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  • I bought a refurbished lens a during a previous sale that had some some scratches on front element. I contacted Nikon, was polite and kind, they requested pictures and after confirming took care ...
  • What kind of wear? Reach out to support with pictures of the wear and ask for another to be sent.
  • @mike you don’t have to dive into menus constantly changing things to get Z9 to work greatly. Nobody would want that and that’s not descriptive of the Z9 af system. It is a dependable reliable af...

  • @mike thanks for the quote. That quote hints at exactly what I said. He doesn’t adjust.. doesn’t want to hear about 3D or changing such and such setting he wants to shoot it the way he wants and...

  • @mike fro hasn’t said Z9 is missing a lot. He just doesn’t think it matches up to A1 and R3’s af system. Nobody should be surprised knowing how he uses his cameras and doesn’t adjust, Z9 does have...

  • @kandid yeah if you want to disregard the loooong list of other differences have at it.

  • “Equivalent” is taking it too far lol

  • All looks great except EVF. Looks to be the same EVF as RP, (?) which was terrible in use.

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    24-105 is the lens you decide to bring up? Better lenses have since been released (in ways beyond sharpness). That’s how it usually goes. Using the 24-70 GMII for example, it will be released 3+ ...
  • Yeah I’m sure copy to copy things are different. For example Chris Frost says the Nikon is sharpest in middle wide open but behind on extreme corners, the copies I’ve used had Sony in front in...

  • @jeff The Nikon 50 1.2 is sharper than the canon RF version. At least the copies I owned. By a noticeable amount (when zooming) with any stopping down. The RF has better near MFD sharpness.

  • I found the Sony GM is sharper wide open. Nikon 50 quickly catches up stopped down. Still in both cases nobody would know without extreme pixel peeping and it’s really a non issue because both are...

  • There’s one outlier site that says it’s not that sharp wide open… which is clearly not the case.

  • @SNJ I actually played around with a friends 50mm GM adapted to a Z body. Surprisingly worked extremely well. There’s unlimited options for Z mount.

  • You last statement is about the 28-70 or 50? Both fit.

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    And that’s why I said let’s agree to disagree. Again, let’s agree to disagree. 🤯 There’s going to be plenty of Z6/7/ii users utilizing the 100-400 to shoot wildlife and sports with great success. ...
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    Nikons plan doesn’t really matter in this discussion. I get why they did what they did but I don’t agree it was the best plan considering the outcome.  I think there should have been a plan to ...
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    Goodness gracious dude, is four or five posts in a row necessary, at least no swallow pictures added 🙄… you can find threads for af issues online with all those cameras. Doesn’t tell us much. I ...
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    Sounds like it could have been 13, collectively.
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    This is not an absolute. There are many more people that won’t get a 800 PF in hands any time soon. Nikon is undoubtedly losing sales. I know four people personally that didn’t want to wait and ...
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