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Correct camera name: LEIGO. Resolution in Megablocks ;-)

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Michael1000: The proposed camera is useless for left eyed shooters. Left eyed shooters can't use range finder cameras. The eyepiece is on the wrong side.

Left eye users ar 0,0001 percent of camera users, so forget this.

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Finally! The right solution for the future photographer. :-)

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VEK: Absolutely no connection til my CoolpixA900.
Even before it was slow, and rarely in function.
Now complexly unusable.

Uninstall - Reinstall solved the problem.
Why did,nt the inform?

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Absolutely no connection til my CoolpixA900.
Even before it was slow, and rarely in function.
Now complexly unusable.

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With development of mirrorless cameras I want cameras without center placed viewfinders so i do not have to press my nose to the backside.
Make alle mirrorless cameras with the viewfinders at the left side!

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On article Video: See exactly how a mechanical DSLR shutter works (91 comments in total)

As well as I know, flash sync speed is the fastest shutter speed with one curtain full open.
Shutter speed that exeeds that is with smaller and smaller slot. (Two curtains)
FP flash is "pulsing" (thus shorter light distance) all way up to 1/8000 Sek

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Since then all other manufacures try to copy the iPhone in design an functions.
What a compliment!

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Fine :-)
You just need to explain the function of the lens shadde.

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On article Nikon reportedly eliminating 1000 jobs in Japan (518 comments in total)

Japans camera industry has lost the battele solely by the lack of developing user friendly egonomics and user interface. (UI).

The giant worldwide sucess of Sony Walkmann was lost in one year to Apple, solely to the lack of design and userfriendly functions.

The camera industry quicklys removed the viewfinder to look like a phone camera.
They removed their best weapon! How stupid. (Try to use a pnone camera in sunlight)

The Menus, ergonomics and button placement is terrible on a modern cameras.
Worst user inteface are SONY products. (Often critisised here in DPR) Best are PhaseOne and new Hasselblad.

Leica came as the black horse solely for their classical simplicity.

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On article Field Test: Shooting action with the Nikon D5 (118 comments in total)

Why D-Lighting? It is only for jpg. I presume he works in Raw.

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On photo Long Beach National Park, Vancouver Island in the Canada: Pacific Coast challenge (5 comments in total)

Remember to remove the abberation green/magenta fringe, seen on the two persons at right side. :-)

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First digital camera with ar a clear, understandable well-designed Scandinavian user interrface!

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