged install!) without some major cock-up or deliberate mischief by about three people... and with all the testers off on sick leave at exactly the same time. If the story is true, Adobe has exposed its developers as being utterly incompetent.

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On article When the selfie turns sacreligious (33 comments in total)

What a silly article. When I next visit one of the UK's extraordinary cathedrals, should I leave my camera at home for fear of being sacreligious? Perhaps not; the clergyman at the door will happily take some coins from me for a 'photography permit', and in doing so swell the building's restoration fund! You scratch my back...

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Dr Nordgren is absolutely right. I have seen two total eclipses. For the first one I had my SLR all setup with lots of ND on the front, and clicked away during the entire spectacle. What an utter waste of time! Like everybody else on the planet, you will get exactly the same image - a very dark scene with a bright circle on it. You might as well fake the whole thing in Photoshop. For the second eclipse, I just stood outside and watched other people taking exactly the same boring picture. But this time I could fully absorb the strange feeling that nature had gone all wrong, getting dark in the daytime, and the birds getting all confused.

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On article Confirmed: Bowens is going out of business (46 comments in total)

The competition probably already moved their production to China to lower costs, perhaps Bowens didn't (I don't know?). But once you move your production to China, you effectively give away all your intellectual property anyway, and a year later a strangely similar product appears at half the price. In the U.S. and E.U. we are also tied down by following quality/safety standards and production methods like UL, CE, and TuV, which complicate and slow development considerably. Even if a respected company closely supervises their new Chinese manufacturer XYZ, a month later XYZ ignores the company's careful instructions and starts taking nasty shortcuts in the manufacturing process, which you first discover when your valued customers start ringing your complaint lines with failed products. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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Novice Shutterbug: I'm currently running a 7-year-old desktop PC and shopping on and off for my first laptop ever to replace it. It most likely will not be a Mac because of my cost/benefit calculus. I can get a new, fully-loaded Dell XPS with 4K screen resolution, 4 GB of graphics memory, 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB SSD at a local computer chain store for about $600 less than Dell's retail price and about the same amount below a comparable (but less well-equipped) MacBook Pro. And cost is a major factor for me.

However, I can see why Mac's have a devoted following mostly because of the horrendous malware issues with PC's. That is -- and probably always will be -- the biggest pitfall of PC's. That said, the malware reason alone is not enough for me to go with Apple. If money isn't a great concern, I can see why you might make a different choice. But right now PC's give you much more bang for your hardware buck if you shop wisely.

Most of the highly publicised malware issues are caused by government bodies using wildly outdated and/or unpatched versions of Windows, together with inadequate corporate security. Buy a Windows 10 PC, install Kaspersky Internet Security for a few dollars, and you will never have any malware problems. My version of Kaspersky has never even highlighted any issues for several years.

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I was hoping the 6D MKii would be my first leap to FF, but what a disappointment. The 80D still looks a whole lot better value, while within Canon's lineup the 6D MkII looks like last year's unwanted Christmas present, rewrapped. We'll just need to see if the 6D MkII needs a Nikon-style product recall to complete the sense of 'avoid'. With the professional-grade testing of DP (and others) showing up the 6D Mk II to be a turd, surely there'll have to be a 6D Mk III within 18 months?

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Tom Barry: Running out new products that haven't been rigorously tested is no way to enhance a company's reputation.

"You know why the Brits stopped making televisions? "
Yes, because it was cheaper to make them in the Czech Republic than in Wales. As for the original point, it is astonishing that a company which charges such silly prices for perceived technical excellence did not uncover a problem like this in testing.

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On article Canon EOS M6 with EF-M 22mm F2 sample gallery (101 comments in total)

"A station called King's Cross"... is that a PSB reference by any chance?

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Oh man, just imagine trying to understand a DxO Mark chart for sensor curvature deviation in combination with lens barrel distortion. Arghh!

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The low-light + stabilized technical achievement might be impressive, but I'm sure 95% of viewers would completely overlook that and see it as simply more drone footage, speeded up. The BBC Planet Earth's huge weeks-long tracking time-lapses are more impressive. Even Planet Earth left me with drone saturation syndrome (characterized by grinding teeth and rolling eyes)!

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Deorum: I would swear i have heard the same backround song, in similar timelapses, a hundred times.
(great TL btw)

The song was is also used as the theme tune for the TV series 'Versailles', where it seems perfectly appropriate.

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davids8560: Could I just buy a decent camera, or, one of those, what do you call them? Video recorders - instead?

On another note, as someone who was really excited about smartphone tech early on, I wonder if I am alone in my more recent tendency to turn my phone off more and more often, and even - dare I say it - leave home without it?

I was at a pop concert last night. The girl next to me, about 16 years old, spent most of the concert with the phone in front of her face, taking really crap shots - I could see on her screen how overexposed the tiny stage was in a sea of blackness. She obviously had no idea how to adjust the exposure, and was stuck with the phone's very wide angle lens. In total, she probably spent an additional 15 minutes, on and off, ignoring the show while sending/posting the crap pictures. Perhaps one day she'll become a stage technician and actually be paid to ignore the show in favor of checking that all the technology is working... or take an expensive collection of add-ons to clip onto her silly little phone?

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WastingTime: But what if the wife calls you and the cellphone is buried inside all that stuff. What will you do then?

You ignore the call, and tell her truth when you get home... you were in a meeting with the bank manager trying to extract a further loan to buy another attachment for your phone.

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If Adobe spends $100k on an extra developer to make LR faster, you can be sure they'll spend $1m on marketing the improvements.

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On article SainSonic launches 50mm F1.1 lens for APS-C cameras (248 comments in total)

If Sainsonic can make a lens with this specification, why haven't Sony, Canon and Fujifilm already made one? Is it because there's no market for it, or because it's simply not possible to make one to Sony/Canon/Fujifilm quality standards at a realistic price?

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I'm no fan of vast cruise ships, but I'd rather see interior pictures of it before it sank - just as I'd rather see shots of a pristine Rolls Royce interior, rather than one that had been crashed through a hedge and burned out. It's no surprise - a ship sinks, so it ends up looking like a wreck inside. It's like he turned up too late after everyone else had gone home, and missed telling the real story of the engineers and how they managed to recover such a vast structure.

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On article SainSonic launches 50mm F1.1 lens for APS-C cameras (248 comments in total)
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fatdeeman: Very good price for what it is, don't forget "Noktor" once tried to sell a F/0.95 CCTV lens for $700. At least this appears to be actually designed for photography!

If it has half decent central sharprness wide open it would be worth the price of entry.

A nice characterful lens without any pretentious use of a long defunct name and over inflated price tag.

Exactly. Might as well pay the same money for a manufacturer's own 50mm f/1.8, and get auto focusing, auto-aperture, crisp quality. Would love to see DxOMark's analysis of this lens.

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