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sanderdk: unbelievable that a symbol of oppresion of female rights and equality is choosen as WPP contest winner..

That's one of the elements that makes the photo eve more powerful.
You see how she is wearing gloves... one of the reasons for that is that women in that culture are not permitted to touch other men, not even for a handshake, and there she is, taking care of him.

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hb2000: Sounds like some really good new features; however, I'm disappointed LR4 will not run on Windows XP. With web statistics showing 35-40% of Windows users still running XP, I would think that would make a case to not abandon us XP users. Many of us XP users cannot afford to upgrade to Windows 7 just to run LR4, so I guess our only upgrade path is a competitor's product!

You guys keep bringing up that 35-40% of users still using XP.
The fact of the matter is that off those 40% xp users, 95% of them are enterprise users that haven't migrated to W7 yet just because they have so many systems and securities based on that infrastructure.

At work we still use XP, but at home I (and everyone I know from the 300 people at work) use W7.

Don't act so "old" people :).

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On article Site updates & Tamron Challenge Winners (52 comments in total)

Good job DP-review.
Great decision on the Tamron Challenge.
made me happy to see the rightful winner get the price.

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On photo duck&girl in the Tamron Prize Challenge: Travel and Nature challenge (1 comment in total)

I really loved this photo,
Really really great picture, a lot of emotion in it.

Deserved a much better position in this contest.

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On photo Lone tree, Sunset in the Tamron Prize Challenge: Travel and Nature challenge (45 comments in total)

Congrats, this is the real winner in my book.

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