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HowaboutRAW: "The NX10 was the first mirrorless model from any manufacturer to offer an APS-C sensor (Sony's NEX system was launched later the same year),"

Well, no. That would be true, if limited to models with autofocus. But since the AF limitation isn't there: The first mirrorless APSC body is the Epson R-D1.

Putting the question aside of whether rangefinders are mirrorless or not in the literal sense, the term "mirrorless camera" began to be used after the launch of m4/3, as a convenient label for a new type of camera, namely a mirrorless ILC with electronic live view. We can of course apply the "mirrorless" label to rangefinders and fixed-lens compacts too, but they were (I believe) never referred to as such before m4/3 existed.

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HowaboutRAW: Maoby:

Being a rangefinder doesn't preclude a camera from also being mirrorless.

The Leica M8 is another mirrorless digital body that predates the Samsung NX10.

"Not, that's not part of the definition of mirrorless."

But it's what is usually meant by the term "mirrorless". IIRC, people didn't talk about mirrorless system cameras before m4/3 was launched. The Leicas were referred to as "digital rangefinders".

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NatuRaOx2: Nikon already had a crappy 10-24 why make another. Their (New) vision as a company I thought was to become a mostly high end camera company. Then the first things they put out are the d7500 and this lens. Looks like the opposite of what they said a while back. Hummmm??

By high-end they probably mean "not entry-level", and the D7500 certainly sits above that category. Also, those products were already in the pipeline, when Nikon published the new plan for the future.

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Tom_A: When one day sensor costs become trivial, a perfect travel camera sould be a classic Fuji GS645S or the GA645, with true 645 sensor. I won't even need a screen!

The cost of sensors this large will likely never be "trivial". The yield gets exponentially lower with increasing sensor size, and the production volume is very low.

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scokill: The camera is designed "partly" to meet the needs of sports photographers??? It's a sports camera. You can use it for other purposes but it IS a SPORTS camera. Unless "partly" means that there aren't lenses to support it being a SPORTS camera.

Nobody claimed that it's not a sports/action camera. It certainly is such a camera. But what we're saying is that it's not designed exclusively for sports/action, which is what DPR meant when they said that it's designed partly to meet the needs of sports photographers. As I wrote before, that doesn't mean that it's designed to meet only a part of sports photographers' needs.

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otto k: Dear Richard, it is now obvious that you are paid by Canon and Sony to be pro and against Sony and Canon, but you are really paid by Samsung and this is all a front for an unexpected twist. Trust me, it sounds better when Wahlberg science explains it.
Observant readers will ask Wait, what, and Nikon? - and to that I can only reply - Exactly!
I hope this clears things up.

I quite liked The Happening, although I was drunk during the first half of the movie, and asleep during the second half.

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xsamie: You busted Jared's 15 minutes of fame. I think this banding had to be visible in the evf before taking the photo. A simple change in shutter speed would have fixed it. Where is the full review, why make a preview on the alleged banding first.

DPR already published the full review a while ago.

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scokill: The camera is designed "partly" to meet the needs of sports photographers??? It's a sports camera. You can use it for other purposes but it IS a SPORTS camera. Unless "partly" means that there aren't lenses to support it being a SPORTS camera.

It means that it's not exclusively designed to meet sports photographers' needs, but also the needs of other types of photographer. It doesn't mean that it's designed to meet only a part of sports photographers' needs.

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beavertown: When will Nikon put the articulate screen to their D3xxx? Not only that but the Dual Pixel AF for live view.

Everyone seems to forget that Nikon was not first with on-sensor PDAF. I believe Fujifilm had it first in some of their compact cameras.
Canon was definitely first with Dual Pixel AF, though, which is unique in that the same pixels can be used for both image capture and AF, unlike the masked pixels used by Nikon and others.

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ThatCamFan: Milking FIVE generations of sony RX100 with the same sensor finally caught up? People finally realized they are buying the same image quality every time?

It's not the same sensor, though. The RX100 series has seen the transition from Exmor (FSI) to Exmor R (BSI), and then to Exmor RS (stacked BSI).

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Edmond Leung: Only two ways for Sony going to pro market:
1. Collaborate with Canon / Nikon to share their lens making technologies; or
2. Hire the people from Canon / Nikon; but too difficult for Sony to work iit out in Japan.
Without the above actions, Sony will still remain in the second tier market segment.

I'm not sure how valuable Amazon sales rankings really are as a measure of total sales. Canon now has risen to almost 50% of the global ILC market, Nikon has ~25% and is trending downwards, while Sony has ~15%.

