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On article Ricoh launches Pentax K-1 Limited Silver Edition (175 comments in total)

Ricoh/Pentax needs to introduce more FF lenses and a new flagship APSC DSLR. Cosmetic upgrades are nice and this one probably was cost effective for them but does nothing to really enhance Pentax.

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entoman: I don't live in the USA but I accept that its citizens have a different view of their presidents than the international community does. The latter has a much broader view of the world, and considered Obama to be a decent, honest, good man, who did his best for his country and for the world. He didn't always succeed, but he tried.

The international community is obviously more concerned with Trumps effect on economics, and far more importantly, on world peace. Trump has a loud and dangerous mouth that could easily drag all of us into a world war.

Incidentally, someone wrote that there is "no military solution" to Korea, and someone else commented that tens of thousands would be killed in Seoul in the first few minutes if conventional miltary action was taken.

Two thoughts:
Why no mention of the tens of thousands of innocent North Koreans who would also be killed?
And what gives "us" the right to defend ourselves with nuclear weapons, while we deny North Korea the same right?

Completely agree with your comments on Obama and Trump. Well said.


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I certainly hope this become reality speaking the return of Kodachrome. I had my last 8 rolls processed about 2 weeks before the end in 2010. Would gladly start using my Pentax LX and PZ-1P again.

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On photo New kitty in the A Bokeh For a Loved One - heart shapes and lights challenge (3 comments in total)

What a cute little kitten!

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