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On article Nikon D850 sensor confirmed as Sony-made (438 comments in total)
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Mared: So, basically Nikon scaled up Sony's 42MP sensor to 45MP and tried to fool everybody that they developed their own sensor from the ground up when the only thing they did was create a manufacturing headache with yield problems by scaling up Sony's outstanding 42MP sensor to 45MP...

"I think Nikon didnt do much of designing here. They don't have the people for it."

Regardless of Nikon's involvement in this particular case, they do have the people for it. Nikon has its own sensor design team since many years, and they've designed sensors for a few cameras, for example the D4 sensor.

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On article Nikon D850 sensor confirmed as Sony-made (438 comments in total)
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Big Stick: It's nice to see Nikon fanboys eating crow, but the real icing on the cake is that Sony didn't trumpet its complete domination of Nikon from the rooftops, but instead was very modest and gentlemanly about it, allowing Nikon and its users to save face for this long!

Bravo Sony!

Complete domination? A strange way of describing a normal business relationship between a company and one of its parts suppliers.

Sony Imaging isn't dominating Nikon in the camera market as far as I know (even though Nikon's market share has shrunk somewhat), and Sony Semiconductor isn't dominating Nikon in the sensor supplying market, since Nikon isn't even active in that market.

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On article Nikon D850 sensor confirmed as Sony-made (438 comments in total)
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tinternaut: Where else was Nikon going to get the sensor? They don’t really have much of a capability to make their own chips. The other options are relatives of Panasonic, Canon and possibly Samsung. Is there anyone else in the sensor business who could i) make a bit of silicon this good and ii) also realise the economies of scale that allow Nikon to hit its current price point?

And Aptina was acquired by ON Semiconductor in 2014.

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FLruckas: Well I gotta give Leica credit....
Even if we joke about them being jewelry….
They're able to raise prices and introduce new products and say in business....
Nikon on the other hand...
God bless them.....

Nikon is doing great. They just announced that they intend to announce a new lens sometime in the future.

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On article Video: Diving into the demise of Kodak (202 comments in total)
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hammarbytp: This is not a story limited to Kodak.

It goes like this. You are a market leader in your area, maybe close to a monopoly. Your products are profitable because you are the only supplier, money roles in and there is little need to invest in product development. Most goes to branding and advertising

Then a disruptive economy comes along that threatens your market. The guys at the top are not stupid, but they have a dilemma. All there money is tied up in the old technology. There can't just dump it and switch to the new stuff because it is risky. Some of the new guys, say this us where the cool stuff is, lets get in. But if they do, they legitimise a competitor. So you either try to kill it, or do a poor implementation in case it competes with your cash cow.

In the end however technology has a momentum of its own, and eventually the market flips and they find themselves obsolete

And that is how Canon and Nikon lost the camera market to mirrorless :)

Digital was a disruptive technology, but mirrorless is not. Mirrorless has barely grown during its decade-long existence, so that's not the main reason why DSLRs are declining. DSLRs and MILCs are basically the same thing in this context.

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thx1138: So explain to me what happened with the Nikon AW-1, the camera that I thought would precipitate and avalanche of 1” sensors UW cameras. Nikon dropped the ball badly with this one, poor QC, plenty of returns and then seemingly ignoring it ever since. No new lenses, no update and worse yet no one else even bothered. This leaves us with feature rich but IQ poor tiny little 1/2.33” cameras still in 2018.

I’ve known about this Sealife camera for a while but ergonomics and slow card writes etc put me off too.

This a large untapped market and it’s defies belief no one wants to tap it.

I guess sales were disappointing, but Nikon failed to understand why, so they discontinued it thinking wrongly that there was no market for such a camera.

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Mortal Lion: The FE-mount doesn't exist. Its the E-mount. FE is not a mount designation. It is a lens designation, meaning it covers a full frame image circle. It will therefore also work in aps-c E-mount cameras but it's field of view will be limited to 36mm equivalent. Still a useful FOV.

It's correct to call a lens an FX lens, though. What's not correct is to call it an FX-mount lens. The lens mount is called F-mount, and the lenses come in two series depending on the image circle, FX and DX.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI sample gallery updated (148 comments in total)
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dgumshu: With the point and shoot market disappearing, I’m surprised to see Sony making these.

According to CIPA shipment data for 2017, the compact camera market is still slightly larger than the interchangeable lens camera market in terms of volume, and slightly less than half in terms of value. Why stop making them while they're still selling reasonably well?

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI first impressions (261 comments in total)
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sbansban: Leaving aside the likes of RX1R (which I don't think can be considered a P&S) - Is this the most expensive point and shoot camera ever?

To me, an enthusiast compact with raw and PASM modes isn't really a P&S. I wouldn't classify the RX100 series as beginner's cameras at all.

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On article Sony announces Cyber-shot RX100 VI with 24-200mm zoom (756 comments in total)
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armanius: $1200 ... gulp. While it's a nice piece of tech, from a psychological standpoint, I just can't imagine paying $1200 for a point and shoot, even with a 1" sensor. We really need more competition in this segment.

I actually think that Sony calls it a 1" TYPE sensor rather than a 1" sensor to emphasise that it's not really 1" in size. In other words, the exact opposite of the devious marketing trick some of you think they're trying to pull off. They're basically saying that the sensor diagonal isn't really 1", but it's a sensor of the type that goes by the name 1".

