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moimoi: Trying to lose less money. Make everything in Japan => better QC!

I don't think this means that everything will be made in Japan. This is about merging the different optical engineering teams from across Nikon's business into a single division. They may still use production facilities in other countries, though.

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rialcnis: Nikon number fudging. Their first camera was in 1946. They weren't called Nikon till many years later.

They are celebrating 100 years as a company, not 100 years of camera production or 100 years of being called Nikon.

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Daft Punk: I do not doubt that deep inside Nikon there are exciting new cameras coming. Probably F Mount mirrorless loveliness.

Which makes these 100 year celebration products all the more disappointing.

It tells us perhaps that the new products which are set to define Nikon's future, just are not close to being ready yet. If they had something new up their sleeve, they would surely have used this anniversary to show it.

Its a bit disappointing.

The anniversary isn't over yet, it's still only April. A bunch of special editions that celebrates the past doesn't rule out the possibility of something new and exciting waiting in the wings.

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Glen Barrington: Has Samsung ever said WHY they are doing this? I guess I don't really care so long as *I* don't get shorted in terms of the quality of experience, but I seems like an odd thing to do.

I believe that ISOCELL is a proprietary Samsung design, so not a Sony design. It may be that Samsung's production capacity doesn't suffice, so they either outsource some of the production to Sony, or they use an existing Sony sensor with equivalent capabilities to their own ISOCELL sensor.

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wizofoz: un-dependable??? I know The Bard made up some words in his time, but that was 500 years ago and I expect standard English from a technical review. Does anyone actually proof read these things?

I guess my Merriam-Webster and Oxford English Dictionary made up the same word then. What's incorrect about "undependable"?

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Badbatz: Yep, perfect for super-wide angle, extremely multi-frame processed selfies sporting really big, "thinking" foreheads, prominent noses, and really tiny ears located in the back of the head. And it will be updated to Android 7.1 in the fall of 2018 :-)

Isn't dpreview a camera site..? Isn't Samsung G8 a phone ..?
The fact that something has a horn and a nose doesn't mean that it is a rhinoceros...

It's a digital photography site, and I think both dedicated cameras and phones with built-in cameras have a place here.

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rrccad: The update sounds like the one Samsung gave around six months before NX died.


That sounds like an episode of Soap or Arrested Development.

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Under The Sun: They could start by simplifying the naming conventions for their cameras.

It doesn't help that the GX850 is named GX800 in Europe and GF9 in Japan, and the GX85 is named GX80 in Europe and GX7 Mark II in Japan. The GX8 has the same name everywhere, though.

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snapa: If Panasonic put as much emphasis on it sensors as it did with its lenses, they would have twice the market share as they do today. There must be a balance between sensor and lens, Panasonic has great lenses, but their sensors lack, just like Olympus.
A company could have the best lenses in the world, but if the sensor behind them can’t bring out the best of the lenses, that is a problem. What ever happened to the ‘Organic Sensors’ that were supposed to revolutionize the m4/3 sensors from 1-2 years ago?
Too many resouces devoted to lenses, not enough on sensors, IMO.

"If Panasonic put as much emphasis on it sensors as it did with its lenses, they would have twice the market share as they do today."

I don't think sensors are that important a factor for camera sales to make such a big difference. General consumers aren't as fixated on the components used in the devices they buy, as the typical forum gearhead or tech journalist is. Canon has by far the largest market share, despite being the company most often critisized for "lagging behind" in sensors.

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MrALLCAPS: Time to leave the Four Thirds mount behind, Panasonic. At least when it comes to stills. Wouldn't mind seeing them do a aps-c or full frame mount, either with Leica or Fuji.

And as for the toaster/hair dryer jokes, if Panasonic were to leave photography, where do you think that leaves Olympus? Dead in the water, waiting for someone to gobble them up.

They can't afford to invest in a larger sensor/mount. In fact, if Panasonic is taking a loss in the camera division, we all know Olympus isn't doing any better, but maybe even worse.

At least Olympus hasn't lost market share, while Panasonic's has plummeted in recent years. Well, in Japan at least (according to BCN data).

I think the scaling back means that Panasonic will focus on the most successful of their current products, which is video-centric MFT cameras. So probably no APS-C or FF cameras on the horizon.

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GEONYC: It is too late, but I have to say... Why is a 24-60 "Short". I am not one of those people who thinks that 35 is great and 28 or 24 are too short. A 2x or 3x zoom is/should be sharper/better than a 5x or more zoom. And, the so called Leica lenses are not made by Leica, but by Panasonic, as are all of Leica's smaller cameras, that is why they are/look the same. Only the M/S/SL are made in Europe, in Portugal and/or Austria.

