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pro photo 2011: The EM5 III was introduced to the market in October of 2019 for $1199. At that time, I had deemed it to be too expensive in an environment populated by cameras with larger sensors.

Now the EM5 III is discounted at least $200 to $999.

I believe it needs to come down another $250 to sell reasonably well.


I can buy one used now (body only) for the equivalent of $749.20. Buy now or wait 'til it drops .20c?

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"... further cost-cutting is to come as the imaging business is prepared for its transfer so that it can be taken on in a more ‘profitable and sustainable’ condition."

I want to know who, and what product lines, will survive the cut? Very sad day for Oly employees.

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cshyde: Don't worry. It will be ridiculously expensive and there wont be any lenses available for it.

How many card slots, lol

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How about lens AF and zoom motor noise. Compared to its predecessor, is it quieter?

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I first read a review of this camera in American Photo. It wasn't a scientific test but the crop of a building against a blue sky shot with the 10D was so much cleaner and clearer when compared to the one shot with a film camera, it made me realise that digital was the way to go.

Years later I bought my first DSLR, a 300D, which I really enjoyed shooting.

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Jim Hully: If the variability happens with the Sony, might it also be true with the other cameras? Alex should test with those brands with the different receivers.

And does Alex have any ideas to explain these results?

Agreed. I'd also like to see a test that incorporates each of these cameras with microphones priced between $59 - $900.

And thank you Alex for putting the extra work into this overview.

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I get what you say about this focal length. My Fujifilm X100's 35mm equivalent lens has impacted my style in a very positive way. so much so that I prefer to shoot that focal length above all, camera brand be damned.

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I've been shooting the OG Fujifilm X100 since its release and it's 35mm equivalent lens has absolutely defined the way I see and shoot. No complaints.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III review (1549 comments in total)
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Sigma82: I am really, really, really...really, REALLY disappointed by the EVF, the backscreen and the video specs. And that freaking UHS I slot
Now 3 more years to get an update

Want more features - pay more.

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rdscibilia: Street photography has become the visual equivalent of auto-tune in pop music. Too much of it could as easily be done with automated interval timing. Random pics of people doing nothing are not what street photography is when done right. Ideally, the capture should be of a special, defining moment.

What makes you think they are not? Eventually, one bonds with the camera and you get the shot, regardless of the shooting angle.

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Cool. I shoot like that a lot on the street.

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io_bg: Camera users: "I'm not buying a X100 until they improve the lens and add WR and a tilting screen"
Fuji: redesigns the lens, adds some degree of WR and a tilting screen
Camera users: "I'm not buying a X100 until they add IBIS"

Also, it only has one card slot... like my OG X100! Cmon, it's been 9 years and they still can't get it right - what's going on here Foojee, lol.

Yes, I want one. In black, please, so that sometimes I'll think I'm shooting a Leica.

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I've photographed bar mitzvahs and weddings for poor people, animal shelters and rescue dog programs training pit bulls to aid trackers fighting poachers in Africa.

It's a mitzvah to do this, a good deed. Why make it about money?

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I have to say that Panasonic's operational speed is really a plus. Handling too. And I really enjoyed reading an article by a professional photographer as opposed to a professional reviewer.

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taprock: Honestly, not that surprising for the only camera company that still can't make a proper touchscreen in 2019.

Even more surprising when you consider Sony makes smartphones...

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eya1: I wonder how many camera sales this will cannibalise?

Aren't ILCs "swiss army knives" by default?

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I wonder how many camera sales this will cannibalise?

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It's all very interesting:

- Olympus E-M5 III (Glad to see Oly is still releasing new product. I expected more - which is what would have me commit to M43 - but it is expensive for what you get. If I'm spending that kind of money I would rather buy a used EM1 II and lenses in the focal lengths I want).

- Fujifilm X-T30, (Too light. Like a toy. But it has lenses in all my fave focal lengths. Maybe buy a used X-T2?).

- Nikon Z50, (Perfect. Cept for the lens line-up. Keen to try it with my 35/1.8 DX and adapter...).

- Panasonic G95/G90, (Panny colours suck. Which is a shame as I presume you can make good videos with it. Has a headphone jack and a fully-functional touchscreen which neither Sony or Oly seem to get right - and Sony makes smartphones... wt...).

- Sony a6600. (Expensive, but great battery life, AF, headphone jack and selfie screen. Only has one control wheel which is a downer. Buy A6100 for the AF/selfie screen or A6500 for touch/IBIS if you want Sony)

Link | Posted on Oct 22, 2019 at 17:08 UTC as 153rd comment

Compared to other mirrorless cameras, I think it's a very attractive product. Sony's offerings are very compelling in terms of ISO and AF. But with only one control dial, they let me down as an EVF manual shooter.

I don't want more FPS/buffer/never-miss-a-shot AF. I want a camera that gets out of the way allowing me to get the shot I see and move on. Nikon and Canon are very good at that; Oly, Panny, Sony & Fuji, not so much.

Other bonuses I see:
- Size/weight similar to my X100 & E-M1 - not too heavy, not too light
- USB-charging
- Fully functional tilting touchscreen
- Pricing - same as the E-M1 at launch and cheaper than the X100

The only issues I see are:

- Current lens lineup.
- The low battery life - like every other mirrorless camera - but carrying spares is no biggie.

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zakk9: Dpr: Aaaahhhrrrrgg... my glass is half empty!

- Good Nikon user interface: check
- Great hand grip: check
- Proven, excellent quality sensor: check
- Face and eye detect AF: check
- Full width 4K video: check
- 120fps 1080p video: check
- Weather sealing: check
- USB charging: check
- 3.5mm mic input: check
- Built in flash: check
- Shares lens mount with Nikon FX mirrorless: check
- Compatible with millions of F-mount lenses: check
- Nice price: check
- Kit lenses seem to be of good optical quality: check

Dpr: instead of looking for excuses not to give it a gold medal, can't you just give it a silver or bronze right away, just to get it over with? I know what you're going to say anyway; "There are other cameras out there that.... and the FujiSon AX99 has been in the market for 30 years already with almost the same specs, and we think that Nikon could have...

See? Did it for you!

Only one card slot - pass, lol.

Seriously, this is the only Nikon camera I would consider purchasing today. The Z6/7 are too pricey and the DSLRs are too big.

A more compelling lens lineup would help:

* Vlogging (flip/touchscreen) - 10-18/4
* Portraits (good lens) - 56/1.4
* Reportage/travel - 16-55/2.8 or 16-80/4; 70-300
* Street / Event shooting - (24/1.8)

Now, these may come in time (hopefully Sigma/Tamron/Tokina will come to the party) but until then one would have to use a DX adaptor am I correct?

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