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PhotoHawk: There are much better programs out there for editing photographs than PS Elements for the same price or less. Frankly the GIMP and Rawtherapee combination is far more capable for $149.99 USD less. If one would want a current commercial package the latest versions of Corel's products are quite a bit more comprehensive.

I'd go for Pixelmator ahead of any of those or long as I'm on a Mac that is ;)

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wictred: What people completely ignore is the fact that this is the only camera that has "smarter SMART features".

"smart was yesterday. smarter smart is the smart of tomorrow - today!"

Or one of those Smarties candy cane things you get at Christmas time. That would make fore a great spec bump.

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G3User: These images don't impress me. Camera manufactures strive to produce great images from their products and then this guys throughs a yellow instagram filter on them, very unprofessional. I would expect this from my teenage daughter but not a pro. The expressions of the 2 people at the top are not very nice, they are saying to the Frank " I have no respect for you, put that camera down".

Meditation could help, but maybe he's been sampling some of Heisenberg's product.

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mikesco: Sorry Adobe, this model may be acceptable to your corporate users, however, I doubt you will find it embraced by the hobbyist sector. I also think that you underestimate how large this sector of your user base is.
We were fine with dishing out $149 for an upgrade every other version, but to spend $20 - $40 a month indefinitely is not going to fly. We will find an alternative. This is nothing but arrogance and corporate greed.

Unfortunately, for the hobbyist they were never Adobe's target for such software. They have always looked to the creative professionals. If you mentioned that to an Adobe Executive they'd probably say that PS and Premier Elements are products for hobbyists (and they're right). There's plenty of other options for the hobbyist or enthusiasts. As for commercial users, Adobe's response would probably be "So what are they going to do? Stop using the industry standard?". The sad truth is the answer to their question is "of course not."

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noirdesir: Not too long ago, some people preferred a large format camera because composing on a big 'screen' is more precise, easier and more enjoyable. Why should composing with an iPad screen thus be something ludicrous?

Because large format cameras offer superior quality photos over their small 35mm brothers. This you get a nice big viewfinder with no quality benefits. In fact, since its camera assembly is not as good as the iPhone 4S or 5, the IQ is actually a step down.

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nelsonal: GIMP might actually be ready to absorb all the disgruntled adobe users now.

Gimp?.....really? PS Elements would be a better alternative for most people. Pixelmator is probably the closest of any competitor IMO, but it's still waaaayyyyyy far off to actually absorbing disgruntled Adobe users. However, if said users are satisfied with GIMP then I'd questions why they felt they NEEDED PS in the first place.

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Tome gun: As a newbie, I have a question. I have Aperture, Lightroom 4 and Elements 10. Can Elements 11 now replace them all?

Lots of great advice being given here. To be honest, as a newbie, you may not even notice the differences between Aperture and Lightroom until you've worked with either one extensively. The workflows are a little different, but Lightroom does have a bit nicer RAW support and PS compatibility. Aperture is a bit more simplified, in some ways, but ties in nicely to Apples ecosystem (Photostream, iPhoto, iMovie, FCPX etc.). They both produce great results, but regardless you'll eventually want an external editor for more advanced effects. My advice would be to pick a path (Aperture or Lightroom) and just go with it. Neither one is a bad choice. Currently I use Aperture because of my workflow.

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VeryKross: Really, the killer combination remains Lightroom 4 + Photoshop Elements. Use Lightroom as your organizer and [absolutely killer] RAW converter and you can then easily jump from LR to PSE with images that you want to do deeper editing with (layers, etc.). This gets you an amazingly solid workflow, stellar RAW processing, and a powerful advanced editor for a fraction of what the full Photoshop CS costs.

Agreed! Another great combo is Aperture and Pixelmator. Granted, it's more for dedicated Mac users, but I find Pixelmator sits between PSE and PS when it comes to capabilities. Plus, it usually sells for $50.00 and seems to always be on sale for $25.00. Much different UI then PSE, but much faster once you learn it.

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D1N0: Nik software also has some excellent adobe plugins. Hopefully these will not suffer.

I'm torn. Should I purchase the Complete Collection now for $299.99 or should I wait and see if there are price cuts because of this?

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Why do people keep reporting that Snapseed is a competitor to Instagram? Snapseed is a standalone photo editor like iPhoto or Filterstorm, and not a social network that happens to have photo filters.

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ianimal: Now I understand where Sony got the idea for the RX1 (and the price). That said, I really like the RX1 :)

Well........what about my f2 FF tree in my backyard?

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Rumle: How sad really. Hasselblad is ruining there rep here in my opinion. The pictured camera looks like its gonna be a A99 Hassy version. Design looks Retro vs Spacy in a horrible combination. If it doesn't offer any advantages over the A99.... Why, why WHY, would any one buy that ****.

I feel sort of offended I guess. Asking 6500 cash for a rebranded NEX-7 is really stretching it. Not even Leica could pull that off.

Hassleblad has (had) a good reputation. But really, they never been Leica class, honestly and trying to pull this stunt off is.... I dont know... get a grip folks (at hassy that is)

I agree, but only IF it's a repack. This is just a picture. What if it's a giant step up from an A99? Maybe it will be a nice middle ground between an A99 and a real Hassleblad. Who wouldn't want that? That's what I'm hoping for. Sony's camera division has really been delivering leading up to this annoucement so who knows. This might be another good thing or a big expensive fail. We'll just need to wait and see.

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Graystar: They both look like crap. I don't understand...why even bother with these?? No lens reviews but you're comparing lousy camera phones. Just doesn't make sense.

The fact of the matter is that most people (myself included) are not hauling around their DSLR, or even point and shoot, everywhere they go. I'd rather get the shot with slightly lower quality then a point and shoot then have no shot at all! Remember that this site is for EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER and not just the gear snobs. It's a tough job so I'd give these guys a bit more respect.

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