The Q and X series are also true Leica cameras made in Europe. Only the C-Lux, D-Lux and V-Lux series are rebranded Panasonic models, and it's been a while since Leica released one of those.

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Shlomo Goldwasser: Is this not the successor to the 760D? That is where the number 77 comes from. It looks like it was meant to be called 770D but they accidentally left out a zero, just like they forgot to add 4K.

It is indeed. I think it's a marketing strategy; they're now trying to sell it as a budget 80D, rather than as an upscale Rebel.

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toni2: Another DSLR without microAF? Another toy? It's time that Canon and Nikon know what are they selling...

I think they know exactly what they are selling. Features like that aren't left out by mistake.

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Antonis30: Interesting how this camera got the same score as the Canon EOS M5, 82%.Frankly due to the superior lens lineup and seemingly better sensor, I expected a higher score for the X-T20.

There's also a problem with factoring in something that is really external to the product under review. The final scores and awards would have to be continuously revised as manufacturers flesh out their lens lineups, even if the product under review remains exactly the same in its capabilities.

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racin06: Given that DPR scored the X-T2 an 86%, I believe that scoring the X-T20 a few points lower at 82% is fair. Though I can't recall how DPR determines the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. DPR scored the X100F an 83% - Gold. Therefore, I would think the X-T20 also deserves the Gold award. Anyway, regardless of the Gold or Silver award, the X-T20 is a fantastic camera and I believe DPR did a good job on the review.

"... it's only the best value in a camera you can get ...."

Yes, for you and many others, but not necessarily for everyone. Obviously not for Jeff Keller, because otherwise he'd given it the gold award. The perceived value of a product is subjective, so it's no surprise that opinions will differ.

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AbrasiveReducer: When the caption says "adjustments limited to exposure, whites, highlights, shadows and blacks" is there really that much else that can be adjusted? I guess this means no further noise or lens-related adjustments.

The photos look good and even when the sun comes out, the dynamic range looks good. I'm not sure its holding the white picket fence, but if it is, that's impressive.

"I guess this means no further noise or lens-related adjustments."

It also means no colour adjustments.

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DDWD10: It's alright, but I really think Panasonic will have to implement some form of PDAF to bring it to the next level. It will pay off in video AF too.

Imaging Resource has just published an interview with a group of Panasonic executives, in which they're asked about on-sensor PDAF. It doesn't seem like they're considering using it anytime soon.

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gonzalu: After I paid $799 for my RX-100 III , I am NOT paying $30 bucks for a feature that should be included. If it were say, $4.99? Maybe...

Basically, if you pay for a product, you get the product you payed for. If you thought something essential was missing from the product, then maybe you shouldn't have bought it, or you could have waited until the price came down to a more reasonable level.
Free upgrades and add-ons are a nice bonus, but it's not something the manufacturer owes us.

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sh10453: Instead of trying to milk their customers out of every penny, with clunky apps, Sony should include filters like this in a firmware update to their cameras.
This is just another gimmick that's not worth 30 cents.
Anyone can achieve such results with bracketing.

Put it in the firmware, Sony.
You owe it to your customers, who pay big money for your cameras.
You are not a little software house trying to make a living out of making little programs to just survive.
You are manufacturing expensive cameras!!
Shame on you, Sony.

So just because you've purchased a product that you think is too expensive, the manufacturer owes you something more than what you paid for?

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random78: Olympus often seems to get more limelight in the history of Micro-Four Thirds and mirrorless. However I think the real breakthrough product was the Panasonic G1. Obviously it was the first mirrorless camera, but also it had three important features which ensured that mirrorless will be taken as a serious camera system rather than a glorified P&S. First it offered an EVF experience which was a credible alternative to OVF. The EVFs before G1 were extremely poor whereas G1 had an amazing EVF for that time. Second it had a pretty fast AF in single shot. Third it had a full set of controls expected by DSLR users. The E-P1 from Olympus didn't have any of these features. I am pretty sure that if it was the first mirrorless instead of G1, it would have been dismissed by most reviewers as a 'P&S' camera with a large sensor which did not have what it takes to meet the needs of a 'serious' photographer. G1 ensured that people viewed mirrorless as mini-DSLR, rather than big P&S.

I'm not so sure that the fact that Panasonic was first to market with a MFT camera, necessarily means that they took a more leading role in the development of the MFT standard. The original announcement of MFT stated that both companies would develop products compliant with the standard, and nothing in the announcement suggested that one of the companies took a more leading role than the other.

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