And like Butoa, I'm surprised that people are so upset about this now, but not before. We've had 1/2.3", 1/1.7", 2/3", 4/3" sensors in cameras for so many years now, using the same archaic naming convention. Why does 1" suddenly cause so much confusion?

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ecka84: "The new Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM is an ideal lens for professional photographers ..." - So, the older one isn't ideal anymore, because what exactly? How is this one different from the mark II except for the "Air Sphere Coating"? Is that what made it 50g lighter? :) Lots of people adore lens flare. They even add fake lens flaring in photoshop. The older one has half a stop more effective IS (claimed). I bet it's exactly the same.
The 70-200F4'II got "Circular nine blade aperture producing a beautiful bokeh quality, ideal for portrait shooting". Why the 70-200F2.8'III did not get one more blade? Is it less ideal for portrait shooting (and professionals)? :) I'm confused. It really seems like the same not-so-old mark II lens, only with less (or more) "air" in it. Which might be just a bit better (or worse) for the same but renewed $2099 price that has melted down a few hundred dollars ($300) since 8 years ago. Is there really nothing else to improve? What about the lens hood?

They said that it's "an ideal lens", not that it's "the only ideal lens". Also, why would they try to sell you an older lens when marketing a new one?

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI sample gallery (236 comments in total)
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kesmeseker: Considering what you are expected to pay, the low light performance is not satisfying. They should have kept the fast lens of the previous model. A fast lens is more useful than a tele lens. A better image stabilization can not make up for the absence of a wider aperture.

"Considering what you are expected to pay, the low light performance is not satisfying."

You pay for a lot of things when buying a camera, not just low light performance. Every camera has its fair share of compromises and trade-offs, just pick the one that's best at the things you care about.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VI: What you need to know (432 comments in total)
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Ergo607: And still no weather sealing... Something for Mk XIX?

How many compacts outside the rugged category have had weather sealing? I can't recall many, but Canon's G1 X Mark III and G3 X come to mind, as well as a few bridge cameras. Those are all much bigger, though.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T100 Review (357 comments in total)
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Jozef M: I like the camera reviews of DPReview, à la Phil Askey in the old days ...
I don't like video reviews at all, never watch those, it is too long, too boring, too much blablabla, too much losing time on nothing.
I hope this site don't become a video channel ...
I think much people all over the world think the same.

"It's just something that's easier to do than writing a review which is why it's being done."

Except that here on DPR, the video reviews are additional content. They don't replace the written reviews.

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Ab Latchin: Love all these "serious" photopraphers commenting on a fun body for the casual user. Cracks me up. Look every camera can't be an OMD em1.2 or a Sony A9 etc. Some people just want a bit of fun with their purchase.

It's kind of interesting that the people who are getting most emotional about this, are the same people who say that the colour of a camera doesn't matter, only its performance. If you don't care about the colour, why is a blue camera so upsetting?

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VENTURE-STAR: Is this what things have come to? Stupid colors? JHC! Personally, I would never buy another camera that wasn't black, as I want a low profile for my equipment. Turning cameras into silly bits of jewelry is nothing short of pathetic. Is anyone who uses amateur equipment actually interested in taking good quality pictures? Might as well stick to a phone and shoot everything, especially videos in portrait mode at arms length.

Sorry, but it's just silly to claim that only people who buy black cameras are really interested in photography, while the rest use their cameras as "silly bits of jewelry". It's perfectly possible to take good quality pictures with a camera of any colour, and if you happen to like the colour, what's wrong with that?

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T100 Review (357 comments in total)
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André BARELIER: These TV reviews are boring for non american folks. What do they add to a traditional written review?
It seems that nowadays, if you don't have some videos on your website, you look completely outdated...
DPR is read by a lot of non american people. Even if we're OK to express ourselves in english, since the vast majority of readers here are english speakers, it's very hard to follow a video with a guy speaking "normally" (ie too fast for us to follow).

That said, I know that complaint is useless, and won't change anything. But sometimes you want to tell others what you think...

As a non-American, I don't think it's a problem, considering that the majority of TV series and movies we watch are American or British. But I live in a country (Sweden), where TV and movies are usually subtitled rather than dubbed; maybe it's harder if you're not that used to hearing spoken English.

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Chris2210: And this isn’t even sponsored?

What the flocking, flickety-flick flak are you thinking of DPReview? Colours are now camera news?

Having said that I’ve always wanted a blue entry level camera - particularly if it’s expensive enough to give me some hipster cred. Expensive she-wit is so much more desirable - cheap rubbish is just for plebs.

Olympus has announced a special edition of one of its cameras, like so many companies have done before. Why wouldn't DPR publish this? What place would be better to read about new camera announcements than a photography gear site? And a press release isn't sponsored content, unless the company that sent it is paying news media to publish it.

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PWPhotography: Why not mentioned for Sony E-mount?

Personally I will see how this lens compared to Sony 85/1.4 GM? This lens is about double weight of 85 GM but actually $200 cheaper. 85mm and 105mm has some but not huge difference in FOV.

"is likely to produce superior bokeh."

I guess you mean a shorter DoF, but that doesn't automatically mean superior bokeh.

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Brandless1: WOW! This is the most important update Nikon could offer its customers. Brilliant 22nd century company.

I'm pretty sure Nikon adds this because some D5 users have requested it.

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