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On article Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review (885 comments in total)

To make an informed decision it is best to read the opinions of other reviewers. says "The Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II is arguably the most satisfying all-round camera I've tested to date, whether DSLR or mirrorless.".

He has landscapes comparing the 16MP to the High res mode. Please take a look and make prints for yourself. I have had printed a 24"x36" of one of them in both modes. Yes, the hires is a bit sharper. But I found my eye must be within 10 inches of the print to see the improvement. At a normal viewing distance for this print size no one would notice.

So my conclusion, based on actually bothering to make a 24"x36" print of a Cameralabs image, is that sharpness beyond 16MP will never be noticed in a huge 2'x3' landscape hanging on a wall. Few of you will print larger than this. To be wanting even more sharpness is like shopping for a new car with a microscope to see which car has the smoothest paint.

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No 64 bit for PC users. Adobe knows 64 bit support is needed by some of us because they give the reason when they say the MAC version has it:

64-bit support for Mac – Allows for more efficient use of your computers’ built in memory, maximizing performance and enabling larger image files and videos to be edited quickly.

I see no reason to upgrade from my elements 9. I do large panoramas and without 64 bit support I often run out of RAM. So I guess to get 64 bit I have to either subscribe to Photoshop or try the competition (Paintshop Pro). What a huge marketing risk by adobe because I, and others, may try and really like the 64 bit Paintshop Pro. If so, it is goodby Adobe. The Paintshop Pro folks must be celebrating this, in my opinion, marketing mistake, this embrace of MAC users, and this slap in the face for PC users. Am I wrong?

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On article Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review (1197 comments in total)

The desk top image is fine, but we need more. dpreview should take full advantage of the person on their staff they hired who had the internet camera test site For each camera he tested he posted identical landscapes taken from the same spots in San Francisco and Palo alto. I have saved hundreds of his real world test images.

Lets have the Space Needle scene that dpreview has used from time to time (taken from near the Cancer Center building in Seattle) be one of the standard scenes. The present system of comparing cameras to each other by using shots of a baseball game for one camera and of a leaf laying on the grass for another is not very useful for landscape photographers.

Another site that takes the same landscape for each camera is

Dpreview did this several years ago for their review of compact zoom cameras. Each had a landscape of the Space Needle in the distance with lots of other Seattle buildings.

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