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mandm: Just wait, Sony doesn't accept anything other than #1, they have the money and the plan to get there. The other camera companies knew this as they were developing their 1st generation of digital cameras that Sony would get in and get in big.

Sony doesn't accept anything but #1? Well, considering that they've been #3 for at least a decade now, I'd say that they do.
Ever since they released their first DSLR, there's been a string of releases, DSLR, SLT and mirrorless, many of them hailed as "CaNikon killers", and yet Sony's market share in ILC (10-15%) hasn't really grown much since those early days. Maybe their time has finally come now, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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oldfashioned: no pro sports then. still making the amateurs fork 4.5K was some marketing, hats off to Sony and the bloggers

"Jorge Pino Garcia de las Bayonas, alias A-Sign, has a great evening tonight, spreading his kind and helpful words all over this tread ... desperately. I am leaving the last 10 000 words for him! :-D"

Yeah, 461 comments in total and 100 are posted by A-Sign. What could possibly drive someone to post that many comments in the same thread?

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Impulses: Pentax aside, this seems like a bit of a stagnant category...

US list prices never include VAT, European prices always do. But even accounting for that difference, it's rarely meaningful trying to compare prices in different markets by translating currencies like that. Different market conditions dictate different prices.

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john Clinch: It does feel like we are debating how many angels we can balance on the tip of a pin.

If we are now at the point where to realise the full resolution of the sensor you need to correct lens, the correct aperture and to focus with in a set of iterations with an external monitor.

Surely we can just say that sensor resolution is adequate. Your only ever see it through luck

PS quite surprised that contrast detect auto focus can't focus the lens accurately. Presumably that will show up as a negative in the review?

As the passage you quoted says: they always use MF because AF isn't precise enough for the flat test scene. In other words, they didn't choose to use MF just with the a9, because its AF isn't up to the task; they use MF with every camera, because they all fall short in this regard.

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Jack Hogan: Is this supposed to be a 2016 survey or one for 2012? Using four year old list prices as a reference is disingenuous. For instance D750 and a7II bodies cost roughly the same today. Yet a reader of the 2016 roundup would be unaware the former, with its excellent complement of lenses, has been available for sale in this price range for some time.

The list price tells you something about the intended target market and which models the camera is meant to compete with. If the street price of a Nikon D5 was lowered to the same level as a Canon 6D, would the latter then be a more natural competitor than the 1DX II? I personally don't think so.

Street prices fluctuate too much over time, and aren't necessarily the same in different regions or at different retailers.

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Frank in Bridgewater: Surprised the Nikon entrant was not the D750, now its street price is now well under US$2K. Not grey market, but genuine US product. Looks like the price cutting might herald a successor in 2017? Eagerly looking for it, but will surely be over US$2K.

These roundups aren't based on the street price, presumably because it varies over time and depending on the region.

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TabarPix: WHY not D750 ?!!!!
It's the most perfect all round FF body in the market under 2k$ !
Just tell me ONE reason for god sake; why Not D750?!
Is this another mistake from DP?!

Why do people never read the last page of these roundups? There you'll see that the D750 is included in the +$2000 roundup.
DPR uses the suggested retail price, not the street price, which varies with time and region, and also may be different depending on the retailer.

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Rascati: Thank you for the transparency on the focusing issues, but your admissions really bring up some questions for me. 1. If ANY camera has these types of focusing issues wouldn't that be something that should show up in the "cons" section for that particular camera. Rather than stating "Camera X is sharper than we thought", shouldn't you really change the headline to read "Camera X can achieve really sharp images, but only after some trial and error to achieve best results." 2. If, as Rishi points out in some of his comments that you'll never see this issue in everyday shooting then why bother taking the time to reshoot the tests? I'm sure that the Sony A9 is a great photographic tool and if I had an extra $5-6k on me I'd buy one today, but I don't understand DP Review's need to retest this particular camera. As has been pointed out by others in the comments section they all feel that their camera should be retested with the best lens combo. Why this one? Respectfully, Randy

"Otherwise, they could have avoided this entire fiasco by letting the camera focus rather than manually focusing"

Not at all. As Rishi has explained, there's a good reason why they always focus manually when doing the studio tests.

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K1000usr: DPRreview Staff has by its arbitrary price-based Gerrymandering basically blocked any discussion of Pentax K-1 in any of its 2017 camera Roundup articles so far!

The K-1 is included in the $1200-2000 ILC full frame roundup, which hasn't been updated yet.

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