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I love my Fujifilm gear and hope they continue to do well with the X-Trans sensor. Not thrilled about any potential move from Made in Japan to wherever. Stay made in Japan, and raise your prices, I'll continue to buy your quality photographic equipment.

Side note... It's really disappointing to see trolls and bashers on DPR. Sure question everything and give an opinion. We all welcome honest debate don't we? I just don't understand people taking time to bash and complain about a brand they don't own, nor want.

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Mariano Pacifico: Mirrorless buyers are new to cameras ... newbies buy Mirrorless because it is new tech DSLR is soooo yesterday only oldies buy 'em.

I'm 50, first photograph was 40 years ago on a Minolta XD5. Last film camera was a Minolta Maxxum 800Si. Next was a Nikon D700 and eventually the trinity of f2.8 Zooms. That kit required a Think Tank Airport Commuter and made traveling a miserable heavy ordeal. On a photo tour one of the pros pulled out a Fujifilm x100. I checked it out and loved the experience using it. As soon as it was available I got an X-T1 and the XF23mmF1.4. That was a Pivotal Moment. Soon after I sold everything Nikon I had. I've always liked the X-trans sensor. Early on Lr & Ps took more time, but they're great now. I have an X-T2, X-Pro2, & X100F. Didn't need the X-Pro2, but after using it for a day, that was an experience I wanted to own. My Fujinon primes 14, 16, both 23's & 35's, a 56 & 90 are excellent, not to mention SMALL and LIGHT. Last trip with X-T2, X-Pro2, X100T, 16, 35F2, and the 56 was a backpack half the size & weight with no backache. IMHO Fujifilm is a Different Experience & Very Enjoyable.

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As long as 'they' don't ban photographs taken in US Walmart stores, I think I'm okay with this.

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John McMillin: DPR reviews certainly have changed over the years. There's nary a single graph to indicate the scientific rigor of your analysis. Just subjective user impressions. That's worth something too...

I have to say I've loved the long detailed reviews of the past. I can't tell you how many times I read all 30+ pages of the Nikon D700 review (A Camera I owned and loved). That said when we got towards the end and went into the very detailed data on page something after 15 where we were looking at dynamic range, contrast settings, RAW Headroom, I didn't quite pay as much attention... The Samples gallery is very useful. Not that those details are not necessary for some people, but perhaps not most. If Photography was a career and I needed to know which $10,000 lens was better for the Pro football game I might look at DxOMark.

Graphs are needed to "indicate the scientific rigor....of Analysis" (John McMillin) but perhaps not for the masses.

Richard is very on point here. All over the internet and the business world, data is moving away from numbers and simple line charts to new visualizations.

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (783 comments in total)
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Faspotun: The review says that the focus/control ring is "unused in most modes". That would be great except that with my X100F the focus/control ring set to "standard" cycles between the digital tele-converter focal lengths. It is really easy to inadvertently change the focus/control ring and it is super annoying that it cannot be deactivated.

@Faspotun, I've set my "control ring Setting" to film simulations. (This will not work with the tele-converter in use). Now if you are using the optical viewfinder and turn the dial, it will switch to EVF, and you obviously know you have made a change. If you are using the EVF, you will see the options change with the dial changing. IF you are expecting a color view and see B & W, you know you changed it. If you were expecting B & W and see color, you know you changed it.

I also really like this feature to be able to quickly and easily see a color image as B & W, which can show you a different vision for your image very easily.

Something to try... ?

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (783 comments in total)
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s1rf4n: Great review. Thanks DPR Staff.

I have to say I am a bit confused with all of the negative comments about price on this gem...If this camera was not worth its pricing then how in the world has it sold so many camera's? Now on the 4th iteration.

I personally really enjoy stepping out with my x100t for some street shots. I would not pick this up as a one and only camera but it is awesome for a supplemental for a big rig. I think I will be upgrading to the F this summer.

I agree with both @Peter Bendheim, and @mcshan. I do think that some people just like to be trolls and try to poke people just to see a reaction. Many of us are very dedicated to our brand of choice and can be easily offended by a harsh comment. Especially when it is uninformed or just nasty.

