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  • We all know that any market leader may not be in that position forever. That doesn't change the fact, that the company in question is the current market leader, though. And in Canon's case, they've...

  • I guess that's exactly what Canon wants. The camera makers want us to follow the "upgrade path" and buy the next model that sits above our current one. So the 6D II is meant for people upgrading...

  • Upgraders have become relatively more important as the camera market has shrunk in recent years. The entry-level buyers aren't coming in droves anymore.

  • Yes, different browsers handle images differently. I believe it's mostly related to colour, and whether the browser supports the colour space of an image.

  • "Just shows how empty pure gear reviews are, they say nothing about the potential of equipment when paired with photographic knowledge."

    I suspect that the holy grail for many forum gearheads (and...

  • The difference in FoV between the wide and tele ends is larger on the 18-135mm lens, which is another way of expressing what Patco said above.
    The range expressed in mm isn't that relevant here,...

  • One has to wonder, though, what is the point of having these different regional names? And only for some models, not all of them. Panasonic does the same thing, so it's not just a Canon...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    "DPR admits that the 6D Mark II is a better camera than the 6D in nearly every respect, so what gives?"

    The 6D entered a much less competitive market, and was a relatively stronger offering back...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    "Luckily, we are moving towards a world where photographers will be able to focus on the most important thing: capturing the moment. Just point, frame and shoot. Everything "technical", we will be...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    The moment in time is of course the time of publication. DPR is comparing cameras against competing models that are available at that time, as I think most reviewers are doing.

  • Basically, Canon has three naming schemes for DSLRs below the 80D level. They're called Rebel in the Americas, Kiss in Japan and xxxD/xxxxD in the rest of the world.
    The 77D is an exception; it's...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    The 6D2 has a unique sensor not used in any other camera. You don't spend development money like that on a product intentionally designed not to sell, in the hope that it will boost sales of some...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    I believe cameras aren't scored against their predecessors, but against the current competition. A camera can be better overall than it's predecessor, but still get a lower score because it fares...

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    Canon's market share has increased, and now almost half of all system cameras sold are made by Canon. But no thanks to the 6D II, I guess. It's a very lacklustre effort.

  • Commented on article Canon EOS 6D Mark II Review

    But if they still sell tons of them, doesn't that mean that consumers don't care, either? People vote with their wallets, and if they keep buying them, the manufacturer will keep making them.

  • Ben didn't even write "M lenses", but "EF-M lenses", which is what Canon calls them.

  • "Which includes Canon eos-m btw, and makes Nikon's lack of anything mirrorless as Nikon-1 dies a glaring deficiency."

    Yes. Canon's market share has increased recently, despite the fact that DSLR...

  • Yep, Canon's lens mount and the lenses made for it are called EF-M, while the bodies are called EOS M.

  • With the latest generation of Canon sensors (which the new 6D2 apparently hasn't been equipped with), there really isn't much between them in real-world use. Certainly not so much as to be more...

  • "I cannot see how they are going to continue to survive catering to an extremely niche amount of consumers."

    Maybe because that "luxury" niche is more stable than the consumer mass market, and...

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