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Do we really need a dual camera on an iPhone or any smartphone come to that. Yes this is a camera website and technically even on a phone its still a camera. Last and only time I used an iPhone camera was on the 4s. All the images came out upside down when downloaded to my pc. Yes this may be the future of photography but a smartphone could never replace a camera camera.

I have a few Smart cameras, one is a Samsung smart camera. This is a camera with a android OS. Not a mobile phone as it has no facility for making calls. I'm not totally against this tech but do we really need it. Besides don't Sony make the cameras for the iPhone.

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Hi. I grew up being told by my Dad that Leica were the Rolls Royce of Cameras in the days of film photography. Now we have digital photography I don't see that anymore. I know their lenses are of the highest quality but the electronics I'm not sure. If Leica is so well up there then why dont you ever see anyone with one especially professional photographers.

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Yes me again. I'm sorry to say this to you all but Nokia are dying a slow and painfull death. If they had chose android maybe not. Microsoft can't do hardware only software. Nokia will always be remembered for it's good times. 8-)

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Ryan_Valiente: If only this runs on will be a success.

As much as how Symbian/Nokia fans out there says how Symbian is better now, I'm still not going back to a dying ecosystem. Nokia can't even purely commit to WP7.

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High ISO shots looks like a painting. lol

Not unless you want a midrange os cos that all it is. Are you using android or wp7?

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maboule123: 41 MP???????
How many spoonfuls of sugar can a cup of coffee take?

41 mp sensor yes but only 39 effective.

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Great impressive (lol) I was a big Nokia fan, nothing but, untill nokia started to lose it's way in the world. Window OS my god has it come down to this. I've used windows mobile and it was bad then. And as for a 41 mp senser on a midrange smart phone running symbian, what a waste of technology. Nokia always had the latest technology but not anymore. It was difficult for me to change but in the end I did it. Again I would by this only as a collectors item. My N 8 spec was higher (lol).

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ZINK! Now where have I herd that before. Oh yes I bought a Pogo Polaroids stand alone ZINK printer. They usually say don't knock it till you've tried it, well I have. The special paper is expensive and I noticed the prints started to streak after about 10 prints and you can only remove the streaks by using the special blue card inclueded with the paper. I did this ten times and still the images remained streaky and there is no way to check the cleaning process until you print an image. Also I found it would only print images that had been taken by the device it was connected to. Any images edited or downloaded to your device that were from another device/sourse they would not print. The wireles bluetooth connect would have a habbit of disconnecting/timing out when in standby. It's iconic to say the least but if you want sticky backed bubble gumm sized prints its for you. As for the Z2300 all in one camera and printer, Polaroid are having a laugh. The lense looks like it's taken from a cheap throw away disposable camera and no veiwing screen oh dear!
I have in my collection a Samsung 800k that too has no srceen and I would be inclined to use that more than this. If I did buy one it would be on the bases of fun and iconary as Polaroid could never be taken seriously enough , well not in my eyes. Their middle name is fun, and if you have to go this far for fun I wouldnt bother. Oh by the way does this mean Polaroid are out of admiin (lol).

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On article Sony announces range of XQD memory cards (30 comments in total)

Nice idea but haven't Sony learnt anything from their Memory stick. Nobody want'ts to be tide in to one brand of camera just because the format doesn't work with any thing else. Memory stick was just the same untill Sony were pushed to adopt SD card slots into it's products. Also you could never until recently purchase 3rd party Memory stck cards. So unless theire camers are backwards compatible or support SD cards then I wouldn't be inclined to buy.

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jmmgarza: I am still waiting for the cranial implant cameras promised in the sixties. This Polaroid's 16 mp camera is destined for failure unless it can combine great pix and low price. Why carry a camera when an 8 mp smartphone can take solid snapshots. People typically don't like the idea of carrying a bunch of stuff. If this gizmo can produce fine images at a cheap price ($149) it might survive.

Good point you have there. But if you don't mind me saying , you seem to be missing the point. I'm into photography and asvfor mobiles I wouldn't have anything less than a smartphone. But to say there better than a camera itself I don't agrree. I find it ok for the quick on the go snapshot to send to a friend or use as wallpaper the odd one or to ark good to print but to take it seriously, no! its still a smartphone. I would never trade in my camera over a smart phone how good it was.

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Nice design, some how Polaroid don't cut it. I've had a couple of there instant cameras. They just feel so cheep. I had a pogo printer . Trust me don't go there. They have an iconic value about them thats all.

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