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micahmedia: This STM focus business sounds like an excellent idea for the type of people who are into hacking mirroless cams to make compelling cinema-esque film.

Otherwise, it seems like a pisspoor decision to put slow AF on an expensive camera aimed at the low end of the market.

STM is designed mainly for filming though.

If you want fast AF you can always use a lens with USM.

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topstuff: All the months, years of waiting.

All of the benefit of not being first, and being able to watch and learn as your competitors go to market before you do.

And then, after all this, the end result is utterly boring and utterly predictable.

There is no innovation here.

Very disappointing. Canon have become very, very conservative and in the long term I think this will hurt them.

Lol most people probably use innovate as a synonym for "new".

In truth it IS a synonym for new but I think innovation goes beyond just new things.

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