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I always wanted the picture viewer in threads to be able to show pictures in their native size, especially for panoramas.

I know things need updating but dpreview is outstanding as it is. I wish the developers well (with the two million feature requests here) and hope the switchover & support isn't too painful.

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Superka: Ok, we''ll wait for a man on Mars, with Canon.

Another consideration is radiation from the sun with no atmosphere to block it. Not that long ago, just going into our outer atmosphere, NASA had to use very old computer processors like 286 chips when the Pentium was out because it's die was larger and it could withstand being bombarded by large particles better. I imagine the use of the 2MP cameras wasn't just because of the data issues.

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Let's see, that's 20 MP per KG, uses more power than my TV, and produces enough heat to fry 1 egg with each picture taken. I just realized if I use bailing wire on the one I'm building, it will cut all of those numbers in half --or more.

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