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madeinlisboa: Considering the Nikon full frame 14-30 with full auto focus and much better quality, being 4x more $, I find this lens extremely expensive. Laowa is starting to be famous by selling completely manual lenses at very high prices. Compare to 7 Artisans or TTAstisans'

Good luck getting to 10 mm with a 14-30 mm

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TheWillRogers: I was really hoping they'd surprise us with the 12-28mm DX zoom when they announced the Z30. It'd be a perfect pairing for a vlog camera... and I want it for my Z50.

Same. A bit disappointed to be honest.

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Rajeshb: Thank you Nikon for the 12-28. Now please don't price it at $1000

600 $ is way too much for a lens like that though. Maybe 400 $ at most.

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FTOG: When the Z fc was announced, people deservedly called out Nikon for the lack of DX options, especially on the wide end. While the roadmap and current offering is still overwhelmingly FX - and Nikon seems to expect you to use FX lenses on DX bodies for the normal-to-tele range, at least for the time being - the addition of a DX 12-28mm is a big deal. This closes a significant gap for anyone wanting to shoot primarily/exclusively DX in the Z system (as opposed to having a DX body as a secondary for an FX body).

I can only hope that the roadmap DX 24mm prime is only the beginning of more lenses being designed specifically for Nikon Z DX bodies. While I don't shoot Nikon personally, anyone who shoots APS-C is set to benefit from more competition in that market.

I suspect that Nikon decided to go for a 24 mm DX lens after seeing how well the Viltrox primes sold. In a way, I feel like Viltrox tested the waters for Nikon. I think it's likely we will also see a 35 mm DX prime at some point, though not anytime soon.

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Rajeshb: Thank you Nikon for the 12-28. Now please don't price it at $1000

I really don't think that the UWA zoom will be that expensive. Nikon's philosophy for Z DX so far has been compact, light and reasonably priced. My guess is that it will have stabilization to offset the aperture range, probably something f4-5.6 though I'm just guessing from the size of the silhouette.

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wjan: I do not think these lenses make a lot of sense on APS-C.

The 28/2.8 is just 1.5 stop apart from the excellent 16-50mm kit (on same focal distance), which is not significant enough, considering the kit lens is more universal and also stabilised. If this 28mm were f/2, it would be much more appealing for use on DX.
And the 40mm f/2 becomes an awkward 60/2.8 (eq.) which is neither wide enough to be a nifty-fifty, nor long enough to become a valid portrait option.

I think newly announced revisions of Viltrox f/1.4 lenses for Z mount will be much more useful on Z50.

Fully agree with you, I was hoping Nikon would be more innovative and make a 28 mm f2, f2.8 is not enough of an improvement over the 16-50 mm stabilized kit lens. The 40 mm on the other hand is just a very awkward focal length on APS-C and I personally have no interest in that.

Luckily, Viltrox is bringing their f1.4 APS-C primes to Z mount...

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