I want to see people question this or that, and to make constructive criticisms, as you said @mcshan it could get boring very fast without other opinions. Also there are dedicated forums for only this and that brand where everyone agrees and loves the gear.

I'd like to see DPR implement a "Dislike" button for a comment along side the "Like" comment. I think YouTube has this. Once enough people (Decided by DPR) clicked Unlike, the comment could be hidden or removed. At lease at some point a DPR staff would look at the comment and decide, it's valid or just nasty.

I would hope this community would respect honest criticism and opposing opinions and let them be. What do you think about that DPR?

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great Javier: I have really liked the article about x-trans sensor and his processing.

@Richard Butler I find it hard to believe that there are people more knowledgeable than you when it comes to camera's. I have read everything you have written here. You are certainly objective, fair and quite knowledgeable about all things DPR related.

Thanks for your honest analysis and well written reviews. "You can check out anytime you like, But you can Never Leave." ;D

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (783 comments in total)
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rsf3127: Nice camera. But for 2x the price you can find a Sony A7 nowadays? No, thanks.

You said it yourself... For Twice the price you can get a Sony A7 (Nice camera) but then you need a 35mm lens to go with it to match the Fujifilm X100F. Now you are easily at 2.5 x the price of the X100F.

That said, Sony makes nice camera's, and I have owned a few.

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (783 comments in total)
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Zoom Zoom Zoom: Fuji is making great cameras all across the board and their colors and processing is stellar. Sony and Fuji and the 2 new dominant names in the world of photography today.. everyone else is irrelevant.. that's it.

Sezano, To each his own. My intention here is not to insult you, but you seem a bit like a troll.

I have seen more and more wedding photographers saying that they are dumping their Canikon gear for Fujifilm. My guess is you have not really looked at the output capable of these cameras, or you would not have made the comment you did.

Perhaps you were persuaded by the fact that your Canikon gear simply looks better in the front seat of your Porsche.

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cariarer: I'm browsing through the comments and I'm finally no longer able to keep my peace. All that is wrong in todays world is the impression of entitlement. Seriously. Fuji made a brilliant camera with a pro level price tag. People bought it for what it was. It's not perfect and it will never be. A modern digital camera is not a piece of wooden carving that is simply done at some point. It's complex technologie. Go and complain to God about all the bugs in the human body! Fuji put's a lot of thought and effort into it's gear and they really, really care. And all you nay sayers got to do: Oh, that's how it should have been from day one! You sold me a beta version! Were you not able to use it? Didn't it do what it is supposed to do from day 1? Be greatful for what you get as a gift, instead of believing you're entitled to the perfect product. It doesn't exists! It's just a path of improvment. There is no finish line. Things getting better all the time, but it will never be perfect.

In reply to @The Name is Bond.

I was quite happy with my X-T1 that I got as soon as Amazon US started shipping them.

Read the review here, DPR liked it too.

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Peter Bendheim: It's feels a bit like the Fuji equivalent of "I replaced my 5DM2 with a 5DM3" except it cost me nothing. Fuji took a class act and made it way better. For those of you who are so quick to say it should have been like that on day 1 - if you recall, the XT-1 has had hundreds of great reviews and opinions from Day 1. It's not like it was bad and they made it good. More like it was innovative and darned good from day one and they just made it better.

I couldn't agree with you more! Love my X-T1.

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On article Fujifilm X-T1 Review (657 comments in total)
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mainvision: I have just taken possession of my new camera - very nice, but don't expect to use it with an iPhone if you value your sanity - the feedback I left in the app store: "You buy the lovely Fuji X-T1 and you want to connect to your iPhone or iPad. Your manual tells you that you need the Fujifilm Camera Remote. You install it and select your camera in wifi settings, as directed. There are four panels on your iPhone screen: Remote Control, Receive, Browse Camera, Geotagging (because the camera has no GPS, in this day and age…) It works about right once you manage to connect, but if you want to change from one panel to the next, you have to disconnect, then go back to your iPhone wifi settings, reconnect laboriously by going through settings in the camera ... Once you’ve done it a few times, you come to the conclusion that the app is worse than useless and you forget it to preserve your sanity..."
Has anybody had a better experience with this aspect?

