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So this guy earns $50,000 a year from doing weddings.
He pays out for expenses $43,000 a year.

He's already said he does other things during the other 8 months.

So, the wedding side of his business is only for 4 months, or 1/3rd of a year.
So really his expenses from doing weddings is only $43,000/3= $14,334 a year.

This leaves a profit of £50,000-$14,334=$35,666 from weddings.
20 weddings / $35,666 = $1783.30 profit per wedding.

She may have a point.


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I tried this out a couple of months ago and didn't like it then so this upgrade, if you can call it that, won't be worth the download to even try again.
Have only heard good reviews about Iview MediaPro, pity I was never able to try it out.
For now I will continue with IdImager, still not perfect but better than the rest IMO.

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