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LJ - Eljot: A4? A4 is not a ratio, A4 is a particular size. It is 297mm by 420mm. A3 and A5, even B4 and C4, all the DIN-series sizes have the same ratio. The ratio is allways approximatly 1:sqrt(2).
US letter is also not a ratio but a certain size. It is 8,5" by 11", wich is a ratio of 17:22.

I guess the reasoning is that people are very familiar with A4 and US Letter, and therefore will know what aspect ratio to expect, which wouldn't necessarily be the case with 1:sqrt(2) and 17:22.

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racin06: I just learned something...MFT cameras are "high end"' and APS-C cameras are not.

Surely sensor size has little to do with classifying a body as entry-level, mid-range or high-end. Let's say that the Nikon 1 S1 and the D5 swapped sensors. Would the former then suddenly become a pro-grade body, and the latter become a beginner's camera? Of course not.

The classification is based on features, ergonomics, build quality, customizability and performance.

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russbarnes: Once again, Canon gets obliterated in every category this year. The disdain for their own userbase is alive and well. Canon have massive work to do in 2018 to restore their brand because it's disintegrating faster than icicles in June.

Canon has actually strengthened its market position in recent years, gaining market share mainly at the expense of Nikon. So, either the customers are pretty happy with what's on offer, or they're so full of self-disdain that they're voting with their wallets for a product they don't even like.

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PaulSnowcat: Disney ruined Lucasfilms and Star Wars. Now it's Neational Geographic turn to be ruined. Just "great"!

Yes, episodes 7 and 8, and Rogue One, are all much better than episodes 1-3.

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justmeMN: Leica's press release doesn't mention the word "profit", leading me to suspect that they have nothing to brag about in that area. Just because a company sells expensive products doesn't mean that they are profitable.

Thom Hogan recently claimed that Leica is profitable based on reading recent financial reports. He doesn't give any hard numbers, though.

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Slapstick Noir: Time is an irrelevant source of information for anything. They did crown Hitler as man of the year back in the 30s. And A7rIII is not a gadget.
But does that disqualify the camera in any way?
It's the best camera currently on the market, period! It would have been the D850 if it weren't for it's lack of IBIS, and the idiotically expensive plastic grip, and also the nightmare of front/back focus which dpreview caught in action.
Sony's got slow buffer, no lossless compression, and it eats hot pixels. All these are fixable with a software update. That's how future-proof the system is. Try that with a dslr.

You can't add IBIS to a mirrorless camera with a firmware update, either. Either it has IBIS or it hasn't, just like a DSLR.

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photoMEETING: Canon is talking about a patent for illuminated buttons on cameras?

Canon, don't talk about those thing any longer. JUST DO IT!

New model(s) with illuminated buttons have a chance to impress me. Talking about a patent has not.

They aren't just talking about a patent, they have actually filed a patent. And as mentioned in the article, this particular patent is likely to be used in a camera in the near future.

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Bob Janes: The article could do with some clarification of which Kodak is laying people of...

The article mentions clearly that it's Eastman Kodak. Are there any other Kodak companies? There are a few companies licensing the brand name, but that's another matter entirely.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: There will be 700 bucks mobile phones next year shooting 8K and just about all cameras the year after. Sharp better hurry selling lots of these quickly while they have the leverage..

You're talking about consumer devices with a completely different target market.

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PerTulip: It just says that Nikon isn't selling by ITSELF anymore. Still enough camera shops there. I also don't buy my gear from Nikon directly, I buy it in a camera store. So, no "Nikon RIP". :-D

But in Brazil, the Nikon web store is the only official seller. The camera stores all sell gray market gear only.

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russbarnes: lol and here come the usual Nikon conspiracy theorists. What I see is a company making healthy decisions to protect and enhance profitability. I keep saying it - the company that is asleep at the wheel is still Canon, no question.

Canon's market share has still increased in recent years, though, while Nikon's has shrunk. So, for being asleep at the wheel, they are doing surprisingly well.

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nachos: Oh man, this thread is going to be full of people who think there is no Nikon equipment for sale anywhere in Brazil. Due to tax reasons all the local resellers sell gray market gear. That won't change and as the statement says, neither will servicing.

But the servicing only applies to gear purchased through the Nikon store, I believe. If I'm not mistaken, Nikon doesn't honor the warranty of gray market gear.

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sirhawkeye64: I wouldn't be surprised if they cut out South America and Africa completely before too long, and Nikon's would then only for sale in NA, Europe and parts of Asia only. I mean, if it means survival, then so be it (as I'm from the US, and I would think the Asia and NA would be the two markets the would pull out of last as a last ditch effort if they had to.

Although I could also see this as a potential for grey market gear to end up Brazil and other places before too long, for those who still want Nikon gear but there isn't an authorized reseller around.

"I would think the Asia and NA would be the two markets the would pull out of last"

According to CIPA data, the European camera market is bigger than the North American, though, both in terms of unit volume and value.

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walker2000: Who is going to fill the gap? Sony, Canon, or Apple?

I don't think they'll service the gray market gear, though. I believe Nikon's policy is to not honor the warranty of gray market products.

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timberedplum: Who makes/designs these lenses? I know it was zeiss with V mount, fuji w/ H mount, but who makes these? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Are they in-house?

The lenses are made by Nittoh. Hasselblad has stated that officially, so there's no need for speculation.

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Swerky: I still don’t understand how the camera phone relegates the compact camera to the trash bin. If I was in the market for such a camera I’d definitely prefer a dedicate photography tool to a phone. Completely different ergonomics and way of shooting. Powerful optical zoom and more capable flash. Seems to me the only real advantage of a phone is immediate social sharing...
Dunno if phones today have better image quality output than small sensor cameras.
But that’s only a personal opinion.

"Seems to me the only real advantage of a phone is immediate social sharing..."

And for many people, that's a huge advantage, and basically the only thing they care about. The vast majority of consumers who used to buy P&S cameras weren't particularly interested in photography at all, they just wanted to take and share pictures with friends and family as conveniently as possible. As soon as smartphones arrived and made life even easier fot these people, the P&S market was doomed.

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mick232: The reason is not the rise of smartphones, but the fact that these cameras couldn't add any extra value on top of what you get from your smartphone. On the contrary, smartphone vendors keep improving their camera apps, whereas the likes of Nikon thought they can get away with selling the same non-innovate stuff for years.

It's mainly a question of convenience, connectivity and workflow. The camera manufacturers have failed to replicate the ease of taking and sharing pictures that smartphone users take for granted. And in that sense, it really is the rise of smartphones that killed the entry-level compact.

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99tollap: So more expensive than a Fuji XT20 with kit lens... sure the XT20 is not weather resistant nor has IS, but otherwise appears to me at least as a much more attractive proposition.

If this camera were $800, and assuming it is small enough in the hand, I would have been tempted.

Their #1 spot has lasted for more than a decade with such products.

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Ben Herrmann: Sigh... And why in the hell couldn't Samsung have continued with this advanced R&D in their camera systems. Ohhh, what could have been. And for those of us who still maintain Samsung NX systems, you know what I'm talkin' about.

Mobile devices are a much more lucrative market than regular cameras, especially in Samsung's case. The NX system had a very small market share.

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elementare: Sensor isn't all in photography, this score means nothing to photographers, but at least Nikon sells an estimable tech in this camera at the same price of the lower iso, lower DR, lower pixel, lower AF capabilities Canon 5D mk4.

"the only thing that take the photography to the next step is the sensor technology."

Only if you're talking about the purely technological aspects of image capture, as opposed to the artistic aspects of photography. It's like saying that recording technology is the only thing that takes music to the next level.

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