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On article 2015 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras around $500 (277 comments in total)
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Lan: The J5's sensor is the surprise/revelation for me - based on the studio comparison in isolation it's a very good performer; not far behind the APS-C sensor in the Sony. That's quite an achievement for a 1" sensor!

Thom Hogan thinks it's a Sony sensor too. Aptina doesn't make sensors for cameras anymore, since they were bought by a company that mainly makes sensors for automotive applications.

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samhain: I bet a full frame x100 would get those sales back up...

A full frame X100 would be in the same price range as the Sony RX1R. Hardly a high volume product, and definitely not the kind of product that would bring back the general non-enthusiast consumer to the digital camera market.

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Zvonimir Tosic: Indeed, how much they can sell of the same?

Year by year sales figures for imaging industry is a total nonsense of a benchmark, because it is obvious that industry follows some cycles of new development, and then renewed sales in some areas. Every undergraduate knows that corresponds to some sort of sine function graph.

So who really cares how much camera sales are down if sales will pick up again in a few years, with next-gen of tech, new wave of users, etc?

We haven't seen any such cycles in the digital camera market so far. Rather, we've seen steady growth for more than a decade, followed by a steep decline (for compact cameras almost a free fall) since 2012. And interestingly, the growing strength of the emerging markets hasn't done anything to mitigate that decline. The camera market is shrinking everywhere.

I have no idea what is necessary to renew growth in the camera market, but none of the current products suggest that the manufacturers are on the right track.

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juvx: Looks like EVERY Nikon sensor will be made by Sony now.

No, Nikon doesn't only "tweak" Sony sensors. They designed their own sensors for the D3/s and D4/s, as well as the 24 MP sensor in the D3200. All of which were manufactured by Renesas.

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ThomasH_always: This is a shockingly tiny, outright microscopic amount. Just think of Apple's multi-billion spending for some no-name headsets called, Bits or Bids, whatever.

I would rather expect a price in the range of 50 Billion. Even than this would be bargain for Sony.

This isn't just related to cameras. Most sensors are made for smart devices, industrial and medical equipment, security cameras etc. Anyway, without knowing the size of Toshiba's business, we can only guess at a reasonable price tag.

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T3: I just wonder if there's really enough of a market for another big, chunky FF DSLR at a time when FF mirrorless is coming into play. We're at the beginning of an inflection point in the camera market. Pentax may be a little too late to the game with this FF DSLR product line. I think it would have been a lot more interesting, and future-forward of Pentax to have introduced a FF mirrorless body instead.

It's sometimes suggested that the main reason for the current decline in camera sales, is market saturation. I don't think it is, because the emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America can hardly have reached the same level of household penetration as the Western European, Japanese and North American markets.
I really think that the smartphone is the culprit, because it has conquered both the established and the emerging markets. More and more people decide that a dedicated camera simply isn't necessary, and that a smartphone is good enough for them.

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On article Hands-on with Canon's new PowerShot G5 X, G9 X compacts (148 comments in total)
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NYCman530: Considering the fact that the G5 X and the G7 X both have one inch sensors and same focal length and fast lens 1.8-2.8, are there other factors that make a difference in image quality? I am impressed with the good quality EVF that was added to the G5 X . Looks ergonomic with a decent grip, but like the G7 X, battery life could be better.

I don't think we should expect any IQ differences. The G5 X and G7 X are differentiated by their ergonomics and handling, and the EVF.

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On article Sony Alpha 7R II Review (2161 comments in total)
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Shiranai: What I dislike in Sony is, that you're basically paying a huge 3.2K for a camera that will be replaced in just 1 year. Same as the R II replaced the R in roughly 1 year. That would totally annoy me if I bought a flagship which is rendered old after such short time.

With Canon, Nikon and all the others you have at least around 3 years till they replace their (flagship) models.
I mean take the 5DMk2 (2009) and the 5DMk3 which came 2012, 3 years later. And we're still waiting for a Mk4.

And I think this is better, because you don't want to pay a sh*tload of money for something that ages as fast as your smartphone.

