Stan Disbrow

Lives in United States Raleigh USA, NC, United States
Works as a Electrical Engineer
Joined on Jun 22, 2000
About me:

Equipment List

I shoot with Nikon, Canon and Kodak equipment, using Nikon, Canon, Zeiss and Leica

I'm not very active around here these days. Back in 2000, I was learning a lot about this
new medium, and how best to shoot and process with it. After that, I hung around to
'pay it
forward'. Now, there's more than enough help out there where I no longer feel it
necessary to show up day-in and day-out to see who needs what in the way of help.

Besides, I do so tire of the constant Nikon vs Canon warfare threads and posts. I'll tell
all something: There's not enough difference between the two systems to matter - I
as I use them both. ;)

The best advice I can give anyone is to just shut up about brand names and shoot with
whatever you have at the moment! ;) ;)

Current Gear:

Kodak DCS 560 (aka Canon D6000, predates the 30D)
Kodak DCS 760 (Digital version of the F5)
Kodak DCS 720x (Hi-ISO variant)

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