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On article Book Review: Linda McCartney, a Life in Photographs (25 comments in total)

At a cost of $40 think twice about buying this book. Linda McCartney was a snapshot photographer, not really a professional. Paul confirmed this in an interview when he mentioned how most pros took dozens of shots while Linda would take a single quick snap.

Sadly, nothing worked for Linda. In her early years with Paul she tried to be a musician and failed. Then Linda sought recognition in her own way as a photographer. The only thing going for her was that she had access to the Beatles and other groups, while actual pro photographers could only dream of having such unrestricted access. Finally, without achieving significant recognition in photography, Linda changed direction towards cooking and anti-cancer recipes. It was too late. Nothing could save her from her awful fate.

I would recommend waiting until this book hits the Clearance table and then buy it for $10 or less. It is astonishing that the list price is $70! Only the most hardcore Beatles fan would pay this much.

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