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starwolfy: Wow...too much of "this is a poor camera even I've never touched it" here.
Kind of pathetic, even more since I was in the past an adopter of the first NX10...which was an excellent camera in every point: lenses lineup, reliability, ergonomics.
The only problem for chart geeks was the lack of high iso performance...which was adressed by a new sensor some time ago and which is now simply brilliant.
It is brilliant at base iso and just "slightly' behind the Sony one at high iso, which is praised worldwide ! That is something if you know that this is just the first 100% Samsung made sensor...
This Samsung lineup is just the best kept-secret of mirrorless photography. The only reason I quit the system was to switch to Leica for a complete different kind of camera.

Timmbits: Calm down. I own an NX100 with the optional EVF and flash. The thing I like about the camera is the fact that it's modular. If I want a point and shoot with excellent performance snap on the 30mm,f/2 and slip it into my pocket. If I want all the bells and whistles I bring my camerabag with lenses, EVF, flash etc.

The lack of EVF connector is actually a set back. I didn't expect one, as it hasn't been present since the NX100. But that didn't stop me from hoping.

Sure, I could go for the NX30, but then I loose the portability. I want my cake and eat it too!

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whtchocla7e: Someone please tell me you can attach an EVF to this thing because I'm starting to lose all faith in Samsung.

Doesn't look like it. If you look at the NX100 it has a connector below the hot shoe. This connector is for the EVF. The later models lack this connector.

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