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I take pictures of two things: women's athletics (NCAA and WNBA basketball and semi-pro football mostly) and swing dancing.


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risto40: I hope they make their FlexTT5 equipment compatible with 5D Mark IV soon as well. Otherwise i would need to sell my stuff.

It will not happen. PocketWizard said on their Facebook page that they had to make electrical changes "under the hood" to make it compatible with recent Canon cameras. It appears that Canon studied the FlexTT5 and found a way to make new models incompatible with it just as they found a way to get the 580EX to jam their frequency spectrum.

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On article Rock Solid: Canon 1D X Mark II Review (455 comments in total)
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fatdeeman: Looks like an absolute beast as expected, excellent video capabilities too.

I do agree about the complexity of the AF system though, even when you've mastered it, you'll still have to take the time to alter settings when you wouldn't necessarily with a D5. That could cost you photos. 75 different combinations seems like leaving an awful lot of the work to the photographer compared to the Nikon and that's coming from someone who takes joy in tinkering with things incessantly.

You can't argue with the results when it works though, amazing what modern AF is capable of thsee days really. People might claim to have managed fine in the good old days before AF but I dare say they wouldn't have even attempted that majority of shots in this review.

Hopefully Canon fans can breathe a sigh of relief that DPR will happily give credit where it's due and aren't on some kind of anti-Canon mission after all.

The AF customization means that Canon has given up on getting a system that is smart enough to track subjects on its own. Why do I need to tell the AF algorithm how quickly my subjects will be accelerating and decelerating? Why do I need to tell the AF algorithm how often to switch focus points to track my subject? How am I to calculate these correctly? The burden is now on the photographer to somehow set these values correctly no matter what your subject does.

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bakhtyar kurdi: (You can pick up the ME20F-SH this December for $30,000)
No I can't, may be next, or next next nxt nx December.

Red and EOS Cine cameras can't shoot at ISO 4,000,000.

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Eleson: What is the intended usage and audience for this camera?

Are we finally going to get good footage of Bigfoot?

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