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On article Google reportedly to acquire Lytro for $40 million (166 comments in total)
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Steve in GA: I heard that Google and Apple were planning a joint-venture in real estate. They're buying California.


Considering the real estate prices in California, I think they may have to settle for Wyoming.

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SimenO1: Why did this SSD get coverage at DPR? Where is the relevance?

Photos and video require storage, that's the relevance.

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nofumble: "Increased competition ALLOWED us to LEVEL UP "

What they really meant was "Increased competition ALLOWED us to COPY them" instead of developing anything new.

So, how many cameras have truly offered something new? It's impossible to make a camera that doesn't "copy" what someone else has already done; it wouldn't be a camera anymore.

Also, Canon did develop something new with Dual Pixel AF, which is very different from the kind of on-sensor PDAF used by the other manufacturers. Not necessarily superior, but definitely different. And they are definitely one of the most innovative lens makers, it's not only about the camera bodies.

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AshMills: Feeling worried by the A7III?

Ah yes, of course, every announcement from another camera manufacturer is made out of fear of the latest Sony camera.

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LadislavCZ: Canon exec make it clear the FF mirrorless body will not come earlier then in 2020. The main reason I see they are not sure about the mount to choose for FF. You need sometime to develop specific lenses, create production lines etc. This will take at least 24 month if the decision has been made today to have at least 3-5 lenses for a start.

What I found really funny that those stories about Canon to make FF mirrorless has arised a lot right after A7 III release. I bet Canon is trying to push thru various channels to the Canon users "wait" because they are afraid and realize the Sony potential I think this might work but will backfire heavily if they screw it in 2020. Just wonder how far the patient from some Canon users can go. This is what they rely heavily on currently.

Their low end mirrorless bodies lags behind competion. I think the M50 was really a joke and insult when the 2y older A6300 offer much better package for the same price.

You need to learn marketing speak. Statements like "We are still discussing this" and "We are considering that" don't necessarily rule out the possibility that product development is well underway, and that all key decisions have already been made.

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The Squire: "... and within those parameters, the combination of 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus was not possible."

Wow. Just, wow.

Finally they give us 4K in a mid-range camera, but they have to find some way to cripple it. Unbelievable.

Every camera from every manufacturer is designed with a specific balance of features in mind, and is intended to occupy a specific place in the product lineup. Different companies may have different product differentiation strategies, but they all do it.

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On article Sigma interview: 'This is just the beginning' (339 comments in total)
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riknash: Gotta like Mr. Yamaki and the company he represents. Sigma has stepped up their optical quality in the past five years and now makes some very fine glass that is second to none.
I did find one comment he made a bit disturbing; "They [Sony] rely on distortion correction in the camera body". That's a trend I'm not entirely supportive of as it lessens the interchangeability of a lens use to a different manufacturer's camera body. Imagine if Canon lenses couldn't be adapted for use on Sony a7 bodies because the body wouldn't have the "formula" to correct the distortion? That would have limited many potential photographers from trying Sony.

Isn't lenses designed to be corrected in software pretty much standard today, at least in all the mirrorless systems? I don't think it's unique to Sony.

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Photoman: Canon Says "You pay more, you get more"

Sony Says "You can have it all and more!"

So, if you don't have to pay more to get more with Sony, why don't everyone just buy the cheapest model Sony has on offer? The A5100 has everything the A7R III has, including a FF sensor, right?

I see pretty clear product differentiation in Sony's lineup, just as with every other camera manufacturer.

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Wannon: Funny thing despite all the comments on this subject canon are probably still the most succesfull camera company in the world.

"Their DSLR marketshare is shrinking with the DSLR makret."

No, that's faulty logic. Just because the DSLR market is shrinking, it doesn't follow that Canon's share of that market is shrinking. In fact, Canon has actually managed to increase its market share, both in the DSLR market and in the ILC market as a whole. Nikon is the one that has lost market share in recent years.

Whenever someone points out that Canon is the leader in sales, someone else brings up Kodak or Nokia or some other company that lost its #1 position. We all know that nothing is guaranteed to last forever, but surely what's important right now is the current state of affairs? Canon is #1 right now and their financials are healthy. To be #2 or #3 in the market isn't automatically a better position than being #1 as some people seemingly believe.

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Chris Dodkin: Canon have a huge issue - that issue is their extensive line of EF lenses.

The EF line is the cash cow for the company - this is where they make the real money. Think about it, for every body they sell, they probably sell 3 or more lenses.

The EF line has been developed over decades, to keep backward compatibility with all previous EOS bodies, back to the film models - and this has restricted the design, format, mount, etc

If Canon choose to go mirrorless, that lens line up is not going to deliver for mirrorless bodies. The restrictions placed on design make no sense with a mirrorless body - they will be looking at building a new series of consumer and pro lenses.

So they have to kill their cash cow - which is a problem - and why they have yet to commit to mirrorless 35mm equiv cameras.

Nikon have the same issue.

All this waiting allows other companies, without the millstone of legacy system compatibility, to leapfrog them, and capture market share.

Have Canon waited too long?

Regarding the number of lenses sold relative to the number of bodies, CIPA collects data on lenses too, not just bodies. Their data is about production and shipment volumes (and value), not retail sales, but it's still indicative of sales, I think.
If I recall correctly, the number of lenses is 1.5x to 2x as many as the number of bodies, but the total value of the lenses is actually lower than the total value of the bodies. So CIPA data actually seems to contradict the oft-repeated opinion that "the money is in the lenses".

