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On article OPPO 5x smartphone zoom system sample images (49 comments in total)
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EskeRahn: Metadata-oddity:
Have anyone tried to copy one of these images and paste them into say MSpaint?

They appear rotated 180 degrees...

I believe the clipboard in Windows only saves the image data, not the metadata. Maybe I'm wrong, but that would explain this 'phenomenon'.

Edit: I just copied one of my images and pasted it in Paint, then saved it as a new JPEG. It's now rotated, and the EXIF data is gone.

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Melchiorum: I really hope this look is only for the dev-kit and not the final product. Because I don't think I have ever seen a more ugly and impractical design. Ever. Not only it looks horrendous, but all these ridges are going to be filled up with grime, gunk and skin grease in no time.

Also, since when is it a thing to sell dev-kits to common consumers? I can understand offering something like a prototype of a completely new technology that was kick-started through crowdfunding or something, so at least it gets some content for the final version. But when a "dev-kit" is being sold for a technology that has existed for quite some time now and is well understood, this just seems like Ricoh's wish to sell their product twice and also make consumers pay to become beta testers for their unfinished camera.

It's just weird all around.

I don't think the purpose of including the SDK, image-control tools and source code, is to make consumers into beta testers. It's to give the users flexibility and additional tools to help them tailor the camera for specific uses.

The mention of "live streaming of events, telepresence, computer vision and surveillance" suggests that common consumers is not the target market for this product.

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webber15: 360° video,,ibis,,face/eye detection,,touchscreen & (video aside) electronic shutter are all pointless tech that the gear heads like to jump on...
Back to the actual product...360° video is not exactly a treat for the eyes,,won't be long before this pointless waste of energy to produce will/should die along with it's congeners...
Just saw the price!!!
Will admit,,probably quite useful for surveillance and streaming events (as per article),,but not much else...

If IBIS is pointless tech, then so is OIS. After all, they both have the same purpose, namely stabilizing the image, and they both work very well in current implementations. There are use cases where OIS works better, but in other cases IBIS works better. And most importantly, both technologies offer a real user benefit for every type of hand-held shooting. They aren't just pointless gimmicks.

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Photoman: The 'V' & 'J' series should have died years ago, yet the let the DL die before it's born. So sad. The '1' series was 1 big failure.

Maybe it did. No new bodies released since 2015, and I'm not so sure they are still producing the "current" models. They probably have inventory left that they are trying to get rid of.

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mandophoto: Nikon builds great cameras. What they don't do well is marketing. Canon has succeeded better than all other brands not because it makes better gear (oK, their recent spate of lenses are top notch,) but because it has the best marketing. No other camera brand has the name recognition of Canon. Notwithstanding the DPReview denizens (gear nerds,) it isn't about the gear, it's about salesmanship.


I think the OP is talking from the manufacturer's standpoint, not the consumer's. It's certainly true that marketing sells products, they don't sell themselves based on their intrinsic qualities. If that was true, then the market shares would probably be distributed differently.

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wetsleet: "OPPO announces dual-cam 5x optical zoom technology for smartphones"
Really? I thought the optical zoom was 3x.
Who is responsible for the marketing inflation here, Oppo or DPR?

No, it's not the same as digital zoom, I think we're all aware of that, but it isn't purely optical zoom either. This isn't achieved solely by physical means, like when using a regular zoom lens; it involves image processing, i.e. it's a form of computational photography. That's not what we usually mean when talking about 'optical zoom'.

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wetsleet: "OPPO announces dual-cam 5x optical zoom technology for smartphones"
Really? I thought the optical zoom was 3x.
Who is responsible for the marketing inflation here, Oppo or DPR?

The end result might be equivalent to a 5x optical zoom, or even indistinguishable from it, but it isn't achieved by using a 5x zoom lens, which means that it isn't really 5x optical zoom.

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57even: "We’ve learned that some customers require exceptional lens performance."

You mean, up until now you thought they wanted unexceptional lens performance? Probably explains Sigmas former reputation.

At least they are delivering on the former. Kudos to their lens designers, but I've had it with 3lb lenses.

It's not like there is no middle ground between bad or mediocre and exceptional. I think very few customers require exceptional performance, most would probably be satisfied with very good performance.

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DPPMetro: I think Sigma also needs to reevaluate their policies and/or gentlemans' agreements with Ricoh to not produce certain lenses for the Pentax K mount now that we have the K-1.

There are ZERO ultra-wide primes and just the overpriced Tamron 15-30 to fill that area. It has become clear now why Sigma never released the 50mm ART for Pentax now. Not even a wide prime, like 20-24mm for Pentax.

The increasining trend-setting and relevance of Sigma as comparable to first parties and their lack of availability for Pentax has ensured the lack of relevance of Pentax. It's like a developing company from scratch, not a company that has been around for decades upon decades.

