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  • The Nikon Noct (manual focus) renders even better than this lens & better than the Leica Noctilux, & costs less even at the current high prices.

  • Is the Nissin reliable though? I've heard about too many reliability issues especially with off-camera flash control with the Nissin.

  • Commented on photo Ruby Red Dress in the High key portrait with RED challenge

    This is not high key....which goes to show the ignorance of the voters & why such dpreview "contests" are a sad joke.

  • Replied in Again?
    Again an attempt at shutting down replies....& deviating from the topic? Have a cold beer & calm down; & rewatch that video while you're at it ;-) The fact remains you have purposefully ...
  • Replied in Nice try ;-)
    Nice try at shutting down any reply to your misbased claims & to deviate from the actual topic.....close but no prize for you ;-)
  • Replied in Good
    That's good Robert, because you won't be writing any more blatantly false interpretations of what that guy said in a video. Do you enjoy ascribing more of your blatantly false interpretations to ...
  • YouTube is not for you then. You simply can not post a video where you just say an adapter doesn't work & that's it, "2-3 minutes & it's done" type of thing; your credibility would be lost in a ...
  • Really? No you didn't watch the video, yet you felt compelled to call the kettle black & come & whine. You missed the part where photographers can get their camera fried by an adapter, & you call ...
  • Watch the video first Mr. Snowflake :-P Seriously: it's all in there.
  • Warning: the new Fotodiox Nikon to Sony E-mount Fusion may KILL your Sony camera . Jason Lanier posted a YouTube video where the Fotodiox Fusion (Nikon adapter) not only worked really badly, but ...
  • Also better design, as well as (more importantly) increased battery life through eccentric shape, all thanks to Apple it seems.

  • Pence's graceful response shows he doesn't need to" get use(d) to it", the attitude & mindset he adopted is commendable IMO, whether one likes the man or not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q4Pt- ...
  • .....or rather, misbased petty fear-mongering, even though that was not the place & time: all part of Free Speech. The President-Elect's reply also happens to be Free Speech.
  • Replied in No, that's....
    ....downright "misbased", to put it very mildly. Secondhand prices of SONY A7xx cameras have increased all over the EU (& apparently the US), way before Brexit &/or the US election process. I've ...
  • Replied in price
    Yep, I've noticed secondhand A7II ebay UK (as well as ebay DE/Germany) prices rising in the last months. Maybe it's SONY cameras' popularity? The adaptability potential of the A7II & A7RII cameras ...
  • Couldn't agree more. Of course that assumes those who kept the lenses, as well as those who returned them, know how to test properly, precisely & rigorously......
  • ....or just in bad faith? Are you really that gullible that you let the mainstream media (aptly called "lamestream" by some people) feed you all that gibberish & lies about the Trump campaign? That ...
  • Replied in Bofo the buffoon
    wailing expert.....would be nice if the Japanese could adopt similar strategies :-D
  • Replied in Strange
    Strange of you to defend a murderer by proxy.
  • It's about time you scrapped that PC monitor anyway

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