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Camera Conspiracies: We always knew Canon were crippling their cameras to not cannibalize their higher end models, but it feels weird to hear them admit it. I understand the strategy, but with Sony throwing almost everything at the a7iii, it makes Canon look so selfish now. Someone brilliant marketing by Sony on this one.

The A7 III isn't really entry-level in the same sense as the EOS M50, though. A completely different price class. Don't forget about the Sony A3000, there was a lot of crippling going on there.

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sirhawkeye64: While this doesn't really have to do with Sony vs. Samsung, I think the biggest "mistake" Sony has made is to make sensors for other people. Because more than likely, some of those designs might be better than Sony's own design, but can't use the chip designed by others (either completely designed by another company or jointly with Sony) in their (Sony's) own hardware, and thus they have to design their chip differently to attempt to compete with a chip that might very well have a better design. Nikon, I think went back to Toshiba for it's D850 chip however, so I'm not sure if future Nikon DSLRs (or mirrorless cameras if they ever release a new one) will have Sony sensors or Toshiba, or something else. That's one of the biggest "mistakes" I think Sony has made, but obviously the sensor division is different/separate from the digital camera division... but I would assume that the two coordinate when designing a new camera.

Selling sensors is much more lucrative than selling cameras, so the loss of revenue from not making sensors for others would be much larger than whatever the gain would be for Sony's own camera business. I'm not sure it would affect the sales of their cameras at all, because the general consumer aren't really buying cameras based on sensor technology. Just think about how all the complaints about Canon's sensors in photography forums apparently affects their sales numbers very little.

So, a huge loss for the semiconductor business and a minimal (at best) gain for the camera business. That sounds to me like a huge mistake.

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JochenIs: I don't understand this. The crops show a huge difference in noise. What does that have to do with dynamic range? Is this not a signal to noise ratio issue?

Well, isn't DR the difference between the saturation level and the point at which the signal is considered to be drowned by shadow noise? Less shadow noise means a wider DR.

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Lees Channel: The last time I heard this kind of rhetoric from Samsung, it was about their camera division.

Not quite the same situation, though. Samsung was never regarded as a photography brand, and their marketing did little to try to change that perception. Even great products need to be marketed properly to make inroads into a market dominated by well-known brands.

With sensors, Samsung doesn't have that problem. They are components sold to other companies, not products sold to consumers, and Samsung is a well established semiconductor manufacturer.

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dbateman: If they want to be #1, they have to get into the car market. Every car now has a back up camera and some have a front and right side camera too. The newer electric cars have even more sensors around the car. Then add in the millions of cars sold, and then you will be #1.

Not to mention security cameras and medical/industrial imaging equipment.

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CarpentersEye: Can someone explain to me why an American company can't do this? Slave shop under age kids? What? Unfair trade? USA still to much red tape and taxes? Export fees? What? Asian mafia, LOL. What?

Who wants a change? Why must the Asian world rule camera systems? The whole idea of not restricting world trade (cross sales) is WORLD wide competition. Put up or shut up. Good is as good does and per value. Why can't the USA compete? We have smart engineers? What is the problem? Make some damn great sensors!

Isn't OmniVision an American company? And there are European companies active in the image sensor market too.

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HowaboutRAW: "709.6-megapixel file to pixel peep". What's that in mega bytes, and is this guy willing to share a say 200 MB jpeg of this file?

"No one ever talks about a 100MP file."

Actually, that's the way most people talk in photography forums and, I'm sure, in real life too. Few people would say "take a look at this JPEG created from a 24 MP sensor" instead of "take a look at this 24 MP JPEG". The file size (MB) is usually only mentioned in discussions related to storage, transfer speeds or compression, but not in photographic topics.

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DiffractionLtd: Between the puff-questions in this softball game, no one asked any of the mfgs about the inexorable increase in the prices of top bodies, lenses, etc., vastly outstripping inflation?

Increasing the profit margins have been a way to lessen the impact of shrinking sales volumes as the market has contracted. It's a risky strategy, though.

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vscd: Why do they continue their SLT-cams if they think mirrors are not likely to get developed further? For me the Alpha 99x Series makes no sense after this interview.

Well, a DSLR is also another kind of mirrorless then. In live view it could take advantage of any type of new sensor tech that is put into mirrorless cameras, and it's possible to equip it with a hybrid OVF/EVF so it can be used both as a traditional DSLR and as a mirrorless camera. No one has done it, but it's possible, so it's not exactly true that cameras can only develop further without a mirror.

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On article Fujifilm X-H1 Review (1469 comments in total)
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Greg7579: Silver? What a complete joke. Totally subjective and you missed on that conclusion by a mile. Are you shooting with the same camera I have been shooting for a week? I was reading this just shaking my head and laughing out loud.
You sound like a DSLR guy (like I was for 35 years) with an agenda. But nice try and a good effort, even though you missed on the conclusion and don't seem to be familiar with the Fuji ergo, which is special in so many ways.
You also way understated the power of this IBIS with some of the best primes in the world.
And no -- you are wrong. IBIS plus OIS > OIS.
You made the XT-2 sound better and that was wrong. I have shot hundreds of thousands of images with the XT-2 and I know the truth. The XH-1 smokes it with that incredible IBIS. Your not a Fuji guy. I get it.. There are a lot of cameras out there and this one you just don't get....

Totally subjective? Yes, that's the whole point of the awards, as has explained by DPR many times. It's about the reviewer's personal opinion of the camera, and how competitive he thinks it is in the current market. It's not connected to the more objective score.
The reviewer didn't make the X-T2 sound better in absolute terms, he just stated that it was more competitive at the time of its release, than the X-H1 is today.

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