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I for one appreciate the updates Fuji are doing, unlike some other brands that release a product , realise its rubbish then rather than fix things bring out a new version instead costing people a fortune ( apple's iphone anyone !). Fuji have listened to customer feedback and understood there needs and acted on it improving what is already a fantastic camera. Icing on the cake now would be to expand Bracketing to 5-7 shots and +3/-3 and i'll die happy

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ahhh thank heavens for warez sites..oops did i say that aloud :P

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what people fail to realise is these are taken by a pro tog, they are snapshots giving some idea of the cameras ability. images are nice and sharp, good colour range and depsite a few flaws most of these are more related to poor PP than the camera itself. yes theres still some clipping issues with the xtrans sensor when using adobe to convert but this is hardly the cameras fault.
as an X-E1 owner since its UK release ive compared side by side in depth and magnified images taken on the fuji compared to those taken on my old Canon DSLR and can quite happily say the Fuji images are of a better quality.
As with most DSLRS now you can pick them up and start shooting within 5 minutes, the FUJI X series you need to learn how to get the most out of it, and that in one respect is whats so appealing about them. and once learned you really begin to get a feel for what these amazing cameras can do.

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puzzled as to why my name isnt up there :P

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so want the 10-24. loved my ultra wide 10-20 sigma on my old canon 500D.. must have lens for me but i bet it wont be cheap!

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have owned the x-e1 since Uk release in Novmber. Purchased with the outstanding 18-55 kit lens. I previously owned a canon 500D with 5 lenses and sold the lot to buy this and havent looked back since. Yes the camera is slower paced, its meant to be rather than being a spray and pray shooter its designed for a little consideration and patience. with an amazing level of bracketing options, outstanding jpegs, whisper quiet operation and a joy to use i certainly wouldnt trade it in for anything else. you can find samples of my work done with it here

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No support for Fuji X series pftttttt

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no support for Fuji X series pftttttttt

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already have the X-E1 with 18-55, and with one of the shots taken with it just won and recieved a Fuji XP170 from fujifilm cmpetition. X-E1, sublime to use and amazing colour renditions. now just need adobe to sort out ACR to fully support RAF and then its job done

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i have the x-e1 and 18-55 kit lens and after trading in my 500D with 5 lenses, tripod, flash and a plethora of other extras ive been using the fuji and kit lens for 2 weeks or so now and dont regret it. The bokeh on the 18-55 is excellent and image quality across the range fantastic. reallt the only lens i miss from my old canon is the 10-20 so saving up and looking forward to the release next year of fuji's 10-24. though the 14mm sounds a good option its just not wide enough to be classed as ultrawide for me and doesnt warrant the epense over the 10-24mm

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