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ICPix: I wonder if it comes in a snazzy red, or, oh! wait that new Pentax yellow,...yes there are the endorphins. Hold it, you don't think the monochrome moniker applies to the body colour do you? Goodness, for shame.

Look, I get it.

Beautiful wide dynamic range, no AA handicap, clean tack sharp image. Construction beyond reproach.

But 5 mortgage payments?.... Not me, Pro's only need apply. They can generate the income to indulge. And make no mistake, this is an extraordinarily self-indulgent and self-referential camera.

88SAL, I have four Leitz lenses and I am jealous!

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On article Leica M-Monochrom Hands-on Preview (451 comments in total)
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liptonius: I am not impressed.
My GF1 brings me just as good pictures with my Nikon 35 F-.1.4 lens.

When someone says, "I could do a better job with a Kodak Brownie", just get up and leave.
- Camera 35 magazine, 1980s.

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Gadgety: How about a firmware update to silence the criticism of slow autofocus?

Sorry, that wan't meant for you, Alberto. It was meant for Gadgetry.

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Gadgety: How about a firmware update to silence the criticism of slow autofocus?

How about playing squat tag on a cactus patch, Alberto?

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UnChatNoir: Clearly the X-Pro1 may not be a winner on this forum even not after this firmware update. Nevertheless, I love to see that the IQ is on par with a D700 or 5D. That it surpasses the M9 in IQ including glass; some finally admit it. I love to see conclusions here and there that the AF-behavior isn't so different from f.i. the 5D MKii. Most mid-class DSLR's btw let you assume it's possible to focus under very low light conditions until the results are being revealed. I love to see how the X-Pro1 allows to pass the magic iso 6400-limit still delivering very exploitable results. Where are the DSLR's that can do the same without colorized noise? The other famous EVIL's? The far overpriced M9's at this point? The truth is this isn't just a camera for the P&S-crowd, gadget freaks or spec-geeks but for true photographers. Most of all, I love to see that Fujifilm is updating firmwares even more then after a year, re: X100. Something again not too obvious for some of the far superior competitors!

The X-Pro1 could take on the D4, D800 and 5D MkIII. It is the M3 of our generation. But that DAMNED AF PROBLEM just drags it down. I put a Kipon M adaptor on my X-Pro1 and shot with a 1974 Tele-Elmarit f2.8 90mm lens. Probably the best and sharpest images that I have ever shot. . At 6,400 ISO it is like shooting at 400. . But the focusing NEEDS fixing!

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jtwz8975: The updates went great on my X-Pro1. After reading about 1000 forum comments over the last month I have concluded that most of the naysayers out there are arm-chair-generals who have never even held the camera or owned one, (or they're just whiners). AF is a little slow compared to my D700 but only in some situations. I'm sure it will get faster with future updates however in the meantime I have gotten several action shots of my kids after only a days practice. I'm lovin' the IQ on this thing and the lightweight rangefinder handling is so refreshing.

Sorry, but the focusing is dreadful on this camera. I shoot about 100 images a day and I have had focus problems in both AF modes. When it focuses, it is probably the best digital camera ever made, and I am not exaggerating that point. But in a crucial moment, it is scary and not fully reliable. With subsequent firmware updates it will eclipse the Sony NEX series. Until then, potential guarantees nothing.

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Jogger: This is why FujiFilm is still in business and Kodak is in Chapter 11.

Fuji also has a reputation for their lenses. In medium format, Fujinon lenses rival any of the European lenses. Rumour has it that Fuji has its sites on Nikon as the number two behind Canon. That said, the X-Pro1 may well be the weak link of many new cameras to come. If Fuji makes a full frame with this new non-Bayer chip formation, it will change everything.

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I am seriously thinking of this camera too. I use Leica M lenses and this seems to be answer. However, it seems the Fuji is offering an EVIL (or HVIL) camera in February. Quality loss is not a problem, it seems, with adaptors of this sort. Keep your powder dry, read as many reviews as you can and give the NEX 7 a test drive at your camera store.

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