I think the lack of support for the K-mount is mainly a question of market share. And if Pentax is in fact losing its relevance, you should really blame Pentax (or Ricoh), not a third-party lens maker who is free to support whatever system they choose. If Pentax is failing in the market, they need to do a better job of marketing their products. Then perhaps they will get more support from other companies as well.

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Wye Photography: "We’ve learned that some customers require exceptional lens performance" does that imply that other customers don't want exceptional lens performance? I have not met a photog who does not want anything but exceptional lens performance. "Yeah, I use this SIGnificant MAlfunction lens coz it is as soft as butter". That's why I do not use SIGnificant MAlfuction lenses any more.

To want exceptional lens performance, and to require it for one's photography, those are very different things. I think many photographers are happy with 'good enough' for their needs, which usually is somewhat short of exceptional.

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(unknown member): What? 100 posts so far and no denigrating messages about "equivalency" from the 35mm crowd? :)

@ecka84, equivalency is mostly relevant if you're making a choice between systems, or are considering to switch to another system, and are trying to make sense of the different aspects of the size/price/performance equation.

My point, as Roland correctly understood, was that, for the many people who already made their choice and are working within their system, equivalency isn't all that important or interesting. Unless one enjoys purely academic comparisons in gear forums, which I understand is popular among some people.

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(unknown member): What? 100 posts so far and no denigrating messages about "equivalency" from the 35mm crowd? :)


I think most MFT shooters are well aware of the limitations and compromises of their system, and many of them only use that system and are perfectly content with that.

When a MFT user is happy about getting an F1.2 lens, it's not because they think it will give them the same result (DoF, image quality) as F1.2 on a FF camera, it's because it will give them a better result than a slower lens *for their system*. No FF equivalency can change the fact that F1.2 on MFT is better than, say, F2.0 on MFT.

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Infared: why does this article keep showing up at the top of the list even though it was posted days ago?

DPR does that from time to time with many articles, not just interviews. I guess they select an article to be featured, if they think that it's particularly interesting to many readers, and don't want it to "drown" among all the other articles.

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Sonyshine: Nikon either have a very warped sense of humour or maybe their marketing department is just warped.....

The marketing department did a much better job with the DLs than the engineering department did, that's for sure. The announced products were apparently much better than the real ones.

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(unknown member): This is it??? This is what's been cooked up to celebrate their 100th Year Anniversary after all the gaffs and screw-ups over the past decade?

Fire the management. They are hopelessly out of any ideas. I so hope I can switch systems.

I get the impression that their recent loss of market share, disappointing financial performance, the DL fiasco, the KeyMission failing to make a big splash in the market, that those things have left Nikon in a state of shock and apathy.
Hopefully, this isn't the case, and they have some wonderful surprises in store for us. The anniversary year doesn't end with CP+, after all.

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Old Cameras: In 1998 Nikon introduced a 50th anniversary F5, and before than a 25th anniversary F2, so there's more than one kind of anniversary. I don't recall a 1967/68 50th anniversary anything.

That was the 50th anniversary of camera production, since their first camera was released in 1948. This is the 100th anniversary of the company, founded in 1917.

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iae aa eia: The DoF this sensor size produces is just perfect. Looks better than FF. IMO, it's definitely setting a new standard.

Well, it's still a factual error that the sensor allows the DoF to be produced. The lens produces the same DoF, regardless of sensor size, only not at the same FoV. That was my point.

It turns out, though, that you really wasn't talking about DoF, but about bokeh and IQ. I don't argue with anything you've said about those things.

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Debankur Mukherjee: The top LCD layout looks like Hasselblad.........Hasse will face more competition after these Fuji models as Fuji being their OEM.......hard days ahead for Hasse......

Thanks, Eamon. I have to admit that I hadn't heard of Nittoh before, when Hasselblad revealed it as the maker behind the X-lenses.

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3DSimmon: Good and well timed artical, I was looking into these 3 for video. 5 axis stabilization on the 2 newer models caught my eye, I wonder why it is limited it to video only though?

Canon does refer to it as 5-axis digital IS, though, so it's not like they're trying to pass it off as sensor-shift stabilization. It's the same type of "5-axis IS" used in some compact cameras made by eg. Sony, Olympus and Panasonic. The 5-axis IS in their ILCs is the real thing, though.

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sjaxkingpin: To my eye, the difference between Pentarism and Pentamirror viewfinders is a pretty big deal.

In body stabilization sounds awesome, but I still haven't heard if it is actual sensor shift or just software.

The real issue I see here is that in this "relatively" inexpensive market segment, lots of ppl are going to buy a kit with a lens, and the 77d with the 18-135 is the same price as the 80D with the same lens. Maybe the shop with Amazon thingum above inst' representative, but can't really see spending the same money for a Rebel.

Canon doesn't use sensor shift. It's digital stabilization, or "electronic stabilization" as it's sometimes called.

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