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ovlov: I guess that's $60,000 that wasn't used for medical research that might have helped many children.

You could say that about any money spent on doing something nice for people who are sick or disabled, but surely they deserve some joy and happiness in their daily life too?

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Jefftan: For this price range best camera to buy is still Sony A6000/A5100

but if one insist on having new camera Canon M100 is better than this
at least one get dual pixel and 24MP

not this outdated 5 years old 16MP sensor
both Olympus/Panasonic is guilty of this
insist of using outdated sensor

with camera like this, no wonder smartphone is taking over
just look at these pics, many can be taken with smartphone and no one can tell the difference

I highly doubt the sensor is five years old. Sony doesn't produce the old sensor from the original E-M5 anymore. They announced a 2nd generation 16 Mp sensor at the same time as the 20 Mp one.

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mick232: In other news, Sony is planning to open a new factory for CRT TVs and VCRs.

Not really the same thing at all. CRT TVs and VHS players are already obsolete technology, and mass production ceased many years ago.
The DSLR market, although slowly shrinking, is still 2-3 times as large as the mirrorless ILC market, and DSLRs are still competitive in terms of usability, image quality and AF (in Canon's case, even live view and video AF).

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Alp Oguz: After reading title, I have not read the rest. Bit depth is of course related with the number of colors you record.

Yes, read it and you'll understand. Talk about judging a book by its cover.

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Tom Holly: "1 inch" is the stupidest most-misleading format name ever.

It's neither more nor less stupid than 1/2.3", 1/1.7", 2/3" or 4/3". They're all based on the diameter of old video camera tubes, and are approximately 1.5x the true diagonal of the image sensor.

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earthisle: Why doesn't Canon include a viewfinder in these cameras? Do they believe there are mirrorless camera buyers who don't want a viewfinder?

For the same reason the other camera manufacturers don't include an EVF in their entry-level models either. Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic and Nikon have all made mirrorless cameras without viewfinders.

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CallumG: See that Nikon/Canon? That's how you make existing customers happy, and maintain brand loyalty. Panasonic and Fuji have it down.

Panasonic's market share has decreased rather dramatically in recent years, at least in Japan. And Canon's has increased. Brand loyalty doesn't seem to be very well correlated with the quality of firmware updates.

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zakaria: If this sensor is sony made i hope k1 successor get it .this sensor when using with pentax pixel shift system will give Pentax users a MF camera at dslr dress.

Thom Hogan thinks that the sensor is based on a Sony Exmor design, but with major modifications by Nikon.

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MrBrightSide: Tried to hide the vastly superior Pentax full framer by mentioning it last. Typical.

Keep in mind that the premise of this article isn't that you're making a choice between buying the D850 and buying one of the other cameras. The premise is that you already own the other camera, and are considering replacing it with the D850.
And considering that Pentax has a much smaller market share than Nikon, Canon or Sony, there are likely far fewer K-1 users than users of the other cameras mentioned, who are asking themselves if they should buy a D850. So, given that, why wouldn't DPR mention it last?

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peeyaj: Is there a Nikon (and the D850 for that matter) that has On-Sensor PDAF or any equivalent to Canon's dual pixel?

Actually, I have read somewhere that the Nikon 1 PDAF implementation is a Nikon patent, which would explain its continued use in the J5, which has a Sony sensor (Aptina had stopped making sensors for consumer cameras by then, having been acquired by another company).

Sony also uses OSPDAF, of course, but it's my understanding that the J5 is similar to earlier Nikon 1 models and different from Sony's own variant.

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pro photo 2011: Nikon and Canon cameras somehow never look all that different; they are very boring. Can't they be more creative? If they were car makers, they would have gone out of biz a long time ago.

Isn't the photographer supposed to be the creative one? A camera is to the photographer what the brush is to the painter.

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TwoMetreBill: We got the best obsolete camera that one can buy. Nikon still thinks it's 2012.

I'm amazed that the requirements for taking a good photo have changed so much since 2012, that a camera from that year is now considered obsolete.

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zakaria: If this sensor is sony made i hope k1 successor get it .this sensor when using with pentax pixel shift system will give Pentax users a MF camera at dslr dress.

Why doubt Nikon's claim? It's a well-known fact that Nikon has designed some of the sensors they've used in the past, eg. the ones in the D3 and D4 (both manufactured by Renesas).
It seems that the doubt comes from some preconceived notion that only Sony employs engineers talented enough to design good sensors.

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peeyaj: Any word who made the sensor?

(Sony's highest mp BSI sensor is 42mp)

Some Nikon-designed sensors (eg. the D3 and D4 sensors) were manufactured by Renesas. But I think Sony owns their sensor fabs too nowadays.

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eno2: The price in USA is 3299$, that means at the current dollar to euro exchange rate: 2795 euros + VAT (19% here in Germany), and they announce it my country for 3799 euros. This is pure robbery!

They shouldn't comply if people here in Europe will start buying imports from the gray market. I think this is the only way go get around the avaricious Nikon Europe.

A very bad moue Nikon, I'm very angry with your European prices politics!

I believe Nikon's policy is to not honor the warranty of gray imports, which may be a problem in case something happens to your camera.

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cosinaphile: while this is a very cool sensor ... I need a monochrome sensor in a Fuji body
so fuji why not offer it as a direct order from the factory ? ill bet you sell millions

They surely wouldn't sell millions. The entire ILC market in 2016 was about 12 million cameras shipped globally, so Fuji aren't selling millions of any single model. And they would sell even less of a niche product like a monochrome camera.

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Boky: Canon should've used that money for R&D. They need to start making competitive cameras again.

We all know that any market leader may not be in that position forever. That doesn't change the fact, that the company in question is the current market leader, though. And in Canon's case, they've held that position in the digital camera market for, how long is it, almost two decades now? And I believe their market share is higher today than ever before, almost half of the ILC market.
So let's wait with announcing the downfall of Canon until it's a fact rather than a hypothetical future.

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DuxX: Like a 6D user I can't count 6DmkII like an upgrade. That will be pure waste of money. Probably I gonna stay with my current camera or maybe decide to buy 5DmkIV if price become low enough (2.200 - 2.500eur).

I guess that's exactly what Canon wants. The camera makers want us to follow the "upgrade path" and buy the next model that sits above our current one. So the 6D II is meant for people upgrading from APS-C, while current 6D owners are supposed to upgrade to one of the 5D models.

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Robemo: I had the chance to play wit an 80D and 6DII yesterday, both with the 70-300 IS USM II (nano). I couldn't notice any difference in AF performance between the two cameras. Did I do something wrong or did DPR have it wrong?
Either way, I wouldn't upgrade from one to the other. My supplier told me that upgraders have become big business. So many people upgrade every time a new model is introduced. Good for me so I can buy relatively new cameras cheap.

Upgraders have become relatively more important as the camera market has shrunk in recent years. The entry-level buyers aren't coming in droves anymore.

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Kharan: I don't know if it's DPR's compression messing things up, but those samples have a very strong '2010' feel to them... I owned an SL1 and it was a very nice JPEG shooter, despite the blown oranges and yellows (fantastic for many landscapes, terrible for people). These samples look drab, soft, and kind of washed out.

Yes, different browsers handle images differently. I believe it's mostly related to colour, and whether the browser supports the colour space of an image.

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