A camera doesn't need to be replaced as soon as a new model is released, and there's no reason to get angered. You use your camera until it breaks, or no longer is sufficient for what you want to do. Do your requirements change so fast, so that you always need to have the very latest features?

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Jayi: would Sigma's own 24mm be obsolete now the 20mm is out? Especially at this day and age when megapixel battle is a thing again.

Would a 50mm lens become obsolete upon release of a new 35mm lens? That's the difference in AoV we're talking about.

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GlennKoehler: This leaves me wondering why they bothered developing a 24mm version at all?

Think in terms of angle of view. The difference between 20mm and 24mm is 15 degrees, i.e. roughly the same as between 35mm and 50mm.

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On article Second time lucky? A closer look at Sony's new RX1R II (542 comments in total)
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jesus_freak: It's puzzling why Sony is so dead set against touchscreens, yet so innovative in many other areas..

I recall having read an interview with a Sony executive, who said that they regard touchscreens as a consumer feature, that isn't needed in high-end models.

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On article Second time lucky? A closer look at Sony's new RX1R II (542 comments in total)
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s_grins: EVF that does not inspire, and does not belong here
Fixed lens makes camera suitable for studio only

Having the EVF placed along the optical axis does make a difference, but it has nothing to do with what you see in the EVF. It's about the handling of the camera when used with a large or heavy lens. You simply have a more stable hold of the camera when you hold it directly in front of your face, rather than slightly to the side.
This was the reason Sony cited for placing the EVF in the centre on the A7 series, and Fuji said the same thing regarding the X-T1. It might not make much of a difference with a camera like the RX1R, though.

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Light Pilgrim: I do not know a lot about Sony system. This looks like a very expensive camera. Does it have exchangeable lenses or it is only 35 mm? Hope it is not, I would not be able to undestand how it cost so much and only have 1 lens.

Shouldn't a camera body plus a high quality lens cost more than a body without a lens? What would an A7R II plus a comparable lens cost you?

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MikeFairbanks: How is this all that different from the EOS-M3?

I'm confused. (and, no, I'm not trying to be a wise guy).

Different sensor, slower AF, inferior build quality and ergonomics.

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mpgxsvcd: "Canon has dropped a trio of new cameras on the world - one mirrorless and two fixed lens"

Aren't all three of the cameras mirrorless? One of them is interchangeable lens and the other two are fixed lens.

'Mirrorless camera' is nowadays almost exclusively used as a short form for 'mirrorless interchangeable lens camera'. And it's really not necessary to talk about mirrorless fixed-lens cameras, since there are no fixed-lens DSLRs that they'd need to be distinguished from.

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On article Light L16 packs 16 cameras into a single portable body (399 comments in total)
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RedFox88: $1300 is a joke. People would basically have to carry around something the size of a large smart phone that isn't a phone. And they'd be taking 15 times too many photos. Because in the end there's only one best photo.

New technology (or a clever use of existing technology) means high R&D costs. Combine that with a low volume product, and it inevitably ends up being rather expensive.

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On article Light L16 packs 16 cameras into a single portable body (399 comments in total)
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maxola67: Just imagine that - 16 shots at once!
Probability increasing in 16 times you would make great shot!)
It's for lazy people undoubtedly.

The images from the different camera modules are combined to give you one final image. This is what allows the user to change DoF and focus after the fact, and probably makes possible lots of other feats of computational wizardry.

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Create: Nothing will change, it's still all Sony controlled.

Except that, according to the press release, the new company will have control over its own R&D and product development, whereas before those things were controlled by the Sony Corporation.

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MikeF4Black: Manual focus? What was Voigtlander thinking?

I highly doubt that 95% of photographers think that AF is essential for the use cases where UWA lenses are mostly used, such as landscape photography.

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Pocket NEX: Ouch. They will work with Sony APSC cameras, but every press release and this article mention only Full Frame.
Sony has completely abandoned APSC development and it appears they've told 3rd parties to ignore or forget old Sony APSC offerings too.

Canon and Nikon don't mention APS-C cameras in their press releases either, when they announce FF lenses, even though the lenses work on their APS-C bodies too.

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