I got the app as soon as I got the camera too. It does have some issues connecting some times, but the Geo Tagging feature is great IMHO. I can GEO tag when I choose to. I have also not had a problem connecting an ipad Air 2 in order to receive photos from the camera which is great to get a bigger view before I get home for RAW post.

Give the application a second chance.

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DynDasE: I am really interested in buying this camera, but would it be the time because it is already a year old. Should I wait for newer model?

I would not hesitate. I got mine soon after they were released and am very happy with it. It is a great shooting experience using this camera. Also the Fuji lens line up is great with great glass.

Also they have worked with Lightroom and resolved the early problems since LR 5.7.

Fujifilm has offered firmware 3.0 which was great and later this month firmware 4.0 will be released for free which will again add usable new features to this model.

I say go for it, as the person above said there will always be a new model coming out, and that won't stop this X-T1 from making great photographs.

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I really like my F-stop gear. I have a Tilopa that I last used on a 7 day photo tour and I have a Kenti that works as a smaller day trip backpack.

They are well engineered and rugged, and have padding in all the right places. Unlike @BigShooter I have never had a problem ordering from them. I have also returned an insert for the Tilopa that just didn't fit my needs and my credit card was credited quickly.

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On article Fujifilm XF 16mm F1.4 moves from roadmap to retailers (227 comments in total)
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stevo23: Geez, just the photo of the lens on this page is gorgeous. Makes me want to get into Fuji.

I have the XF: 14, 23, 35, and 56 and they are all top quality. Fujifilm Fujinon are very nice prime lenses.

Link | Posted on Apr 20, 2015 at 15:22 UTC
On article Fujifilm XF 16mm F1.4 moves from roadmap to retailers (227 comments in total)

I have been waiting for this lens since it was added to the road map and just put in my pre order at Amazon.com. I cant wait to see how it will improve wide field astrophotography moving from the X-T1 and XF14mm F2.8 and shooting wide open at F1.4!


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paul simon king: why nothing from RRS?

@Mark Banas I take back my comments about this round up. I've seen the tripod round up's and missed RRS in them, and missed you Battle of the titans and decided to throw 2 cents into the comments... I'm a daily reader but somehow missed your Battle of the titans 10 ball head round up that did include the RRS BH-55. It's a long and well done piece of writing.

I must have struck a nerve or something since you actually took the time as a DPReview contributor to roll your eyes at some nobody member.

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paul simon king: why nothing from RRS?

I agree, RRS should be included in this comparison as well as the tripod round up done a little while ago. RRS is all USA made and perhaps the ultimate equipment. I love all of my RRS equipment. That said it is Very Expensive and perhaps why it is not included. That however is not a good excuse to leave it out...

...guys the RRS BH-55 is the best, but it costs three (3) times second place, so since not many will buy it, lets not include it...

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On article Travel tripods: 5 carbon fiber kits reviewed (94 comments in total)
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JasonC66: Nice job on a thorough review! Although I wish the Really Right Stuff TQC-14 would have been included. It's about $1100 USD and does not fold to 180 degrees for storage, but I think that is a misleading attribute. These tripods seem to need to remove the head for storage, which is a pain. The TQC-14 collapsed with head on is less than 21" and 3.3 pounds total; this is a travel tripod.

I have a TVC-33 with a BH-55 head and the TQC-14. They are excellent quality, and have never failed. Yes they are expensive, but in this case IMHO you get what you pay for. I would have enjoyed seeing Mark's opinion on the Really Right Stuff TQC-14 in this comparison although there are many single reviews of this tripod on the Internet.

Thanks for pointing that out. I attempted to edit my comment shortly after posting, but for some reason there is no edit available??. I see that some can do this. I like the way the Gitzo folds up. Is this true for all of them? If so that could save you 4 to 5 inches when folded compared to the RRS TQC-14, and I can see that this is a benefit.

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On article Travel tripods: 5 carbon fiber kits reviewed (94 comments in total)
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MayaTlab0: Thanks a lot for these reviews. I've been using for a long time tripods I inherited from my grand-father - needless to say I needed an update regarding current tripod designs and this provided a little help.

Google for Thom Hogan tripod article. It's a quick read and may save you money in the long run.

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