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Oops I got in the background when they were filming.

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beavertown: Hi Dpreview, how could you not include the DL?

Please read the following - https://www.dpreview.com/news/6864148000/nikon-cancels-dl-compact-series-citing-high-development-cost

Sad, because Nikon had a promising line up.

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Hen3ry: Direct battery charge in camera? WONDERFUL -- wish I had it in my GX7. Why? NO MORE POCKETFUL OF EXTRA BATTERIES!!!

Instead, you buy one regular power pack you might buy for your phone, and even a small one like I have will charge your camera three or four times. Get a big one, and you get twice that number of charges out of it.

You can even take pictures while it is charging.


I did not know that the camera will charge whilst on! I have a few powerbanks which charge 1 amp from one USB socket, 2 amp from the other USB (1 amp if both USB sockets are in use). I also have one genuine spare battery, with another battery ordered before I saw this post. So I will 3 batteries in total. My TZ100 can consume battery power if using 4K mode.

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Hysterical Paroxysm: The major disadvantage to this is how ugly it is... ugh! Reminds me of those hideous Olympus point and shoots of the 80s... the ones with the motorised zooms. Cameras should be sexy... how can we love them otherwise? Carrying this Lumix around must be like going out with a girl with acne... embarrassing.

I prefer form with function. If the function is poor, no matter how good it looks, it would be like a paper weight. I have the TZ100 and it handles fine. This camera takes good pictures with practice. I bought this camera at £120 cheaper than the going rate at The Photography Show, and looks were not top of my wish list.

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On article Canon Rebel T3i / EOS 600D Review (14 comments in total)

I have had this camera for over 2 years. The video works very well for exposure, especially in difficult lighting areas. The problem is the focus is slow and hunts. It is best to use it in manual mode and with fairly fast lenses. This was an upgrade to EOS 350, but I only use 2 of the lenses I used before with the 600D - Canon EF 50mm 1.8 and Sigma 70-300 mm. Photos are good and the lens profile works well with the Canon lenses I have. Profile does not work with non-Canon lense like my sigma 17-70 2.8-4 and the 70-300mm. I have also bought a Canon 10-18mm wide angle lens to add to the 18-55 is and 55-250 is lens, plus the lenses mentioned earlier.
I had to buy Nissin flashes as the Sigma 500 flash is not compatible, even after being sent to Sigma for a fix.
The worst issue is the slow focus in live view. Fast lenses are better, but it is best to go manual or use the view finder. I was think of getting the 700D, but not sure if it is worth it, even with the upgrades.

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As most of the posters have already said, Jessops got too big with too many outlets. I did buy from them, but only if the price was right! I prefer Microglobe a small retailer who are very competitive and the staff know the products. I also preferred Jacobs who had very knowledgeable staff. To see two large camera stores that were based opposite each disappear is sad, but the sign of current times.
The last camera I bought was a Panasonic TZ30 from Comet - another major store that folded in December 2012. I bought that camera during their closing down sale at a cheap price, and still got the £35 cashback on top!
In the UK now, the only major UK retailer selling cameras is Currys/PC World. They were actually selling some cameras cheaper than Jessops!
Another problem is that most a lot of people use their mobile phone cameras as their only camera. This means that compact camera sales will/have suffered. Most use the pictures for social sites, so the convenience of uploading is there.

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